16: First Danish trouble

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Chapter 16

After shouting at me and my threat, Donald and his friends paid for their drinks and left the shop. I didn’t go after them, i believed it was easy to locate them. Copenhagen was an Island and locating people in an Island has always been easy. It wasn’t time to fight yet since i still needed an apartment but one thing was clear; i was going to start my Denmark life with Donald. Since he owned Copenhagen, he must give me a piece of the city.

It was more than an hour when the lady bartender came to me and said she talked to a man who agreed to help rent an apartment for me for a fee. I told her to invite the man to the shop.

Another hour later, a man came to me. His name was Philip. He said he has lived in Denmark for more than 20 years. He had come to study something and end up staying in the Country.
“He was relaxed when he discovered that i was a Nigerian. I lied to him that i came to Denmark for scrap metal business. We eventually agreed that i will be paying him Dkr700 every month if he rented the house for me. It was less than €100. I agreed.
“I want a two bedroom apartment in an area black people don’t live much. I don’t like visitors” I told him. He promised to go looking for it the next day. However, he downed four bottles of beer on my account before he left.
People like Philip were all over Europe. They were all frustrated and found it difficult to return to their home countries. I felt that he was going to be a pest but i knew that i would definitely find a way to deal with his issues; I needed an apartment first.

It was already dark when i returned to Maria in the hotel. She wasn’t happy that i spent almost the entire day outside but i explained to her that i was searching for an apartment. We talked and played until midnight when we slept.

Mr Philip woke me up the following morning and reminded me that he was going to search for the apartment. After talking to him, i called UK and talked with the girls. They complained that the apartment where Jacob left them was too big and scary and that there was no food to cook.
“Go out and eat something, do you think everybody cooked in Europe?” i had yelled at them before hanging up.

Maria and I were planning to go out for food when Philip called and said he found a good place. We took a cab to the place where he was waiting for us.
“My friend you will like this one. Everything in it is new” He said excitedly as we took the lift to the third floor of the building.
Sure it was a nice apartment, newly renovated with floor tiles and paints. There was a fridge and Gas cooker installed already.
Mr Philip called the agency managing the place and got their address.
We went there together and paid for two months. On our way back from there, we branched at Dee JJ. The girl who served me yesterday smiled up and asked what we wanted.
We ordered for foods and drinks. Mr Philip as expected downed some more beer and food on my account. When he said he was leaving, i gave him €200 and Told him not to disturb me for another two months.

We were half way through our stay there when Donald and his two friends arrived. One of them waved at us while Donald and the other ignored us and sat down. They bought drinks and food too.
When i finished, we got up and on our way out, i walked up to their table.
“Mr Donald, the money you owe me now is DKR1010. It will be increasing on daily basis until you pay up” I said.
He got up and pushed me with dirty hands; he was eating with the hands. My pullover was stained. One of his friends held him back from coming out of his position to attack me.
I didn’t say a word, i just smiled and went to the toilet to clean my pullover.

On our way back, we bought a large Mattress and its covers. We also bought a pillow and a small electronic sets for the sitting room. We took them to the new apartment and returned to the hotel for our bags.
Maria said she would return to Stockholm the next day to get our bags: i gave her permission to go.
After sending our things from the hotel to the new apartment, i took permission and returned to the Dee JJ. Donald and his troops were not there. I walked up to the girl and said “Do you know where the guy who pushed me lived and what he does?”.
The girl said she didn’t know where he lived but said Donald sold drugs in Vesterbro.
I asked the area where they sold the drugs and she told me.
I went back to Maria and waited until it was 6pm, then i went to the area where they did their business.
I found about 10 of them loitering around the busy area. Donald wasn’t there but i believed that he would come. I waited for some minutes before he showed up, then i walked up to him.
“Do you have my money now?” I asked as i grabbed his throat and squeezed it. The drugs in his mouth choked him and he threw them on the ground.
As soon as the drugs hit the ground. Other dealers around there disappeared instantly. We were still struggling when the Police vehicle stopped in front of us.

They looked at us and at the pieces of drugs on the ground, then they slammed cuffs on both of us. One of them put on plastic gloves and picked up the drugs on the floor. We were pushed into the car and were taken to a police station.
They searched us and brought out everything in our pocket.
It was around 9pm before they started their interrogation. Donald denied that the drugs belonged to him. They asked where he came from and he mentioned a small town outside Copenhagen. He said he took asylum there and lived there but comes to the city sometimes.
When it was my turn, i asked them what was inside the small pieces of white nylons. I pretended that i haven’t seen drugs before.

I told the cops that i came to Denmark two days before from Sweden and that i was on a tourist visit from Paris. They saw my train and bus tickets and confirmed what i said. I also told them that Donald broke my drink at a restaurant and that i traced him there and asked him to give me back the money for the drink.

“No woman marries for
money; they are all clever
enough, before marrying a
millionaire, to fall in love
with him first”

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