16: No way out

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Chapter 16:

Robin Lived not far from Gein. The entire Bijlmer could be rounded up by foot within an hour. Mike and I had walked from Gein until we got to the area where Robin lived. He lived in a new building which was equipped with intercom and CCTV cameras. No matter the floor where one lived, he or she could see the people in front of the building through a TV like camera that was mounted in every apartment.
When i pressed the door bell, a voice came through the speakers and said:
”You are not alone, who is that with you”. It was Robin.
”It OK, he is my friend” i said.

”It is not OK, i told you that i am not the owner of this place. I just own one room here” Robin said.
”He is not sleeping here, he will leave shortly” i said.

Mike had heard everything we said. The door was opened. We stepped into the passage and pressed 4 on the numbers written on the lift. The lift door opened and we stepped inside. It closed and started climbing up. We got to the 4th floor and stepped out, then we walked about 15 meters to apartment 407. It was the seventh door from the right. I was fond of counting the doors when i newly came to Amsterdam.

The door was opened before we got to it. We stepped inside and Robin closed the door. The entire building was neat. The bird had discharged his drugs and had left long ago. Robin had used razor blade to cut open the cocaine balls and hid them properly.
I introduced Mike to him as the guy who was on the run with me. He sympathized with us and gave us instances where his own goods were lost. According to him, he had relocated twice due to the fear of being invaded by the Police after his birds had been captured. He consoled me specially since i was just a beginner.
The phone of the bird had long been switched off. The bird was not based in Amsterdam. Most of them, came from neighbouring countries and as far as Spain. One can hardly see anybody carrying cocaine across countries with Holland passport or resident permit. Since the papers were pretty difficult to get, people had resorted to using documents from Spain and France. The most used among all was Spanish papers. It was so easy to get then that some other European countries such as Germany disrespected and disregarded the documents. There were instances where German authorities had deported people with Spanish resident permits back to Spain.
On the other hand, there were not much to do in Spain. Their minimum wage was very small compared to Holland and Germany. As a result, some Spanish citizens came to look for works in German and Holland.

Elo, our dear Carrier bird was from Abia state but had Spanish resident permit. He had told Robin that he was going back to Spain after he got his money from us. It was obvious that he would surface in Amsterdam sometime in the future but one good thing about Holland was that one could be out of prison in a month or two as long as the authorities confiscated the drugs they got from him.

Rumour even had It that drug money was being used to develop Bijlmer and the entire Amsterdam South. I was forced to believe that since house raids from the police sometimes yielded as much as a tonne of pure cocaine from the Colombians and the Bolivians.
One kilo of pure cocaine was hovering around €30,000 and €30,500. It mathematically meant that 1 tonne which was 1000kg, simply added up to €30000×1000. Anyone could easily do the math and see it was a huge sum of money.
€3 Million loosely changed to Naira was about 6 Billion. Now that was a serious money. Change it further to Ghana Cedis of CFA and you could build a Mini City somewhere in Benin Republic.
It wasn’t really hard to determine why the Kingdom of Netherlands were so lenient with drug dealers. What else did Holland produce?

As we settled down in Robin’s place, he brought out a bottle of Jack Daniel for us. One could see that Mike had eased up a little. He was to some extent, convinced that our dear Bird had been captured. I on the other hand had decided to squeeze my face. Mike would ask me to cheer up every now and then. I was sure he was already planning how to scam me again but unfortunately for him, the same bad thing hardly happened to me twice. Sometimes, it rarely happened at all.

”Food is in the kitchen” Robin had said.
In Amsterdam, nobody served you food. No matter who the person was. If you visit a friend, he can as much as tell you that there was food in the kitchen, the rest would be left for you. You would go and get the quantity you needed, warm it in the microwave, eat and wash your plate.
As a result, Mike and I had gone to the kitchen to get foods. We ate and washed our plates, then we continued our drinking.

Mike Left around 11:50pm and took a Snoda to God knows where. It wasn’t my business where he went. He had taken my goods without giving me a comprehensive explanation. I had just done the same but i had given a better account of myself. I was a God-fearing man from Enugu state, the sister state of Anambra.

When he left, we watched him from the widow until he entered a Snoda, that was it. He was gone and so was his money and even our friendship. Friends hardly recovered from such bad deals unless it was clear to both that no foul game had been played but the businesses between me and Mike were shady.
I didn’t care anyway. It was my first bad move since  started drug business but unfortunately, it was the only way to survive. In the midst of thieves, one couldn’t survive without being a thief too. Morality wasn’t a choice then in Amsterdam. I was sure that Mike and Dozie knew about life in Amsterdam. I was just their victims but since i knew what was going on then, it presented a very good idea on how to take my revenge on Dozie. He had treated me like a piece of crap. He had manipulated and abandoned me to my fate when he was supposed to mentor me. He had asked me to leave his place without considering what was going to happen to me.
No, Dozie you can’t just get away.

” When you begin a journey of
revenge, start by digging two
graves: one for your enemy,
and one for yourself”

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