143: Exploration

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I had carried Chinasa to my room where i had sprawled her on the beautifully made bed. She had looked on at me while i opened my condom and slipped it on my .
”I want you without the condom” she said.
Danger! Danger!!.

I had smiled and asked her why. She said she would enjoy it more and that she trusted me.
Well, i had thought about fvcking her without condom but had discarded the idea since i didn’t want to get her pregnant but when she asked me to do it without the condom, i had stopped wearing the condom halfway and threw it on the floor.
I climbed on top of her and slowly guided my manhood into the already wet Well. She held my back as i pumped in and out of her.

I climaxed before her and as a result, i had taken her to the bathroom where after cleaning up, we started the second round. I sat on the edge of the bathtub and asked her to sit on my . She turned her arsee to me and slowly guided her vaginaa into my already standing .
I held her waist and pushed her up and down as my hit every corner of her Well until she climaxed. She had cried out during the heavenly feeling explosion which had splashed some warm liquids on my and increased the pleasure. I continued pushing her up and down until i got tired, then i got up and made her held the edge of the tub while i guided my into her from behind.

I exploded some minutes later. We both got into the tub and filled it with water.

After our bath, we dried our bodies and went into the parlour to wear our cloths.

”It is over between me and Clement” Chinasa said.
It was not a question, therefore i had kept quiet as i caressed her hair and the tips of her Tips while kissing her occasionally.

”What if you get pregnant Chinasa?” i asked her out of curiosity.

”I won’t get pregnant. I know my menstrual circle very well” she answered.

”I am just curious as to what you would do if you get pregnant for me” i said.

”In that case, i will have the baby for you” she said.
I wasn’t going to argue over that. At 26, i could have children. The problem still remained that i wasn’t settled yet.

”That is good but lets not make a baby now until we settle down” i said, trying to carry her along.

At around 5pm, we got down to the car and drove back to Jakande estate. There was a massive hold up in Cele Bus stop, therefore we had to spend over an hour there. By the time we got to her house, her father had returned from his shop where he traded on building materials somewhere near Eleganza plaza in Orile.

Out of respect, i had went into their apartment to greet him.

”Where are you coming from Chinasa” he had asked. His voice was that of anger.
”Sir please i..” i said as he interrupted me.
”I am not asking you” he had said.

”Daddy i am from his house, he is my boyfriend” she said boldly.
Her mother had walked in from the kitchen and stood at the door.
”How are you my son” the mother had said to me.
I told her that i was fine instantly.
”Young man who are you” he asked.
I told him that i was a friend of Chinasa and that she had wanted to know where i lived.
Chinasa had wanted to say something but her mother had dragged her to one f the room. I was left alone with the man.
He said he didn’t want me or anybody near his daughter again.
”Oga, relax. You are not going to marry this girl. You should know that i did a respectful thing by coming to her house. If i had stopped her on the road, you wouldn’t have known who i am” i said.
”This is my daughter and i said i don’t want you near her again” he said, raising his voice.
I figured that any other thing from my mouth could result in exchange of words, something i knew was too bad for me. It was his house, his daughter and his decision but i already knew that i wasn’t going to respect that decision.

I had gotten up slowly and walked outside and started my car.
When i got home, i called Chinasa. She asked what had happened with the father when she left, i told her that nothing really happened.
”He is just trying to care for you Chi. He is your father and he want the best for you. Don’t let that cause a problem between two of you” i had said.
I told her that we needed to meet again the next day and she agreed. I told her to come to block 13 at the estate.

Out of boredom, i called Clement.
”Big boy, how are you doing” he cursed as usual and hung up.

It was getting to 7pm, therefore i called Okey and told him to meet me at the point-and-kill joint.

I went to the restaurant and met with my area boys friends playing draught as usual. I ordered drinks for them and sat with them. I also ordered a fish to be killed for them too. It was time to start telling them about Clement and his new threatening.

When the fish was done, we all ate together and drank together.
I didn’t want to spoil that festive moment with the news of Clement, therefore, i decided not to tell them that day. However, i gave one of them my phone number and told him to call me the next day. He agreed.

I went home with Okey. Elizabeth had called and said she wanted to come but i told her not to. I didn’t want any other sexx atleast for some days after the sweet experience i had with Chinasa.
I had decided to make Chinasa my girlfriend and discard all the other girls but i wasn’t really sure what was going to happen. Her father had turned into a protective one and i didn’t know what would happen. The war was against Clement anyway, not Chinasa’s father. If i had determined to be with Chinasa, i would do it the new style of getting her pregnant first, then the father would beg me to marry her.

The following morning, Chinasa came to block 13. I called Clement and switched my phone to speakout and recording.

”Why are you so arrogant Clement, you are not good for Chinasa with that your attitude” i said.

”I don’t care about you or Chinasa. I have other girls but i will deal with you. Stop calling my phone” he said and hung up as usual.

” As to the deceit perpetrated upon
women, let it pass, for, when love is
in the way, men and women as a
general rule dupe each other.”

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