141: Operation Chinasa

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”Hello baby where are you” i had asked Chinasa.

On the following Monday after my encounter at the Synagogue, i had decided to work on ‘Project Chinasa’. The project would cost N50,000 as long as it would fetch all the information i needed about Mr Money bag. It was going to be a defense budget against Clement and his hit squad.

Chinasa said she was at home. I told her to get ready, i was taking her out. She didn’t ask where. She just wanted to go out with me. Maybe she had waited for me to ask but i didn’t.

She said she would take a bike to my place but i asked her to stay at home, i would come to pick her up.

I took a quick bath and drove down to their house. The mother was at home. She asked where i was taking her daughter.
”Shopping, mummy we are going to shop. I saw a gown at idumota last week and i think it will be good on Chi” I said with a smile. I knew the woman could jeopardize my plan if she decided not to let Chinasa follow me, therefore the smile on my face was needed.
”You people should buy for me oh” the woman had said.

We left her house and drove to Mandilas near Idumota. There was a boutique near ‘Cash n Carry’ Electronics shop. We got in there and walked around. There was a set of wears that included a gown, shoes, and a handbag. The Price was N11,000. There was also a black suit consisting of a Trouser, a shirt and a Jacket, the suit stood at N6,000. We paid for the two sets of wears and bought a pair of shoes that cost N3,000. The total stood at N20,000. We also purchased 12 yards of Hollandies wax for her mother. I paid N7,000.

Since Mr money bag was interested in hosting birthdays, let me start from somewhere too. I knew Clement could have been buying things for Chinasa’s mother but i knew women, they never said no to cloths even if it was from their enemy.

After the shopping, i took Chinasa to Lekki beach.
The Torrential rains of Lagos had stopped. We were approaching the winter season in Europe which was the dry season down in Africa. The sun was up in the sky that afternoon as we sat near the ocean and drank from the bottle of wine i had bought from a store in Idumota.
At a stage, Chinasa put her head on my shoulder. I guessed the 13% alcohol volume of the red wine had started work. She wasn’t asleep, she just placed her head on my shoulder like Kate did to Jack in The Titanic Movie. The scene was perfect for people who wanted to fall in love. The pure breeze from the ocean was hitting us on the face. Life was exactly what i would wish it to be forever; money, a beautiful girl and peace. But the problem was that there was no peace. There was war for me out there in Surulere and Jakande Estate. The peace i was experiencing was temporal and no matter how much i had wished it to become forever, the reality was still waiting for me out there in the streets.

I laid on my back and placed my head on the sand. My eyes were closed as i opened my mouth and said.
”I am afraid to love you”
”I know” Chi said.
”I am afraid not because i am not able to love you but i may not be the man you wanted. I am a little bit more like Clement. The difference between us is money. He seem to have money and i don’t know if i can be able to take care of you the way he does” i said.
She got her head up from my chest abruptly and looked at me.
”I don’t remember telling you I cared about his money. He is arrogant and he beats me. It is only a matter of time before i leave him. I can’t live with him. He will kill me. My mother already warned me to stay away from him.” she said.
”I can be with you if you want to leave him but the problem is that i am going back to Europe anytime” i said and kept quiet.

”Its Ok. If you love me, you will be calling me from wherever you go” she said as i felt soft lips on my mouth.
I opened my eyes and saw Chinasa kissing me. I responded instantly.

The first stage of ‘operation Chinasa’ had just happened. It was game on for Clement and I.

While he was planning to hit me, i had just landed the first blow by snatching up his girlfriend.

After more sweet Kisses, i got up and helped Chinasa up. We walked hand in hand as slowly as the Sand allowed us towards the road where my car was packed.

We got back to Jakande Estate at half past 5pm. Some food had been prepared for us but i wasn’t hungry. After giving the mother the cloth we bought for her, she was very happy. She said she knew i was a good person the moment she saw me on the birthday party event.
After spending another thirty minutes at their house, i left. It was getting to the time when the traders returned from the market. I wasn’t ready to meet her father yet. Men usually wanted to know everything from day one. I didn’t want her father to start asking what our relationship was all about. I didn’t want to break anybody’s heart. I was only interested in Chinasa and not the entire family but there was already the defense budget which had been reduced by N27,000.

Chinasa offered to follow me to a certain place before walking back to their house but i told her to stay at home. She was tired from the alcohol she took. However i asked her where Clement lived.
She said he lived in a duplex outside the estate. His father built the house. She had been there once but Clement’s mother didn’t like her.

”Don’t worry, my mother will like you” i joked as i waved goodbye and drove back to block 13.

I packed my car and walked to Uzoma’s place to eat. I was hungry but i didn’t want to eat at the Chinasa’s.
I didn’t like to get something in return whenever i did something good for someone. Besides, they had cooked rice which i wasn’t interested in eating. The vegetable soup from Uzoma’s had occupied my mind on our way back from Lekki beach and it would have been such an injustice to my appetite if i had decided to abandon the soup for rice.

As soon as i sat down, a voice said behind me.”i came to your house today but you were not around”.
It was Uzoma’s sister.

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