15: The same old story

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Chapter 15: The same story.

Mike returned around 11am and went straight to the kitchen. After making some meals and eating his share, he asked me if i called our carrier bird. I pretentiously looked at the time on my phone and told him that he won’t get to Berlin until 2 or 3pm. He asked that i called him anyway. I called the Bird and switched the phone to speakout….

Robin had a white friend who did business with him. His name was Van Der Hoven. Mr Van Der Hoven was at Robin’s house when i called the bird’s number. It wasn’t a coincidence that Mr Van Der Hoven picked the call. It was Robin’s doing. The white Man’s voice had calmly asked who i was. I looked at Mike for some explanations. He slowly took the phone from me and said ”Hello”. Mr Van Der Hoven spoke in Dutch. We didn’t know what he said.
”Can you speak in English” Mike asked him.

”Yes, i can speak a little English. We found this phone inside a train going to Germany this morning. If you know the owner, tell us where you are or come to Den Hague Central Police station to claim it” Mr Van Der Hoven said.

Mike quickly switched off the phone.
”I think the police caught the bird” he said.
”No no no. He said they found the phone inside the Train. Maybe the phone fall out from the bird’s pocket” i said.
”Are you a fool, that is a trap. If you go to the station to claim the phone, they will catch you” Mike said.
I kept a surprised face as if i was really a fool.
”What are we going to do now” i asked. I needed Mike to be the egghead who comes up with every solution to our current predicament.

”If they really catch the bird, he could tell them where we live and they will come here” Mike said.
I jumped up from my chair and declared that i was leaving the entire area. He said he was leaving too.
We took the back door and exited the building. We walked to the Venserpolder metro station and took a train to Krainest. We located a small bar and started drinking.
”Where are we going to sleep tonight” i suddenly asked.
Mike said he could go to his Girlfriend’s place and stay for some days but claimed that he wasn’t sure the girl could allow both of us.

I called Robin.
”Our house has knocked” i said on the phone. He asked what happened. I carefully explained to him that we are not sure where our bird has gone. I told him that a Police man said they found his phone in the train and asked us to come and pick it up at the Den Hague police station.
Robin asked us not to try that. He said it could be a trap.
”I told you its a trap” Mike said as soon as he heard what Robin had said.
”Where are you people staying now” Robin asked. I told him that Mike would go to Amstelveen and stay with his girl while i still didn’t know where to stay.
He said he could accommodate me in his own room for not more than one week.
That was it. After some more drinks, we dispersed to our various new temporal apartments. Enugu people weren’t fools afterall.

For security reasons, i headed to the African Kitchen in the Gein area of Bijlmer. African Kitchen was an all Nigerian dish restaurant situated behind the Gein metro station. It was ran by a Yoruba Gentleman named Alfred who hated troubles and liked peace. I went there first because i thought that Mike could decide to track me to where Robin lived. Knowing who i was, i could have suspected foul play as well.
After eating at the African Kitchen, i walked into the next door. It was a cybercafe and phone accessories & repair center that belonged to two Pakistani young men.

”What are you doing here” a voice said behind me as i approached the counter to buy a simcard card.
It was Mike. I pretended not to be surprised and told him that i came to buy a new simcard since the old one might have been in danger of exposing me.
”Me too, i came to buy a new simcard” he said.
It was obvious that i had just given him a lie life line. He was following me. I didn’t blame him, i would have done the same. He didn’t know where Robin lived and i wasn’t going to take him there easily.

After putting the new simcard to the phone, we went back to the Kitchen and continued drinking. It seemed that Mike had called someone with the news and he had been advised to track me down. He may have been told that it was all a scam. As a result, i waited for an opportunity to change my plan. It was obvious that Mike didn’t plan to leave me.

Beer was such a wonderful liquid that easily sent people to the toilet. That was what it did to Mike.
As soon as he went to ease himself, i sent Robin a message.
It read: ”let me know when the coast is clear, he is following me around”
He replied instantly with his own message. It read:
”Its clear now”

One glance at the message was quickly followed by deleting it. Mike was already coming out, therefore i had no time to drop the phone on the table. If i dropped it quickly, he could believe that something was amiss. Therefore i switched to the game section and started playing a game. He glanced on the phone screen as he made his way to his chair which was located beside me.
I continued playing my game as we downed beer after beer. I didn’t care about how much beer i was drinking. I had some money with me. I didn’t know about Mike but i wasn’t going to pay for him. We continued our drinks until 10pm. It was a Friday. Weekends usually stretched to day breaks in Amsterdam. The Nightlife was awesome. There were some girls still loitering around the Kitchen, but i was not in a situation to mess with women.

”Why not go back to our house, i dont think the police will come to us today” i said suddenly.
”No, lets go to Robin’s place first, i will go to my girl’s place by 12am. She is not in the house now”, Mike said.

What!!. So Mike had been planning to go there with me all along?
He was really clever, more than i had credited him.

”Alright, lets go but i don’t think he will be happy to see two of us since i didn’t tell him you were coming” i said as i stood up to go.

” Do not pray for an easy life,
pray for the strength to
endure a difficult”

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