151: The Mapouka Experience

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Chapter 151

Audrey left for Paris the following afternoon. It felt like i had lost a girlfriend. She was a very friendly beautiful blonde who didn’t care about kissing in public.

I had followed her to the HB international airport where she had boarded Air France jumbo jet to Charles De Gaule international airport Paris.
Somehow i felt that i had lost Audrey’s trust due to how i used her to steal the money from Sule. She would never understand that revenge and retaliation were the things that usually motivated me.
I loved to mind my own business but anytime someone felt that he or she was clever enough to scam me, wrong me in anyway and go free, i usually gave the situation serious thoughts and analysis which usually resulted in retaliation. I had been wrong in some of my analysis and modes of revenge but my brain was programmed to operate that way.

When i returned from the airport, i went to the Police station at Treichville and reported that Someone by the name of Sule was threatening my life. The Police officer who attended to me asked who Sule was, how i met him, what happened between us etc. I told him most of the things that happened, how Sule had approached me to give him money that would be multiplied into thousands of Dollars for me, how i told him that i had no money and how i connected him to a French girl, who he bought a flight ticket for and how the girl had left back to Paris. After my statements were written down, he gave me his personal phone number and i left.

From the Police station, i drove straight to the travel agent who had sold the ticket to us. He was there when i came. Business had returned to the city. It was December 27.
”My man” i greeted him.
I told him that Audrey had traveled back to France.
”The boy who paid for the flight ticket to Dakar is disturbing me and the Police has been involved. However i told the police that he bought the ticket for the girl. I came here to tell you this because the Police may come here for investigation. If they come, tell them that the girl from Europe returned and took her money back. I would have asked you to tell them that she changed the ticket from Dakar to Paris and gave you more money BUT they could ask you to print the ticket from the database. Therefore, just tell them the girl returned and you refunded her, simple” i said.
He saw my logic clearly and nodded. He was already involved and the best thing to do was to play along.

After the visit to the agent, i called one of my area boys to celebrate the new plan. I wasn’t interested in confronting anybody but i was sure Sule would like to fight or get his money back.
When my Ivorian friend arrived, we went to a club full of Nigerian and Ivorian girls. As we sat in a corner drinking, i contemplated on whether to go for a Nigerian or Ivorian girl. Nigerian girls outside Nigeria had only one thing in mind; Money. Therefore i decided to go for Ivorian girl. I called one of them dancing on the floor.
Her name was Isabella.
”I am Austin” i said as she sat down. She introduced herself as Isabella and said she wanted gin and tonic.
I gave her money to buy the drink and also bought more for me and my friend.
Isabella knew that i was a Nigerian. It seemed that most of the Ivorian men behaved like the French men. They hardly bought drinks for their women, rather everyone paid for his or her own drinks.

Behind the club hall was another club where a kind of sexx dance called Mapouka was being shown on a large television on the wall. Few people were there as the price was higher than that of the regular club house.
I excused myself from my new area boy and gave him $20 to enjoy himself, then i took Isabella to the Mapouka  hall. We took our drink along.
I sat on a sofa beside Isabella and watched as the naked men and women danced and touched and caressed and kissed and fvcked. It was my first time to watch such videos and it was fun.
My dickk had even started getting excited. Isabella noticed that and started rubbing it right there inside the hall.
The sex dance hall was designed to accommodate only couples. If you came alone, you won’t be allowed inside.
All the men there came with women. The small hall had about seven two-seated sofas which meant that it can only contain about seven men and seven women. One seat was still vacant. We were about twelve in the small hall. I took a quick time out to analyse the hall because i hated surprises. It was always better to be acquainted with whatever place you found yourself.

As we sipped our drink, my dickk was being rubbed by Isabella.

”How much are you going to cost me Isabella” i suddenly asked.
”Just $100” she said and smiled. I giggled.
”This $100, what and what will it cover” i asked.

”I will stay with you until daybreak, i will suck your manhood, i will fvck” she said.
Well, everything she said was worth that amount. I didn’t want to argue but i simply asked her how much discount i would have if i decided not to go home with her. She asked if i would still fvck since there were chalets in the club house.
I eventually agreed to take her home. She was an Ivorian, my first. It was only reasonable that i took her home to get the best of the Ivorian treats. $100 wasn’t such big money for an international treatment.

After over an hour at the Sexx dance hall, we went outside and entered one of the already waiting cabs back to the Ben Residence hotel where i lodged. As soon as we got into the room, i mentally checked where all my money was. I had hidden a large chunk behind a pipe in the bathroom, then i had hidden some inside a pocket of my Jean trouser inside my bag, some where in my wallet. It was better that i Separated them since no thief could steal all of them at the same time. I needed to be careful in Abdijan since i knew nobody to give me money there.

After a few sips of whisky inside the room, Isabella suddenly stood up, slipped out her short gown and sat beside me on underpants and bikini. It was time.

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