14: Clubbing

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”We are going now” I said as soon as the screen of my phone said it was 12 am.

Ella was first to jump up, followed by her cousin.

During our time in the club, I had left three of them on a corner and walked to the bar. I had sat on a tall stool in the bar and called Ella to come alone.

”Ella, I understand you are not happy because I collected Liz’s phone number” I had said.

She said nothing.

”I am sorry for doing that, I am deleting the number now” I said as I brought out my phone.

She looked at the screen of my phone as I scrolled down to ‘L’ and found Liz, Then I deleted it.

The Liz I had deleted was that of Elizabeth from Jakande estate. I was sure sure she would call me again.

I looked at Ella’s face and saw a smile formed around her mouth. She was apparently happy that I had deleted Liz.

I asked her what she wanted to drink and she said water. I bought her water and asked her to go back and call Liz for me so that I would buy her what she wanted to drink too.

Liz came a few moments later.

”You know its you that I like but Ella is not happy. Do what I send to you through message and come in the morning. Ella may want to sleep in this hotel tonight but I won’t touch her. Its you I want but we must respect her. She saw me first” I said as I handed her a bottle of guinness stout. She thanked me and left. I waved at Ella’s cousin to come.

”Why haven’t you told me your name?” I asked.

”but you have not asked” she defended herself.

”I am sorry about that, you know I had been drinking alcohol. Please what is your name?”

”Esther, my name is Esther” she said.

I asked if she was really from Cross River state which she affirmed to.

‘Where were all the Igbo Girls for Christ’s sake?’ I thought.

She wanted water as well which I bought her, then I carried my glass of whiskey and joined them at the table in the corner of the hall.

We drank and they occasionally danced until I announced that we were leaving.

We got to the car and opened it. While they get seated, I went to the boot and re-connected my battery head. They were going home, all of them.

I knew that driving in Aba by that time of the night was dangerous. Aba had a reputation of breeding armed robbers. I recalled during the time of Bakassi vigilante group, it had all started in Aba and spread up to Onitsha.

I cautiously drove past the hotel gate and joined the road.

I knew the road that led to the Aba-Umuahia road where they were going but I decided to be asking them as we drove.

We got to the front of their hostel later and stopped. I opened the central lock and they all got down.

”You people are heartless ooh, you know I won’t find my way back to the hotel, yet all of you are going” I lied.

”Please one of you should escort me back to the hotel” I said knowing that Ella would assume that responsibility. She seemed to be their leader.

Ella dropped back into the front seat and handed her purse to Esther.

”I will return before you know it” she said to them and closed the door.

”Put on your seatbelt Ella, we may drive fast” I said.

A car had stopped a few meters behind us. I turned my car around and slowly drove past them. It was an old peugeot 504, probably used as a cab.

We drove back to the hotel Cape Ville.

”I didn’t know asking Liz’s number would offend you. You know you started it. I told you not to come with her in the first place but you disobeyed me. Didn’t you see how she was looking at me in the hotel, therefore I thought she liked me and asked for her number” I said to Ella.

I promised that such devilish act won’t repeat itself as we walked up to my room. She made no effort at going back. I had planned to persuade her to follow me up but it seemed she had also planned to do that.

We got to the room and got down to business. I had a feeling she would want to go back that night just to prove to her friend and cousin that nothing happened between us.

I helped her removed her blouse and trousers. She was tipsy and wanted some kisses. We hugged each other as her two pointed bosoms pressed on my chest. My two hands were squeezing her soft buttocks.

She had started moaning softly even though nothing had started.

We stood like that for some minutes kissing and squeezing, then suddenly she bent down, untied my belt, unzipped my short jean pant and placed her mouth on my already standing dicck. The sensational pleasure sent me back to Europe. I wondered what Jennifer was doing. Has she found the sleeping mate? Was it a man or woman?

A quick suck on my JT brought me back to Aba.

Ella sucked on my dicck, swallowing the whole length occasionally. I stood erect and rubbed her hair and her shoulders as she sucked and squeezed it with her mouth. While she was sucking, I used the opportunity to pull down my jean pant and removed my legs from it.

Some minutes later, I raised her up and carried her to the only seat in the room.

I removed my wallet from the jean on the floor and pulled out a Durex condom, then I threw the wallet and its contents back to the floor.

The condom was slipped on my dicck within ten seconds as I moved to the chair and asked her to hold the chair and bend down.

Her G-String pant didn’t cover her entire cunnt, so there was no need pulling it down. I just pushed it aside slightly and slipped my hard-rock dicck into the already slippery cunnt.

Damn! it was a sweet Fvck.

I stood still as she pushed her buttocks in and outwards towards my dicck.

She was moaning loud and louder as I took over the pushing.

My two hands held strongly on her buttocks as I pushed her in and out.

”Oh my god, please don’t stop Andrew” she kept saying over and over again.

She climaxed before me but I kept pumping in and outside of her until I climaxed too.

Slowly, I pulled my dicck from her cunnt and moved to the bathroom.

” Do you have any taxi number, I said as she curled on the sofa like a snake breathing heavily.

”I will go in the morning” she said.


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