153: The Surprise Attack

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Chapter 153

The following morning, i called the police man who had given me his number. He asked me to come to the station immediately.

I got to the station and played the recorded message to him. He was impressed. He said he would send four policemen on mufti to pick up Sule. Before 12pm, I called Sule and asked him to be at the bar by 1pm; he agreed.

By 11 am, the Policemen were at the bar before me. I had decided to stay back and wait until Sule called and said he was there. A few minutes past 1 pm, he called and said that he was at the bar. I was close bye and as a result, i walked slowly towards the sports bar but before i got there, i saw about four thug-looking men coming after me.
Damn! I had anticipated such move from Sule but i had thought they would lay their ambush somewhere very close to the bar.

I moved faster and watched them moved faster as well, then i started running towards the bar. One of them, the fifth guy came out of nowhere and grabbed me.
”You think you can run away from us abi, your own done finish today” he said. He was a Nigerian.
I slipped from him and sat down on the floor along the road. I knew that in a matter of seconds, people would begin to turn their attention towards a man sitting in the middle of the road and refused to got up. The other four people with Sule had approached us and had rounded me up.

”Towa towa towa” the sound of gun boomed over our heads as every body scattered in all directions. It was the Police.

Sule, who was holding the neck of my shirt and dragging me up was surprised as i grabbed his right leg and held it while others scattered in all directions.
The police men grabbed Sule from me and knocked him on the head. He was now sitting on the floor beside me.

”Is this the Sule” the police team leader asked.
I nodded since i was still breathing fast from the event that just took place.

Another police kicked him and pulled him up.

I got up and followed them as they dragged Sule to their private Mercedes car parked two hundred meters away from the scene.

”You are the guy who own the chemical to wash money. You will take us to the chemical today” one Police said. He was the only one who understood at least over 50% English.
Four of us entered at the back of the car while two entered the front. We drove off to the Police station and got there several minutes later.

Sule had torn my shirt while trying to drag me up from the floor. He had also kicked me once when he newly arrived at the scene.

”So you and your thugs had come here to kill me” i asked him inside the car. The police man asked me to shut up and i did.
We drove in silence to the police station and stopped at the entrance gate. Sule was on handcuffs as we entered the police compound and went straight to the counter where Sule was pushed inside to sit. His cuffs were removed. I was taken to the water tank to wash off the dirt on my cloths. The Captain was waiting for me to finish and come to his office.
Ten minutes after we arrived at the Police station, we were ushered into the station captain’s office. He sat behind a large desk while i sat on a chair facing him. Sule sat at the right side of the Police captain and was flanked by two armed police men.

”Lets have you Carte d’identite” The Police captain said.
I brought out my international passport which i had carried with me since i arrived in Ivory coast. Sule brought out an identity card he claimed was issued by the Nigerian embassy in Abdijan.
Our names and dates of birth were written down.

He asked what we were doing in Ivory coast.
”I am on vacation from Nigeria” i said and brought out my flight ticket which was folded inside my international passport.
Sule on the other hand claimed that he lived and worked in Ivory coast.
He was asked what he did for a living in Ivory coast and he claimed to be a businessman. He was also asked the kind of business he did which he claimed to be importing laces from Nigeria to Ivory Coast. He claimed he was a supplier.

After the basic questions of who we were and where we came from, the Captain turned his questions to what happened at the Sports bar.
He started with Sule.

”My men said they caught you beating this man. Why?” the captain asked.

”Officer, i saw some people beating him and i tried to help him up. Then your men came and arrested two of us and brought us here” Sule said.
I let out a loud laugh. One of the Policemen asked me to stop and i did instantly.

After writing down what Sule said and asking him more questions, he turned to me.
I fumbled in my pocket and brought out my phone, then i dialed Sule’s number. It started ringing in his pocket. He brought it out and looked at me.

”This man who called himself Sule here is a liar. I met him at the Grand bassam beach a few days ago. He approached me where i was with a French girl and said that he knew a man who has chemical that can turn papers into money. He said he needed money to get the chemicals and that he wanted me to convince the French girl to get the money. I told him that i wasn’t interested but when he threatened to approach the French girl by himself, i called the French girl and told her what he said. The girl agreed that she will get the money but asked for plane ticket to go to Dakar and get the money. This man sitting here offered to buy her the ticket. I went with them to the agency where they bought the ticket. That was when i told this man to give me his number. However the French girl disappeared and this man started disturbing me to provide her. Then i came here to report him to you. You asked me to track him down for your men but when i was doing that, he showed up with thugs and started beating me. His thugs ran away when your men came” i had said. When i finished, the Police turned to Sule again and asked if he knew me or not. He kept quiet.
I played all the conversations i had with Sule to the hearing of the Police men.
Sule didn’t know what to say anymore.

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