14: Transit in Malmo

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Chapter 14.

Vadstena Abbey Catholic Convent stood near the lake as it has always been. The bus had stopped us at the station and since the distance wasn’t far, coupled with the fact that we had just two small bags, we walked to the gate and knocked.
The gate was opened automatically and we were ushered into the waiting hall where we filled our names and the names of the person we came to visit.
Ten minutes later, Sister Marea came out. She had changed her name from Fatimah when she newly arrived at the convent. She was a Nigerian teenager who was brought to Europe for Prostitution by Maria herself and i had succeeded in rescuing her from Maria. I had brought her to Sweden where we ran into Sister Eve who suggested that we sent her to the Convent. It had turned out to be the best we had achieved in the rescuing missions so far because the young woman loved where she was. Maria had come to Sweden just like Aunty Joy, to take her girl back to Italy but i was able to convince her that it was better that she stayed back and help rescue more teenagers. She had eventually agreed and we had succeeded in many operations since then.

“How are you Sister Marea” I asked When she came into the hall.
Maria as expected, had become emotional again and couldn’t utter a word.

“Today is not visitors day” She complained.
“Yes, but we came from a far place and explained to the receptionist there” I said.
“What are the bags for?” She asked pointing to our two small bags.
“We are leaving Sweden Fatimah, Sorry Marea. We came to tell you about that. We are heading south to Denmark. We want you to know that we are not abandoning you here. We will be visiting every now and then and please whenever you have time, call me on this number, it is always on even if i don’t go out with it” I said as i handed a piece of paper with a French phone number to her.
She took it and relaxed a bit.
“Tell us about life inside the Abbey” I said.
She shook her head and said it wasn’t allowed.
We chatted for another twenty minutes before we announced that it was time to go.
We all hugged before we left.
“She is looking so beautiful now” That was Maria as soon as we stepped out of the place.
“Why didn’t you give her that compliment when we were inside that place? That reminds me, there was a girl i met in Paris last time who said that i was handsome. Why haven’t you said that to me for once?” I joked.
She laughed hard and when she finished, she said, “Since when did you care about compliments? Have you forgotten once in Napoli when i was preparing you for party and you suddenly told me that soldiers were not meant to look gorgeous like civilians”.
“Whatever, just enter the bus and lets go” I had said.

We returned to Nykoping with bus and took a train heading south to a city called Malmo.
Malmo according to the small map with me, was just 20 miles to Copenhagen Denmark. The two cities were separated by a body of tricky water that stretched to the Baltic sea. There was a connecting bridge That joined the two districts.
The name of the long bridge that separated Malmo in Sweden and Copenhagen in Denmark was called Oresund. The bridge stretched between the two cities and hosted roads and railway.

Denmark Itself was a small country about 43000 square Kilometer. It is approximately the size of Yobe State in North East Nigeria. Denmark is the only country between the mainland Europe and the Scandinavia. It was made up of over 400 Islands in which many of them were not inhabited by humans. The entire country sits between the North sea and the Baltic Sea.

The Copenhagen city airport was called Kastrup.
Copenhagen was a lively city both in the day and the night. The rich culture could be seen and perceived from all angles. The people seemed to have known how to mind their business without interfering with others. The prostitution cartels, especially the whites were present in the city.

It was almost night when we arrived at the Malmo Central station. There were still trains going to Copenhagen. We had considered whether to sleep over in Malmo or head to Copenhagen immediately but since i had always wanted to have something to do with each city i visited, i decided that we will sleep over in Malmo for the night.
Malmo is a coastal city in Sweden with a lot of attractions. It was obviously a kind of city where we could just hide and rest for a very long time without being tracked since it was a city of its own. It wasn’t as cold as Stockholm or Lulea in the North and life seemed to be very simple and relaxed there.
We had located a cheap hotel where we left our bags and returned downstairs to look for something to bite. There were several restaurants but the first two we entered sold some kind of foods we were not familiar with. The third restaurant we located sold Spaghetti. We bought for one person and shared it since we didn’t know what we were getting.

Just for fun, we ventured into the city center and naturally found sex workers standing in the streets. Most of them were Eastern Europeans probably from Estonia, Poland, Latvia and Czech Republic. We saw just two black girls and suspected that one was even from the Caribbean.
Maria suggested that we approached the one who looked African and we did. She didn’t talk to us. She just walked to another corner when we walked to her and when we walked to the second place she had gone to, she started cursing in Edo language. Maria spoke the language to her before she calmed down. She said her name was Louisa and that she had arrived a few days ago from Italy. When we asked why there were not many Africans there, she said there were other places where Nigerians worked. She gave us a name and told us to be careful since the authorities arrested people there every now and then. She advice Maria to cross over to Copenhagen or Oslo if she needed to work where many Nigerians worked. We thanked her and left back to our Hotel. I believed that Louisa could be useful someday in the future.

” A stupid man’s report of what
a clever man says can never
be accurate, because he
unconsciously translates
what he hears into
something he can

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