16: The UK Connection

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Chapter 16: the UK connection.

”What and what are involved in sending two young girls to the UK”? I asked the cab driver.
”I told you that i am not going” Naomi countered.

”My friend, with €1500, i will send one girl to the UK. You see, it is always more difficult to cross girls over to the UK because they can’t easily adapt to difficult conditions. If it is a boy, i can take €1000 because we can hide him in the truck and use the Euro tunnel but for girls, we have to be very careful” the Man said.

”How are you going to cross this girl if i pay” i asked again.
”My wife here drives often to UK. We will hire a passport and give to your girl but when she gets to the UK, we take it from her” he said.

”Do you know anybody in London” i turned and asked Lisa.
She didn’t know anybody.
Right there, i called Timothy.
Timothy was a man from my Village who lived in London. He had visited me in Germany back in 2005. He was already married and i knew that Lisa going over to his house could become a problem. However i figured a way out. I called Timothy.

”Hello Tim, how are you doing with your family”? I asked.
After exchanging pleasantries, he said that the wife traveled to Newcastle with their only child. He said they will spend another two weeks over there in the North of England.
”I have something to ask you. I want to send my girl to London but we don’t know where she would stay when she arrived. I plan to relocate to the UK too but i want her to move first” i said.
Timothy owed me a favour. When he visited me in Berlin, we went to a car showroom where he bought a Mercedes CLK. Fortunately for him, his money wasn’t enough for the shipment. I had offered to give him money and asked that he paid back when he returned to London. I felt it was time for him to repay me.

”No problem, just send her. She will stay in my house” Timothy had said.
I felt a little pang of jealousy as soon as he agreed that he would take Lisa in. It was true that Lisa wasn’t my girlfriend but wasn’t she?

”Alright, when are you ready to cross her to the UK” i asked the cab man.
He said that he will start the process as soon as i give him the money.

I brought out my wallet and counted €1500 and gave to the man.
”Here is the money. Please Sir, don’t try to run away with this money. If you run, i will track you down. If i find you, i will play this tape to the Police and tell them that you are a human trafficker” i said as i stopped the video recorder of my Nokia E63 which its camera was pointed at the man and his wife all through the conversation.
”Trust me my friend. I am not going to run away because of this small money” he said.
He wife or co-scammer also assured me that nothing would happen to the money. 
The money i got from Efosa’s items had just taken a big hit after giving €1500 to the man who was going to cross Lisa to the UK. I never had any plan of helping the girls with my personal funds. They were brought to Europe by the criminal group,
Therefore the criminal group must sponsor their exit from Western Europe to anywhere they were running to; even if it meant returning to Africa or going to the United States.

Since Lisa alone took almost all the money from the Efosa Items, it was time to start planning on how to get more money from the criminal group. I had planned to live in hotel rooms for two weeks with the girls, just to allow the flared tempers to relax a bit before showing up in Paris again.
Luck smiled on us again because the following morning, i got a text message from Franca that said, ”I have the money now, where do we make the exchange”?.
I replied the message with ”What Money, i don’t know you”. Then i called her instantly.

”Don’t send me anymore text message. If you want to discuss anything, call me. Do you understand”? I asked.
She said she understood.
”I will call you again in a short time. Just get ready to do what i ask you to do. Don’t think about being clever. I know everything that you can possibly do. Don’t send anybody with the money. Don’t involve Police. Don’t try to follow the money in anyway. A certain Madam Grace tried to be clever in Portugal in 2005 and she end up losing her money and her girl” i said.
”Do you mean you know Madam Grace in Lisbon”? Her Tiny surprised voice said.
”Don’t ask me more questions” i said and hung up.

When we got back to our hotel room, i told Lisa to start getting ready both mentally and physically.
”United Kingdom is not like here. The first few years are usually difficult but after that, you will love your life” i said.

”What about you and Naomi, what is going to happen to two of you here in France. Aunty Franca is very wicked. If she finds you, she will kill you with voodoo” Lisa said.
”I have told you people to stop being scared of the things you can’t see. If she could harm us with voodoo, why does she need to see us first”? I said.

The following morning after i spoke with Franca, i called her again.
”Pay attention Franca. Go to the Western Union and send the money to Dublin. I will send a text message containing the receiver’s details. As soon as the money is confirmed, you will pick up the recorded messages in Paris” i said.
”Are you in Paris now, Why not come and take the money by yourself”? She protested.
”I don’t trust you. You have anger management problems. It means that you could try to be clever and end up sending yourself to Prison. I don’t want you to go to Prison yet” i said and hung up.

I picked up Lisa’s phone and typed a message containing Ify’s name, and then i sent it to Aunty Franca.

After the message, i called Efosa.
”Franca is going to send you to jail in this Country. You have lost your house, your laptops and your phones. If you are not careful, your freedom will be next. This is my last warning; run away from me” i said.
”Wait a moment, what are you talking about? don’t tell me it was you who took our laptops and our phones” he said.

”Stay away from me Efosa”

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