152: Face the consequences

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Chapter 152

Isabella was half Liberian and half Ivorian. Her father had lived in Monrovia where he met her mother. She had been born in Monrovia in 1985 and had lived there until the civil war broke out, then she had returned to Ivory Coast with the father.
I wanted to tell her that i didn’t need all the above story about her but there was nothing else to do except fvck and talk.
She had also demanded to know about me.
On my part, i was a movie actor in Nigeria who had come for vacation in Abdijan.

”Wow! I want to follow you to Nigeria, i want to become an actress” she said as she began to announce names such as Patience Ozokwo, Genevive Nnaji, Nkem Owoh and one Omotala something.
”Do you know them” she had asked.
”Of course i know them, we all work in the same industry” i had replied.

”What movies did you acted on” she had asked.

Damn! How on earth did i choose that line of lie?

”Children of Gods’, Have you watched it” i had said.
She didn’t know it.
I wasn’t going to continue on that line of discussion, therefore i slipped my middle finger into her cunt and that effectively ended the movie question & Answer.

Her nylon Brazierre was transparent enough to see the tip of her breast pointed out. I kissed the breast twice while still inside the Bra and when i didn’t get the necessary satisfaction required from such action, i pulled the Bra down and sucked on the two hard pointers. She had started moaning as i sucked and fingered her at the same time.
”Oh baby” she said time and time again as i increased the tempo of my fingering. She had started moaning louder that i even feared that people could here her from the outside corridor.

Then all of a sudden, she got up and pulled down my trousers. I had stood up to help remove the trouser as fast as possible. My standing dick was already attempting to tear through my boxers. She pulled the boxers out too and grabbed the hard dickk with both hands before putting it inside her mouth as if she was going to swallow it.
The pleasure was extra ordinary. Isabella was an expert sucker of dickk. She would pour some saliva on it and licked them with her tongues. She was really working for the $100.

When she declared herself finished with the blow job, i pulled her up and removed her underpants, then turned her around to hold the edge of the bed while i slipped a condom on my Joystick.

”Baby fuck me harder” she was yelling.

‘Hey! I was doing my best’ i thought as i pumped her from behind for several minutes before we climaxed at the same time.
After disposing off the used condom, we laid on the bed and held each other like lovers. Her warm body was sweet to hold. I had resisted the urge to kiss her but when she looked deeply into my eyes, i smiled and kissed her.

I didn’t know why she gave me that deep look but she was really planning to go to Nigeria with me, she would be disappointed.
I patiently waited for that lie called ”I love you” but it didn’t come. Atleaset it reduced
The ‘going to Nigeria with you’ pressure.

After the second round of intensive sexx, we took our bath and slept.

When we woke up in the morning, She didn’t want to go. I wanted to tell Isabella that i lied about being an actor but that would have shattered her already realised dream of sleeping with a Nigerian actor, but still i had to find a way to tell her to go.
”I need to go somewhere now, get up and get ready, you are leaving” i said.
She asked if i would return to the club in the evening.
”Of course i would return to the club to pick you up” i had said.

She got into her cloths, asked for my phone number and her money, then she left.

My Motorola mobile phone had been switched off since the previous evening. In fact, i had been switching it off most of the time because of Sule. I knew he must have been calling me every now and then and i was right.

After giving my number to Isabella, i left the phone on and a call came. It was from Audrey. She asked why my phone had been switched off. I couldn’t tell her that it was dead battery since the Ivorians boasted of constant electricity.
”There was no other person to talk to since you left, so i decided to switch it off. I am missing you” i lied.

She said she arrived in Paris safely before taking a TGV fast train to Strassbourg near the German border.

Another call came into the phone while i was still talking to Audrey, it was from Sule.

The rat had decided to disturb my life because he gave Audrey $500 for a ticket to Senegal. Right there on the phone with Audrey, i decided to put an end to the entire Sule affair.

After talking to Audrey, i knew Sule was going to call back, therefore i left the phone on the table near me. He called. As usual, i switched on the recording application.

”Hello Alhaji Suleman, have you brought the chemical to wash the money because i have the $5000 now. I told you to have patience” i said.

The rat bought into the trap or maybe not.
”If you bring the money, i will go and get the chemical today today” he said.

He also asked where i was.

”I will be at the Sports bar tomorrow afternoon. I will come with the money. Make sure you have the chemicals to Wash the money standby” i said and hung up.

Since he was going to stalk and make life miserable for me in Abdijan, i was going to scare him away permanently. Scaring him away could be anything ranging from ending up in Police cell, to a police chase or even deportation back to Nigeria or ‘leave town’. I didn’t know the types of documents he had with him but i had every required document as a holiday maker.
I wasn’t really interested in the scamming occupation but trying to scam me meant that i took some necessary action. Every illegal thing had its consequences.
Back in Germany, the police had invaded my place numerous times and i had as a result ran away to Portugal.
I had fallen into Madam Grace’s business in Portugal and had ran out of the Country earlier than i had wanted. Those were the consequences.

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