Anja was a local Brandenburg girl. Like most of her mates, she smoked weed.
She had come to buy weed one evening but somehow misplaced her money. I gave her a credit of 8euros and she took my phone number.
The following day, she called and said she would come in an hour. When she arrived, I asked her to follow me upstairs to my room. She hesitated a little but eventually followed me.
When we got into the room, I wrapped two joints and we smoked. Then I cooked white yam and we ate with tomato source. She announced that she was leaving but I asked her to sleep over. She called her parents and told them she wouldn’t return that night.

It was a friday. I left her in the room and went to hustle outside. I needed quick money because I wanted us to go to a night club.
About 9pm, we went to the local night club behind the central train station. I was the only black guy there. The racist Nazis initialy refused to open the door for me.
It was when Marko, one of the people I supplied weeds came and told them to either open up for me or there would be scarcity of drugs in town, that they opened up for me and Anja.

We sat at a corner and drank Smirnoff Ice., a mixture of Vodka and soft drinks.
Half of the people at the club were the people I knew very well. Some of them greeted me very well. Some asked if I had come with Drugs.
They didn’t sell weeds inside the club, they sold a different kind of drugs. It was a tablet. The name was Ecstasy. I had not heard about it prior to that night. I bought three pieces for 15Euros and pocketed it.* I was determined to find out all about Ecstasy.

I danced with Anja and we left the club around 3am. We took the ever waiting taxi and went back to the HEIM.

As soon as we got home, Anja who was high in weeds and alcohol went for my Joystick. She said she had heard that the black joysticks were huge and awesome unlike the tiny catapults between the legs of most of the Germans.

I was tipsy too, so I pulled down my trousers and her tops. Her bosom was not like the robust black bosoms I was used to. There was no need sucking on that dry cells, so I just squeezed them and went down to the big prize.
She was squeezing my Joystick while I pulled down her trousers and undies at the same time.
Her cunnt was well shaven and smooth. I made her lie on the bed while I tried out my fingers on her first. When I was satisfied that I had lubricated tee entrance enough, I entered her slowly and carefully.
My Joystick brushed past the clits and went inside until the whole length was swallowed. I gradually increased the tempo as she increased her moaning as well.
We climaxed at the same time and slept Unclad together. The electric heater mounted on the wall had heated up the room. The temperature was close to 20 degrees celsius. It made our sleep beautiful.
When we woke up around 8am, some customers had called my number and since my Nokia 3310 was in a silent mode, I didn’t hear them.

On our way outside in the morning, we ran into that me girl who had been claiming that she owned me.
She was angry but there was nothing she could do. I never really liked her and she was beginning to notice.

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