140: A Prophecy

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”Children of God, i see a dark cloud in the sky. I see a plane. It is going down. Going down” i heard from the pulpit

What was the Prophet talking about?

You see, the biggest problem of the black man was ‘tags’. The tags we gave ourselves was our biggest motivators.
If the tag you gave yourself was ‘Satan’, you would always try to make people believe that you were capable of inflicting evil on them.
If the tag you gave yourself was ‘expert driver’, you would always be driving fast just to impress people.

The man had given himself the tag ‘Prophet’. The only thing he would always do was to prophesy every other day.
How could the man have claimed he had seen a dark cloud and an airplane crashing? He may have called it prophesy but to me, it was his corrupted imaginations. Just like dreams. The only difference was that dreams happened when we sleep.

Now back to the present, the above statements and belief system was entirely mine. I didn’t say he saw or didn’t see anything. I just didn’t believe it then and now and never.

”Children of Gawdddd, to avert the disaster, you must pray hard” he said as i heard different speaking in tongue rhetorics from all over the Church.

How come everyone was capable of speaking in tongue except Ozoigbondu? How was that possible?
Was i a devil, if yes, how come no angel had managed to attack me inside the Church?

My thoughts wandered all over the place as i saw Nigerians and other ignoramus and gullible black men shouting and wailing and clapping with their eyes closed. They were casting away the devil who had managed to come into the Church unnoticed.

How on Earth can we see the Angels with our eyes closed. As far as i was concerned, there was only one part of our body that can see, one that can smell, one that can hear etc. If we claimed to see in spirit with our eyes closed, then we must be able to smell in spirit with our noses closed or even cut off.
You see, my people it is good to go to Church but never allow the Church to go to you. Your brain would be reconfigured and reprogrammed like a computer and you would have no choice but to behave like a robot; a machine.

I wanted to stay back at the Church and see how the prophet would heal the crippled and the deaf and blind people but since i had had enough, i needed to go home before i got angry and doubted him right there in the auditorium which of course would attract the users to hack me down, Shawn Michael style, all in an effort to convince the Church that i was a devil whom their omnipotent Pastor’s powers had managed to arrest right there in the Church. It was their territory and i can’t fight them there. The best thing was to leave and that was what i did.

The beautiful eyes of my people were still closed as i walked slowly out of the auditorium.
Ahh! The Ushers were not allowed to close their eyes and cast away the devil. They were told to keep their eyes open at all times.
”Where are you going?” a young lady asked me.

She was an usher in the Church, one of the chosen ones whose brains had been programmed to listen, obey and never analyze. There was no need telling her that i had decided to go home. She could also believe that the prayers was chasing me away. None of them would remember that the prayers was about an impending plane crash. They would attribute the prayers to me.

”I am having a running stomach and i wouldn’t want to mess inside the Church” i had told her. She quickly cleared the way for me to pass and even escorted me to the main door where the guards opened for me and let me out.

As i re-entered the natural atmosphere of the planet Earth, i began to re-experience the wonderful work of nature. The sun was out there in the sky. The sun never discriminates, it shone on men and women, black and white, small and big, green and yellow. It was there in the sky, overlooking us all. If there was God, i would say he was right there in the sun but since i was a student of science, i had decided to stick with Physics. Things i see.

Right there at the entrance to the Church, i called Chinasa. Her phone rang three times but nobody answered. I figured she must have gone to a different auditorium, where the priest would of course be telling her a different story. There was no way her own prophet could have seen the impending plane crash, no way.

Well well well.
It seemed that since i couldn’t see the prophet, my deliverance had not been performed. But Stella could have told me that it was difficult to see the man of God.
Hey, how come Stella and her family chose to go to Catholic since the prophet was the real deal?

This whole scam was all about money and power. Those self acclaimed prophets were super rich, not from their hardwork but from the hardwork of unsuspecting and gullible blacks whose own wealth were stored for them somewhere in the sky. Of course before you reach that sky, you would have to be buried on the ground first.

As i sat on top of the bike, i considered my next move. I had thought about going to Onireke to meet with Stella and her mother. I wanted to ask them for forgiveness in their presence but after the things i had heard at the Synagogue, i had decided that i wasn’t going anywhere anymore. It was all over.
No more asking for forgiveness. Offend me and don’t apologize, then wait for my own offence.

Damn anybody who banked on my forgiveness before offending me. Your prayers cannot stop me from retaliation.

Bring it on Clement, i heard you were thinking of attacking me, The Ozoigbondu 1 of Berlin, the Akpaka Njamina 1 of Enugu.

When we were kids, They told us that it was too dangerous to touch the tail of a tiger but it seemed the over pampered little brat didn’t hear that. Just for mentioning that he would attack me, he must pay for that. But like i had said earlier, my Plan would start with Chinasa. She was the key to everything.

I drove down to Uncle Bob’s house and picked up my Bayern Motor Works. It was time to go home.

” We must respect the past, and
mistrust the present, if we wish to
provide for the safety of the future.”

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