14: I will rule Forever

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Chapter 14.

I had gone to Robin and told him that our target was willing to start with €6000. He said it wasn’t big but was atleast something. Junior would get €500, Robin would get €500 and the fake bird would get extra €1000.
The bird was a guy from Abiriba in Abia state. I was afraid he could squeal later on but i had decided to use him when he approached the deal like a professional. He had said that he would swallow each gram with €1.60, Which meant that each hundred gram would cost me €160 just for him to swallow the stuff and bring it out in Robin’s place. It was a high risk venture since one or two balls could decide to stay back in the stomach longer than required.
Altogether, if i managed to pull off the deal which was worth €6000, it meant €4000 for me alone.
With €4000 and some money left from the loan Tony gave me, i would have atleast €5500 with me. It would be enough to rent my own apartment and live alone. It would also mean that i had nowhere else to learn the business properly but it would be better than the people i trusted a bit stealing my money.

When i returned back to the house later in the evening, i brought 420 grams of cocaine with me. It was from Robin and one other guy. Robin didn’t have enough but he gave me money to buy it from someone else. He knew that we were not going to mix anything with it, he would take it back later.
When Mike saw the drugs, he somehow produced 200 grams of pure Venezuelan Cocaine from nowhere. I told him that we needed to first of all, confirm from the bird if he could swallow up to 600 balls of cocaine. Mike came up with a different plan. He said we would tie the stuff into 12gram each instead  of the widely accepted ten grams. I hailed it as a good idea and called Junior instantly.
”Guy, we will tie the things in 12grams instead of 10. Junior had no objection. He knew me very well and understood that something must have came up.

We got to work as usual. We grinded the stuff into dust and mixed all of them. Then we started tying them into 12grams each.
I would measure out the quantity into a white water-proof bag and hand it over to Mike who would in turn, roll and tie them first with white tape, then matched it on a wooden board on the floor to make it strong. After rolling it under a flat shoe on the board, it would have the required shape. Then he would use a very strong special thick water-proof gummy tape called ‘Odeshi’ to tie it the last one. The last round of Odeshi would Make the ball very smooth and slippery.

We did the work until around 9pm, before we finished. The bird came around 1 am and started swallowing slowly. He would swallow ten pieces and rest before continuing. He finished the 600 balls before 4am, then he left around 5am.
As usual, it was time for Mike to pray, while it was time for me to start looking for a new apartment.
I knew how dangerous it was for me if Mike found out what happened. He was a huge guy with massive biceps. He liked gym more than anything
He had worked himself into a perfect shape and would defeat me in a fight even if he just woke up from sleep. It was only a fool who didn’t know who was bigger and stronger than him or her.

At about 9am, Mike left for gym as usual while i pretended that i was tired from the sleepless night. He usually spent 2 hours in the gym.
I called Robin. He said he was with the bird and that he had already started bringing the stuff out through his anus. It was a mixed feeling for me. I had imagined what people went through because of money. I wondered what could make me swallow drugs, definitely not because of money. I was scared that the bird himself could decide to run with the stuff. I was suspicious of him as well since he knew what i had planned to do. That was pretty much what Amsterdam was all about for the Nigerians. It was survival of the fittest. People without big hearts would never succeed there.

Why exactly did Nigerians, especially the Igbos require so much money individually? It was almost like nobody trusted anybody when it comes to money issues. Everybody didn’t see money the same way and everybody didn’t place the same level of importance to money. The white men i knew then, just organised themselves in a way that small money could solve their problems. But we the black people had more problems than small money could solve and the worst problem with that was that we struggled to solve everything; which was naturally impossible. We took care of everything on our own; mothers, fathers, sisters, wives, in-laws, girlfriends, house rents etc. How could one survive with such burden without commiting one crime or the other? We could never do all that because we were under-educated. We would never solve every of our problems. We could only solve the small ones which was the reason behind the Western Social Security system, a method where the government solved more than half of its citizen’s immediate problems.

Back in Africa, the social security system was non existent. The leaders were devils who saw leadership as opportunities to enrich themselves. The leaders had also turned the masses into beggars who would praise them whenever they gave the masses some drinks and food. The greedy leaders were also known for their quest to rule their people forever. Paul Biya of Cameroun, Gnassingbe Eyadema of Togo, Oumar Bongo of Gabon, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Mummar Ghaddafi of Libya, Husseni Mubarak of Egypt, Bashir of Sudan, Abacha and Obasanjo of Nigeria; Gbagbo of Ivory Coast, Charles Taylor of Liberia and many more of them, All these men wanted to rule their nations forever. It was only Death or war that removed some of them from Power. Some of them, even at very old ages still occupied the Government houses. The result was subjecting its citizens to searching for better lives elsewhere while they piled up huge amounts of money to buy properties in Other Countries. We were doomed back home. We needed revolution. A justified Revolution!

” Those who make peaceful
revolution impossible will
make violent revolution

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