15: Raising money

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Chapter 15. Raising Money for Vacation.

”Franca, the only thing i need to go to the Police is for you to make one bad move; just one bad move and i will destroy your entire life here in Europe” i said and stood up.

”I am leaving now. As soon as i get home, i am going to Evry to meet with Efosa. I am going with Police since he is a violent person. You also need to pray because if things got bad over there in Evry, your name could be mentioned and if it happened that way, i may not be able to manage the spill”

”Solomon please wait, don’t go yet. I want us to settle this issue very well. If you will give me the other Mp3 and delete the recorded phone call in your phone, i will give you the €5000” Franca said.
As i made for the door, i said, ”We will finish up the deal on phone. Call me when you mean what you just said because you may be trying to play a fast trick on me now”.

I got out of Franca’s apartment and headed down to the Metro station in Place de Clichy.
I was pretty sure Franca would call Efosa and his gang as soon as i left. It was almost natural that she called them. As an African woman, She was going to blame Efosa for that implicating phone conversation. She was also going to invite him to her house or somewhere where they will meet and discuss the next line of action. As a result of that, it was time to visit Efosa again.

I got to the Metro station and navigated my way down to Gare du Lyon where i took the RER train down to Grigny Center. Since the Grigny train station had only the escalators and lift, i followed the escalator to the surface and bought a new simcard, then i took a cab down to Evry.
I stopped in front of the restaurant opposite Efosa’s apartment. After making sure that Efosa wasn’t outside his house, i entered the restaurant and sat down.

I wasn’t hungry since i had eaten in Franca’s place an hour and half ago, but i needed to buy something. I ordered for water and take-away rice. From inside the restaurant, i wrote a text message, ”Efosa, the silly idiot is coming to your House in Evry with police. You better leave that place now”. After writing the message, i sent it to Efosa with the new simcard.
Efosa called the number twice but i didn’t answer him.
Two minutes later, i called him with an old number that he recognized.
I told him that i want to talk to him in his house in twenty minutes. ”Don’t go out, i will be there alone. Let us discuss this issue before it is too late” i said.

He cut off the call before i finished. Less than five minutes after calling Efosa, i saw him with his girl hurried out of the house and walked down the street looking behind them. I picked up my food and followed them at a considerable distance.
They walked all the way to the Evry train station and boarded a train, then i walked back to his building and with the key i got in Saint-Dennis, i opened his apartment and walked into the sitting room. A quick look around revealed that they left the house in a hurry.
Some cloths were seen scattered on the long sofa. His TV was still on. An English premier league football was showing. MUFC was playing CFC but since i needed to exit the house at the shortest possible time, i ignored the football and went into his bedroom. A HP windows laptop and an apple laptop were on the bed with four modern mobile phones. I picked them up.
A ladies bag was hanging on the wall, i brought it down and found a Nigerian international passport. Inside the bag was also another Samsung mobile phone, an apple ipod and €470 in cash. I picked them up and took everything to the Parlour. The only thing i left in the bag was the Nigerian passport, such things has a way of putting people in trouble. After rounding the things i believed could fetch immediate cash, i found a bag and stuffed them, then i left the apartment open and walked down to the road. Efosa and his girlfriend obviously left the house in a hurry. There were some items they could have taken if they had time.
A cab was coming down the road, i waved it to a halt and took it back to Grigny.

There was an Arabic man who sold used electronics near the Grigny Shopping mall. I called and took those things to him and told him that i  needed cash. After price negotiations, we settled for €1600. He paid cash but before i left, i opened the phones. One of them had a simcard in it, i removed it. I also wiped out every third party documents and applications inside the laptops. That was my first time of operating an apple laptop and it was certainly a beauty to use.

When I got back to my apartment, i told the girls to pack whatever thing they would need for the next three days to one week, ”We are going out for some days” i had told them.
I didn’t tell them why or where, Naomi knew me enough not to ask such questions. She knew there was trouble and she knew i was managing it well enough.

We drove up to Lille Metrople in Northern France, near the Belgium border and found a local hotel that charged €60 a night. There were cheaper rooms but we needed a bigger bed since we were three.

The first night in Lille, we went out to a night club. It was a Sunday night. We had arrived in Lille some minutes past 10pm and after securing a room, we had decided to go out.
After the night out, we called a cab and told him to take us to the hotel.

A discussion had ensured between me and the cab driver. He told us that he had connections to take people from Calais in France to Dover in the UK. I picked up his phone number and promised to call him.

When we got home, Lisa said she would like to go to England. Naomi said she will stick with me in France.

The following morning, Aunty Franca called. She asked for where and how we will make the exchange. I told her to wait for my call.

I called the cab driver who said he had the connections to the UK. We met at a bar in Calais, a port city where ferry boats loaded to England. He came with a woman, a French Woman.

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    Efosa and his crew will definitely begin 2 learn some lessons after zubby’s treatment…fuck them all!

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    Oga Zuby, may you live long. You are wise. But I am concerned that you are not making as much money as you were making in Germany.

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