16: I Need Him Dead Or Alive

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Chapter 16.

“So what do you people want to do next?” I asked.

We are still waiting for the criminal to tell us where they kept your brother. He is still denying any involvement. The government also stopped funding individual operations, if not, we would have carried some secret operations to find out where they left your brother” The officer said.

The moment he made the statement, i knew he wanted money from me. I had hoped to give him some money before leaving the station but the way he wriggled his way into it, i decided to wait until he came out fully.

“Can i see the suspect?” I suddenly asked.

“You can see him, let me call the IPO for you” He said.

He made a call to the IPO handling the matter and a few minutes later, he arrived.
After a brief introduction, the IPO led me to the cell block where the suspect, together with some other suspects were jam parked into one small room.
All of them were wearing no shirt due to the hot temperature.
I almost pitied them but when i remembered why some of them were there, it became difficult to have pity on any of them.

“Friday Oki” the IPO shouted at the entrance of the cell room.

The bastard walked out and held the metal rods that barred them from escaping.

“You have a visitor” The IPO said and left.

“I dont know him” He shouted behind the IPO.

“You will know me now” I said.

“Do you know why you are here in the cell?” I asked.

“Are you a lawyer?” He fired back at me.

“No, i am not a lawyer but you can get more help from me than any lawyer in this country if you cooperate with me” I said.
I seemed to have gotten his attention because he looked squarely at me and asked why i was looking for him and who i was.

“My senior brother is missing. He was kidnapped from a building site In Amechi road. They arrested you in connection to the case and that’s why i came here” I said.

“I didn’t kidnap anybody” He shouted, “I was in my flat when they came and arrested me. They took my generator and my jeep. They said i went to the site to ask for the owner and because of that, i had a hand in kidnapping him” He was almost shouting.

I didn’t interrupt him, i just listened and analysed everything he was saying to see of i could pick up any lead.

When he stopped, i asked him “When did you come to live near our site, i heard you haven’t spent up to two weeks there”.

“Yes, i am a new comer there. I lived in Onitsha before, At Owelli Road opposite Mgbuka Obosi. I am a generator repairer. I am not a kidnapper” He answered.

“Do you know that the missing man also stay at Mgbuka Obosi, just a stone throw from where you said you lived and worked?” I asked.

He denied.

“The Police said your car was used for a kidnapping operation” i said.

“I didn’t know. My friend came to the hotel where i was lodged and asked me to lend him my car. I didn’t know he was going to kidnap somebody with it”. He shouted.

After asking him some more questions, i decided to go for an offer.
He was obviously a kidnapper and An armed robber. However, the cops have not been able to establish a direct link between him and the case of my brother. He was still denying but there was a small issue that somehow linked him to it.

On Thursday, two days before my brother was kidnapped, the same Friday had come to the building site and asked the workers where the owner of the building was. He was told he only came there on Weekends.
He had returned the following day and asked the same question and yet again, he was told that he would come on Saturday. Then on that very Saturday of the incident, he had come again and asked who the owner was. He was told who the owner was. He left without approaching my brother and five minutes later, a gang of kidnappers stormed the place with a Mitsubishi L300 bus.
They ordered everyone to lie on the ground and after looking at all of them, they told my brother to stand up and follow them. They had shot sporadically in the air to scare the people around there.
The Police men who usually mounted road block on the road directly opposite the building site was not there that very day.
The other set of police men who stayed at the junction where the road connected to the Enugu – PH Express way was also absent on that very day. I eventually learnt that they usually came out there on daily basis and i was able to conform that because, i drove through the road several times and saw them.

“Mr. Friday, i am not here for all this things you are saying. I came here to make you an offer. I just came out of the Captain’s office. I have told him what i am going to tell you. And he accepted my offer. I am going to say this only once now, if you dont give me the answer i want, i will turn around and leave. The next time you see me, you must have spent three months here” I said.

He said i should tell him what it was.

“I dont live in Nigeria, i returned last week because of this problem. I have only one month to stay here. If i dont find my brother in that one month, i am going to cancel my ticket and i may decide to stay here and do business. However, if i find him before then, i will send you to Germany or Austria or Switzerland. You will disappear from here in one day. I will settle the Police and send you away, but you must tell me where to find my brother, whether he is dead or alive I said.

He kept quiet for more than a minute before he finally said, “I dont know where he is, i did not kidnap him”.

I didn’t say anything else, i just turned around and returned to the Captain’s office.

“I have seen him Sir” I said to the captain.

“What did you find out from the criminal?” He asked.

“Nothing Sir. He is still denying his involvement” I said.

“He is a criminal and they usually take oaths never to reveal anything. He won’t tell you anything but he will die in jail if he didn’t” The Captain said.

After a few more discussions, i promised to return the next day. Then i brought out 20,000 and handed it to the Captain.

“Find my brother for me” I said.

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    your brother’s site is behind some filling statioms. We heard d sad news then. I worked at one those filling stations.

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    He defiantly had a hand in the kidnap…its getting emotional we all need to be strong

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    He’s obviously an informant and I pray and hope this whole issue has nothing to do with Clement, Ikenna and their likes back in Eeurope.

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