145: Shaking up Clement

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Before the security guy returned, Gbenga and his friend had deflated the entire four tyres of the Mercedes ML. I was the look out guy who was monitoring the movements of people.

”I don’t like the smell of this weed” I said as i handed the weed back to the security man and told him i needed my money back. He reluctantly went back to the dealer while i followed him at a considerable distance. When he returned to me, i gave him N200.

Then we walked down to the beach and saw Chinasa and money bag sitting under a coconut tree talking.

I excused myself from the area boys and walked up to them.

”Hello dicckkk head, i thought you said on the phone that you didn’t care about me or Chinasa. What are you doing with her here. I told you that your car is one in town, it was very easy following you to this place” i said as i brought out my phone and played the recorded phone conversation between us.

He was shocked to see me out there. He was vulnerable and alone. He couldn’t mutter the courage to shout as usual.

”I called you to make peace with you but you threatened to attack me because you think i was getting weak. You see, i never get weak. I am a self-trained soldier who had seen good and bad times in this one life time. I don’t really care what happens to me as long as i do my best to be careful. I enjoy trouble more than peace and if you wish to continue this war, i will be ready for you. Meanwhile, I tried to open your fuel tank to pour salt into it but fortunately for you, the tank was locked. Here are your valve covers and the salt. This is my last warning to you” I said as i threw four valve covers and a sack of salt to him. I also brought out a small bottle of whisky and sipped from it.

Chinasa had stood up and faced Clement.

”So you said that you don’t care about me Clem” she said as she shook her head.

She left in anger and strolled up towards the exit.

”I am going after her now and she will become my girlfriend before the end of the day. That also means that if you go within 10-meter radius of her again, i will try another punishment on you; not on your car but on you” I said and started walking towards Chinasa who was hundred meters away from me.

My two foot Soldiers were loitering around at all times during my little advice to Clement. He had seen them and he knew they came with me.

I brought out my phone and wrote a text message to Chinasa, it read: ‘wait for me at the gate’

I saw her read the message, then she looked back and saw me walking slowly towards her. She stopped and started walking back towards me.

We met halfway as she slipped her hand on mine and said ”I guess this is the end of Clement and I”.

”Definitely Baby. But don’t worry, he wasn’t good for you” I said as we walked towards the gate.

I looked back and saw Clement still sitting at his spot under the tree. He was still shocked from losing Chinasa and the air in his tyres.
I felt he wasn’t done yet but i will be ready for him.

We drove to Surulere and packed the BMW, then we took public transport back to Jakande Estate. I felt that Clement could easily track me through the BMW and at the same time, i wanted to know if the area boys in Surulere would attack my car.
Attacking my car would anger me but it was better than attacking my body.

After some arguments, i had decided to take Chinasa back to her place. Her father was at home when we returned. As usual, he was angry with me but i had avoided entering his apartment. I had stood in front of the house and discussed with Chinasa before going back home. I had initially said that i won’t take her home but she had insisted that i did. According to her, if she was really going to convince her father to give us his blessing, she must show him that she cared for me.

When i got home, i checked on the date the German Embassy stamped at the back of my international passport, it was getting to the fifth month. According to the instructions, i was supposed to apply again after six months.

November had come. The Christmas atmosphere had started to show up in Lagos. People had started to buy cars and cloths for the coming Christmas and new year.
I wasn’t really into such things since it was obvious to me that i wasn’t going home. My Christmas was going to be spent in Lagos or somewhere else, not at the village.

One afternoon, i went to the bank and withdrew some money. Chinasa was going home for Christmas and since her people knew that we were dating, they probably felt that i was going to buy her cloths. I had taken her to a boutique and bought her cloths and a handbag. I had also bought cloths for her younger brother who had become an ally of mine.

During the weeks following our last encounter with Clement. Our relationship had been upgraded to a higher level. She had started sleeping over at my Place and as a result, i had moved back to Surulere. I didn’t hear or see Clement again and that was the same for the area boys.
Rumour had it that Kola was released a week after he was captured but had gone down to Ibadan where he was shot dead by the government security operatives.
Surulere was quiet. People went about their businesses.

Chinasa had gotten admission into a higher institution. Zainab had called several times but when i didn’t answer, she had resorted to sending text messages. She had wanted to know what was wrong with me. At a time, she stopped calling.
Daisy stopped calling. Elizabeth stopped calling after stumbling on me and Chinasa at a restaurant. Uzoma respected herself and stopped calling, her sister Chilota never got the phone i promised her.
My whole life had become all about Chinasa. She was seen everywhere with me. People had started to ask when we were going to get married. Her father had gotten tired of us and had endorsed me when i dolled out the registration fees for her admission.
Maria had started calling regularly and wanted to know when i would return to Europe. Life went on day after day.

” When you are winning a war almost
everything that happens can be
claimed to be right and wise.”

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