15: Copenhagen at Last

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We arrived in Copenhagen through the Oresund long sway bridge on the following morning.
We had woken up around 6am when i received a call from Peace and Sharon who said they were already in Yarmouth. I had called Jacob and told him that the girls were there. He promised to go to the hotel and see them. Yarmouth was close to Norwich where he stayed.

We were already in Copenhagen when Jacob called and said he was with the girls. He promised to accommodate them for only two days and adviced that i send someone to pick them up.
It was good that the girls were safely transported to the UK. Although i have never been to the UK but i knew that immigrant women witnessed easier life over there in the UK than Central Europe. There was the language advantage too.
During our train ride to Copenhagen, i had called Lisa and told her that there were two more girls in town. She promised to call and tell them how to come to London when she returned from work. I didn’t ask where she was going to keep them because i believed she must have a place for a temporal stay. It was true they were my girls but i was not going to die for anybody. I had given them enough money to eat and even rent a cheap hotel for up to a month. It was time to concentrate on something different in Denmark. I was hoping to make new friends, meet new people and quickly find
out how life was in Copenhagen. I had always known Denmark to be a small country and life was usually better in such Places.

We found a hotel in Vesterbro area and lodged. After having our rest, i kitted up and told Maria that i was going out to change some Euros to the local currency. The Danish Krone was slightly more valuable to Swedish Krone. A 1 Euro Changed for 9.1 Swedish Krone while it changed for 7.4 Danish Krone.
I got to a business building and changed €2000 to the local currency. One good thing about European exchange markets was that one can easily change back to any currency at anytime.

On my way back to the hotel, i bought some canned foods and fried rice for Maria. There was an urgent need to rent our own apartment because Maria wasn’t going to like eating on the go.
After delivering the foods to Maria, i excused myself again and returned to the business area. There was an Afroshop i had seen on my way to the bureau de change. I had seen a fat black woman sitting there alone.
I walked inside and greeted her. Her intonation revealed that she was Nigerian and when i asked, she said she was from Edo State. That was a bad news because didn’t want to know any Edo woman or person in Copenhagen. My operations was going to center on Edo teenagers and it would be bad to have a reference center for their people inside town.
As soon as she revealed where she came from, i decided to change the reason why i visited her shop. I had come to ask her if she could tell me someone who would rent an apartment for us with his or her papers but the last thing i wanted was an Edo person to Know where i lived.

“I came to check if you have Yam” I lied to her.
She pointed at large tubers of Yam and said they arrived through Amsterdam a day before. Since there was no need to talk too much, i paid for two and told her that i will pick them up on my way back. She said she didn’t know me and asked if i was new in town. I told her that i came from Odense, another Danish city near Germany.
Before i left, i asked her where i could meet with Nigerian people especially the Igbos. She told me about a place called Nyhavn and said i could see anybody i wanted over there.
I took a cab to Nyhavn and met with an Igbo guy whom i suspected was selling drugs. I usually identified them through their first impression of “Don’t disturb me, i am busy”.
I had gone to where he was standing in a major bus station and asked if he knew any restaurant where i could find Igbo people. After struggling to ignore me, he had swallowed the balls of drugs in his mouth and talked. He started by blaming me for disturbing him where he was doing his business. But eventually he directed me to a popular bar owned by an Imo State man by the name of Dee JJ.

Dee JJ’s bar was a rendezvous point for many Nigerians living in the city. It was almost like the Akunne shop in Berlin; the difference was that Akunne’s was bigger. The shop was half full when i arrived. It was also the place where Nigerian drug sellers converge to eat or rest or hide from the authorities.

I walked in and sat down on a vacant chair. A quick look around revealed that the shop sold cooked Nigerian dishes and drinks.
I ordered for a plate of semo and Egusi soup, then i waited for the food.
Some minutes later, a lady brought the food and kept it in front of me. But before she left, i said “Excuse me, i am new here and want to ask you some things”.
She turned back and stood in front of me.
“I want to rent a house here but i still don’t know who to use his or her papers. I came from Germany and want to stay here” I said.
She promised to ask around for me before she left.

As i ate my food, my phone rang. It was Maria asking where i was. After talking to her, i finished my food and Joined a table with three young men. They stopped what they were discussing as soon as i came.
“You can continue whatever you are discussing; i am just here to drink” I had said.
“Is this the only table here? Leave this place immediately” One of them said.
“Immediately? It looks like you don’t have any respect for people” I replied him.
He pushed the bottle of Guinness in front of me and it rolled down to the ground and got broken.
“Why did you do that Donald?” one of his friends asked.
“This man here don’t know that we own this city” he responded.
One problem i had with some African idiots was that they always think they owned anywhere especially if they came there earlier.
“So, you own Copenhagen Donald? This bottle of Guinness will cost you DKR1000 whether you apologise or not” I said and stood up to get another one.

” Always keep your foes
confused. If they are never
certain who you are or what
you want, they cannot know
what you are likely to do next”.

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    I can already see the drama as it unfolds in Copenhagen, Denmark. The running gets better everytime! Thanks for the update. You’re the man…

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    Oya let’s go dere, First Half 03mins Donald 1v0 Zuby. Lesson: don’t start what you cannot finish, because if you don’t finish, someone will finish you and the thing you started all together.

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