After the Invasion, I went to Berlin and found an apartment.
It was a one room and parlour self-contain.

Akunne Onitsha had used his Passport to rent it for me.
I started keeping my money with Akunne in Berlin. I would travel to Berlin every week to buy drugs in large quantities, then I would keep them in the new apartment and travel back to Brandenburg with little stuff.
Most of the dealers were on break. I was the only person who didn’t care much about being arrested. I believed that if I was captured by the police, they would pardon me after finger printing. That was the rule and we all knew it.

As a result, the others started hating me. They became too envious that they couldn’t even hide it.
My security was in danger. That was the reason behind the new apartment in Berlin .

*The new little boy from Wawa had taken over. It was a pity that in times of troubles, the people from Anambra State would regard Enugu people as Wawa and inferior. Why?. Just because of drugs. Their generalized mindset was that The lowest Anambra person should be richer than the highest Enugu person. What silly evil notion*

I would go to Berlin every friday and sleep there until Sunday Night, then I would take the last train back to Brandenburg.

I once decided to attend the Nigerian Church in Berlin, I found Agnes and John Bighead there. That was the Church they attended. * I was not a Church person, I just went there because the pressure from HEIM was getting too much. I tried as much as possible to stay away from that place*

The Bighead had somehow heard that I had money. Agnes must have told him or he may have heard it in one of the Nigerian joints.

He approached me after the Church with a devilish smile which I translated into ” I have Agnes now, what can you do”.

We exchanged numbers anyway and I gave him 150 euro after the Church. It was such big money for him judging by the way he thanked me. He almost knelt down. I also gave Agnes 100 euros.

*Respect the husband more. It was Agnes I intended to give all the money. I just shared it among them to eliminate suspicion from Bighead. He knew Agnes was posted to the same place with me and he knew that I liked her*

April was Approaching, it was the summer again. The period when every angle would be filled with sexy ladies in bumshots, white thighs flashing everywhere.

I had saved up enough money again and I didn’t want to buy more cars so I got a new plan.

Kenneth, My cousin who lived with us in Onitsha had be clamoring to come to Europe. He was a good footballer, so I decided to take my chances on him.
I traveled to Essen and got him a business invitation letter from a shipping company there. He applied for visa in German Embassy with it and was granted Visa.

I sent him more money for ticket and BTA. He boarded air france enroute Berlin but he was stopped in Charles De Gaule airport Paris and taken to the Deportation Camp. I went to the TEGEL airport Berlin to welcome him. I spent the whole day at the airport drinking coffee and gin. By 5pm, I knew something had happened, so I left the airport and went back to Brandenburg.
The following morning, he called me from the deportation camp in Paris.
He said he had left his invitation letter in Nigeria. He didn’t know it was that important.
The immigration police had asked for it at the airport but he couldn’t provide it. His visa was genuine but he was taken there to be deported alongside others.

I called the company that gave him invitation card in Essen and told them. They said they could not reach the immigration police in paris.

Immediately after talking to Marcel, the guy who sent the letter, Kenneth called me from a pay phone.
I asked him the other people there, he said that the red cross society were the people feeding them. I asked him to ask for their phone number and call me back.
Ten minutes later, he called me back and gave me the office number of the red cross paris, the airport wing.

I called them and told them what happened. They asked me to forward a copy of the invitation letter to them through fax.
I called Essen again and after much haggling, they agreed to send the copy if I sent them 400 euro.
Kenneth had said that there were going to court the following day. It was at the court that they stamp your deportation ticket if you fail to provide enough evidence.

I boarded ICE fast train and traveled to Essen. I gave them the money before they sent the copy of the letter to the Paris Red cross. I asked the red cross to give a copy to Kenneth to hold.

The next day in Court, the red cross took the letter to court and the Judge set Kenneth free.
The next problem was that he had missed his original flight to Berlin.
I told him to ask people where he could get a bus to Berlin. He did and found The big Gare Du Nord station in Paris.
Then he traveled overnight from Paris to Berlin. I went to the bus station to welcome him. My third investment had arrived.

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