14: The Unexpected Host

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Fatimah landed at the Stockholm Arlanda Airport that Saturday morning. I had arranged for William to go and pick her up. She had come to start standing in the Swedish streets waiting for every kind of animal called men to sleep with her and give her money. I and Alice didn’t go to the airport with William. We had different reasons for staying away from there; I for the reason that i didn’t want Fatimah to meet me there, she could scream or faint on seeing me. On the part of Alice, she didn’t have resident permit yet and it was wise for her to stay away from some important facilities such as the airport.


When William called and said she had arrived and was in his home, i sent Alice to go and pick her up. I waited for them in my apartment and when i heard their footsteps coming towards the room, i went into the bathroom. Alice opened the door and they came in. She locked the door as i had instructed her and as soon as they settled on the chair, i walked out of the bathroom and said, “Hello sweetheart, we meet again”.

Fatimah didn’t blink an eye or say a word. She just stared at me for several moments until i unzipped her winter jacket, pulled it out of her and hang it on the wall. Alice watched as i squatted down in front of Fatimah and held her hands.

“Get her something to eat, she must be hungry” i said to Alice who pretended that she had not heard what i said.
“Don’t make me repeat myself Alice” I said again; it was time to start stamping my authority in the house.
She reluctantly got up from the chair and walked to the kitchen.

“You don’t have to be scared now Fatimah. I am not angry with you and i am never going to hurt you. I want you out of the streets like Ngozi and the other girls i have helped. I am not the bad guy and I expect you to know that” i said.

She had started crying silently. Tears fell down on a single line from each of her eyes but she never made any noise. I picked up a clean piece of cloth and cleaned her eyes carefully. She didn’t shift or say anything.

“You are going to take another asylum here in Sweden and go to school. You will become a teacher,  lawyer or doctor someday and marry a man who will love you so much. You will become rich and send money to your people. I know you are scared of Olokun and other silly deities but you don’t have to be because they don’t know the way to Sweden” i said. She giggled softly and smiled.

That was more like it. I wanted her to do something human beings did, not just stare at me like a dead body. I was scared she could go into a shock which would have been so disastrous for me.

Alice brought the food and kept it carelessly on the floor, then went immediately into the bathroom and started taking a bath. I sensed trouble but pretended that everything was normal. Her phone was lying on the table behind me; i picked it up and opened the ‘contact’ application, then i selected ‘settings’ and ‘move contacts’. I quickly moved all the phone numbers to the simcard and removed the simcards from the phone, then i dropped the phone back on the table and put the simcard in my pocket. Fatimah watched as i did all that but said nothing. I sat on a chair and carried her to sit on my laps, then i started feeding her. She refused initially but eventually started eating the food.

Hilla, The Pink Lake Australia

Hilla, The Pink Lake Australia

Alice later came out, picked her phone and her bag; then she stormed out of the house without saying a word.

“Is she angry for something?” Fatimah asked; that was the first thing she said.

“No, her assignment just finished. She will return to take her payment later” i said.

“Who is she?”

“She is your Madam’s friend, the one who is supposed to teach you how to stand in the streets. I just used her to bring you here” i said.


Some minutes after feeding Fatimah, she started relaxing. I had called Marseille and fortunately Ngozi was around with Naomi. I had told her that Fatimah was with me in Sweden. She didn’t doubt it for once, she just asked that she speak with her. I gave Fatimah the phone and they talked. She told Ngozi that she arrived an hour ago but didn’t know it was me who set up the entire plan. Ngozi told her that she was even lucky that her own exit didn’t result in being pursued by dangerous thugs.

About two hours later, i called Rev. Father Onuigbo and told him that Fatimah has arrived. He told me to bring her to the apartment were he lived with a Rev. Sister from Ireland.

We got to the house and took the lift to the sixth floor where his apartment was located. The Rev. Sister opened the door and welcomed us.

We sat down in the sitting room and waited a few minutes before Fr. Onuigbo showed up. We greeted each other and started talking.

“You must be Fatimah. Solomon has told me about you and how you came to Europe. God has saved you through him because God wants you to be a good person and work for him” he said.

“The evil people who brought you to Europe only wanted to make money with you; they don’t care about your body or soul. They will abandon you if you contact a disease. My brother here was sent by God to rescue you, you must be grateful to God for his mercies and kindness. Cover your head with that cloth and let us pray” He said as he pointed to a piece of hand cloth on the chair.


“In the name of the Father and of the son and of the Holy spirit. Merciful God of Israel, God of Abraham and God of Jacob, thank you for saving another sheep who was on the path of destruction. You saved Daniel from the den of lions and saved Jonah from the belly of the fish. You saved the Israelites from Egypt and divided the red sea for them to pass. Thank you for saving your child Fatimah from the clutches of Evil deities. Her life belongs to you now and i know you won’t allow those evil people to harm her anymore. Thank you for using your son Solomon to save her. I pray that you guide and protect them all the days of their lives so that they won’t stumble. Bring them closer to you that they may serve and worship you all the days fo their lives. Send holy ghost fire to all the deities in the Benin forest and show them that you are the God that eats the sacrifice with fire, this and other good things we ask and believe that you will do it for us in Jesus’ name”.
We all said ‘Amen’ and opened our eyes.


” Do not use a hatchet to remove a fly from your friend’s forehead”

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  1. Comamos

    Ehn, ehn! Now, you’re talking!
    Fatimah, welcome!
    Let the intrigues start!

  2. abayomi

    Hope Alice stepping out would not be d beginning of another trouble for u. Following.

  3. Cheliz

    This is the main reason we are all here runing with buses, taxi, trains and aircrafts from city to city and from country to country.

    And not for telling us wether God exist or not. Today is sunday and it proves that Jehavoh is the Almighty God.

    Zubby, i love u and i know God loves u more. God is using u to liberate our helpless sisters in Europe the same way He used Rehab the harlot to save the lives of the spies Moses sent to Jericho.

    Be Blessed my fellow runing mates and to u Zubby

    • Mekus

      It’s possible dude , just wait and see what happened later

  4. kingsley

    That’s good job!! But zubby if you ar still a barchalor i doubt weda u’ll still get married, bcus all those girls u rescued are all willing to marry u, but i dont knw whot made u to reject them all. So at the age of 34yrs is not yet late. But to be honest those girls would have made a good wife material, bcus they suffered in with u. Thus they knw your value/whot…….Unlyk those premitive village girls, who doesn’t knw there left and right, also with and akeic/barbaric reseanin. I think u made a mistake by not hookin up with one of those girls!

  5. obumsway

    nice update !! Nw we ar bck !! Bt zuby, dat babe we u put last na d bomb ooooo…. Her hips just gat me thinking !!

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    Zubby dis post no get enuf comments nah! Abeg make U talk about Devil, Demons and Deities in your next post maybe we go get full house once again… Lol. More updates pls…

    • Zuby

      Lol. I don’t do things that way. I say things the way I feel them.

  7. achi4u

    @Kingsley the more you look the less you see.
    You don’t know who is Zubby and I don’t know too.
    thank u.

  8. horlabiyi

    You should have calmed Alice down to avoid trouble in taking Fatimah to asylum.

  9. dryakson

    I trust Zubby, brain box that can handle difficult task in a swift move

  10. Seda

    I’ll get on this later. So far since I got home I’ve replaced a trnaimissson in my pickup, windshields in my kenworth, tilled 250 linear feet of garden, mowed the lawn, started on the new worknech, and spent an evening getting hammered with the father in law. Once I get the veggies in I can relax for a bit And yeah, I found the Catagories list right away, not hidden or anything. Pretty much hiding in plain sight!

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