15: Day 1- Police

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The following morning, i called my Hon. Cousin. He said he was at his residence in the State House of Assembly Quarters, and directed me to go to the the Anti Kidnappers State Police Station along Abakiliki Road.
He said he would be there in 30 minutes.

I waited at the hotel for the entire 30 minutes before i entered my car and drove off.
While waiting, i called Uche and told her to come to the hotel. She didn’t arrive before i left. I was already on my way to the Police Station before she called and said she was at the hotel.

I called Queen and told her that my cousin sister was there at the hotel reception.
“Go there and meet with her. Take some naira with you, 10,000 is fine. Dont use all of them” i had said and cut the call before she could say anything.

I called Uche again and told her that Queen would meet her at the reception.
“She is beautiful and tall and very fair, you will spot her the moment she comes out” I had said to Uche before hanging up.

I arrived at the Police Station before my cousin, it was expected. It was true he said he would be there in 30 minutes but i knew it would take him an hour to arrive there.
Despite waiting for the entire 30 Minutes he gave me, i also spent 15 minutes on my way to the station, yet i arrived there before him.
Africa usually did different things when it concerned time.
It was hard to blame them because we hardly knew how fast one second was. And just sixty of them turn to one minute.

“Who are you?” A police man asked.
I had parked my Mitsubishi Lancer Sport under a large Mango tree and stepped out.

“I am Zuby, i came to make some enquiries about my missing brother” I said.

“Did you report the case here?” He asked.

“No, somebody else did”.

“So, why did you come here?” He asked.

“I just told you why i came here Sir”.

“What is your name?”

“Austin” I answered.

“I thought you said its Zuby?” He asked.

“Yes, i have two names” I replied.

“Do you have any ID Card with you?” He asked.

I brought out my Driver’s licence and handed it over to him. As i had always maintained, i was on a very dark eye glasses.

After looking at the data side of the driver’s licence, he said, “You said your name is Zuby, what i see here is Samson”.

“I also said my name is Sam” I repeated.

“E be like say you day joke with me” He said sharply.

At the same time, a police pickup with blaring Siren and a Peugeot 406 prestige with Government plate number drove into the compound and parked behind my car.

The Police man forgot me and concentrated on the people alighting from the new vehicles.

I saw my cousin came out of the peugeot with another police aid.
As i walked to meet with him, the police man who was interrogating me cocked his gun and pointed it at me.

“Stay where you are” He shouted.

“This man is my Brother” I said as i pointed to the Honourable State House of Assembly Speaker.
It was the first time we have seen each other since he won the house of assembly election in 1999. His gun was still pointed at me as i shook my hand with the Hon Speaker.

“Will you put the gun down” One of the Police aids shouted at the police man.

“He is with my Driver’s licence” I said as i pointed at him.
He had brought down his gun and was standing at attention.

“Why, what did you do?” the Speaker asked.

“What could i have done, i just drove in, parked here and he started asking questions.

One of the aids went to him and took the License, returned it to me and apologized.

Maxwell Odoh was his name. The Silly Police man who waited for me to come inside his station before using me to learn how to work.

I had nothing to say to him because there was something more important to do.

I followed the Hon and walked into the Station Captain’s office.
Every other person in the office was told to wait outside.
After a brief exchange of greetings, the Hon told the Captain who i was.
He told the captain that i was going to take over the enquiries as he had been doing.

Ten minutes later, the Hon Speaker left, never to be seen again at the Station. The whole thing had been shifted to me as i expected. From the little information i got earlier, the Speaker was among the people who went to the Police to make reports. I believed he did that in good faith but the truth was that Kidnappers hated it when they were reported to the Police. They were all Psycho criminals who would hurt people because they did what they were told not to do.
The kidnappers only wanted their ransom money before they released whoever they were holding.
But things got mixed up in the beginning of that very incident and one month later, my elder brother was still missing.

“The truth is that nobody is coming for this case. Is your brother married?” The Police captain asked as soon as the Hon Left.

“Yes, he is married. Do you mean to say the wife has not come here?” I asked.

“No, we have not seen the wife here, where does she live?” He said.

I told him that she lived there in Enugu and even close to the station. He asked for her phone number and said he was going to call her.

“I also heard someone was arrested in connection to the case” I said to the captain.

“Yes, we arrested one of them. He is in the cell here in the station” He said.

“Good. What have you been able to find out?”

The Captain said the suspect was still denying his involvement in the case but went on to tell me that he was a criminal.

“We seized his phone and read his text messages. He and his gang received 8 Million Naira last week in Edo State. It was money paid for a man they kidnapped, the text message is still in his phone” He said as he opened a drawer and showed me the text message.

“He also admitted that his vehicle was used by people for kidnapping but that it was when he gave it to someone. He denied knowing that his friend was a kidnapper” The Captain continued.

Every thing he said pointed to the fact that. Friday, the man in custody was involved in kidnapping my brother.

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