144: Rich Kids

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Chinasa was obviously angry over what Clement said about not caring about her. She had squeezed her face in a manner that showed she wasn’t going back to Clement. I wanted her to be angry.

”Baby it is not your fault, you don’t have to be angry. Children of big men usually behave like that. They are always boastful and arrogant and even beat their wives” i said.
I went on to give her examples of rich kids who killed their wives.

”Where did you say he live” i suddenly asked.

She told me where he lived; the area, street and house number.
”Stop going to that area” i said, as if that was the reason i asked.

Since she was angry, i didn’t want to touch or even go close to her. Women were known to posses fragile minds which can easily swing from good to bad and vice versa.

The atmosphere in my place was awkward. The problems facing us ranged from Clement to Chinasa’s father.
We sat there and stared at the television for many minutes until a call came to my phone. It was from Olugbenga, one of the draught playing area boys at the fish joint.
Gbenga was about 30 years old. He had been to Libya but had returned after unsuccessful attempts to cross over to Europe. He was delighted when he knew that i had been to Spain, where he had described as his dreamland.

”What’s up bro” i had said on the phone.
He said he was downstairs. I had told him to come up to my floor.

”Gbenga meet Nasa, she is my girl” i said while introducing Chinasa to him.
He recognized Chinasa as the girl who was with Clement at Mr Biggs the other day.
”Is she not…”
”She is” i interrupted him.

I told him how Clement had been beating Chinasa but that wasn’t our business.

”That silly boy is planning to attack us. He said we insulted him at Mr Biggs and that he will hit us” i said.

”Aaaahhh, he no day fear, for this Lagos. I go finish am, i go show am na we get this town” Gbenga was shouting,

Damn. That was my problem with some people. If you wanted to fight someone, you didn’t have to shout it.
0ur friends from the west were good at that, not everybody though. They loved fighting with their mouth.

Relax Gbenga, each fight required different approach and tactics.

But i was enjoying his anger and as a result, i went inside and brought out a bottle of Elliot whiskey for him. I needed him to shout more and beat his chest.

We drank as he kept repeating how he was going to finish Clement.
Chinasa didn’t say much. She just kept her angry face and refused to eat anything.

When it was time for Gbenga to leave, i told him to take the whiskey with him. It was time to talk to Chinasa.

I had turned around and tried to kiss her. She had pulled her face away from me. She was still angry.

I knelt down in front of her and held her hand.
”You are going to break my heart if you don’t laugh now”, i said.
She started laughing.

Humans, there is always a way around every act.
I needed her laughter at that critical moment, she was the key to the coming war.
Right there in my house, Clement called Chinasa.
He asked where Chinasa was and wanted her to come near the primary school where she had hosted her birthday party.

I told Chinasa to give him appointment the next.
”Tell him you have gone out and that he should come tomorrow” i said.

She called him back and relayed the information to him. He was angry and arrogant as usual. He wanted to know why she didn’t tell him that she wasn’t around when he called initially.
When the phone calls finished, i told Chinasa that we were going to give him his first punishment the next day.

When Chinasa left, i called Gbenga and told him that we may be going to Lekki beach the next day, he was delighted but i also told him that we may also not go.

The following day, Chinasa returned to my place. I told her to call Clement and tell him that she had gone to Lagos Island to do something for the mother.
”Tell him that you would be going to Lekki Beach after the errand and that you would want him to come there and pick you up if he cared” i said.

After going over the details, She called Clement. He said he would also visit Victoria Island where his father had an office and that he would come to the beach from there. He gave her 3pm as his time to be at the beach.

At exactly 1pm, i picked Gbenga and one other area boy up and we all went to Lekki Beach. We got there before 2pm, and hid our car somewhere behind a shop along the road that lead down to the beach.
We returned to the road and waited inside a bar while drinking.
Clement called Chinasa over an hour later and said he was on his way to Lekki beach and that he would be there in less than 20 minutes. It was time for Chinasa to go down to the beach.

”Remember what i said. Try to pretend that something is stressing you at all times. If he tried to get angry with you, try to shout at him once and leave the place. Here is N4000, It will be enough to rent a taxi to the estate. If everything went well between two of you, he will drive you back to the estate but that will be in the night” i had said.

She wanted to know what i planned to do in details but i didn’t tell her.
I took her phone and deleted every text message and calls we had exchanged in the past one week.

Half an hour after she went down to the beach, we saw Clement drove past us down to the entrance of the beach. He was alone.
There were many other cars there. We watched him walked down to the beach with his phone perched to his right ear. He was making or answering a call, probably with Chinasa.

A boy was at the car park area. I approached and asked him where i could buy marijuana. He pointed me to the direction but i told him that i can’t go there.
I gave him a thousand naira and asked him to go and buy it for me since it was not far.
”Buy one parcel and keep the change” i had told him.

He was happy since a parcel was less than N200.

As soon as he left the car park, we walked two meters to the Mercedes ML and swung to action.

” If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit
home and think about it. Go out and
get busy.”

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