39: Where are the Arabs

The Arabs had ran away from Brandenburg. Jimmy was rumoured to have left the city entirely to a place unknown. The other three stopped going to the HEIM as well. The kingdom had been reclaimed by the Africans. The only problem was that it was still vulnerable since nobody was strong enough to lay maximum claim to it.

Bolaji was contented with the peanuts he was making. Johnson would have claimed it but he was married to a white lady and they lived together 2 miles away from HEIM. The new arrivals were still too scared to touch drugs. Marko and his gang didn’t live in the HEIM. They operated from within the city. The Guineans were encroaching. Abu and Biggie were their leaders.
Abu was a Guinean Fulani man who had lived in Cambodia before making it to Germany. It was him who once joked that Nigerians Lived in every corner of the planet. Biggie was a fat Guinean too who wasn’t interested in anything that could result to fighth or trouble.
Both of them had heard that I had returned to Germany and that I was responsible for the demise of the Arab brigade, But they didn’t know if it was true of false.

Since there was no one ready to take over the HEIM, I decided to make a brief appearance in the city. I figured that my appearance would scare the Guinea guys away Atleast for a while.

It was on a Sunday, a day I figured that the Police won’t be at work with full squad. I had called My supplier and informed him that I wanted to show my face there. He had agreed to go with me. He had acquired a new BMW 120d.
I called Johnson and told him we were coming. I told him to find a way to get the two Guineans outside by 2pm. I wanted them to see me and know that I was really in town.
We entered Brandenburg some few minutes before 2pm. We drove past the small field where the weeds were being sold. Johnson and the two Guineans were there. Abu had rushed to sell weeds to us hoping that we were some white guys who had come to buy drugs. As soon as he saw me, he shouted Millooooo. He was excited but I didn’t laugh. I just squeezed my face as if we had problems before. He had called Biggie to
pcome and see me. Biggie had greeted me with a handshake. I didn’t alight from the car. I sat there for a few minutes talking to anybody who came to greet me. There were a few new faces whom I had not seen before. They came one after the other to say hello.

One of the looked tough. He didn’t bother to greet me. He just passed there and looked at us suspiciously. When we were about to Go,, I called him. He was reluctant to come but when he eventually showed up, I asked him to come inside the car.
His name was Peter. He was a Nigerian too, an Igbo guy. He had been posted a few weeks back but found it so hard to get weeds to see. He was ready to deal on drugs but had no money to start. Everybody was scared to give him weeds on credit. He had some massive biceps and would beat any other down hands down in a fight. I asked him how the business was going. He said didn’t have to tell me anything. After several attempts to get his ego down to the level wanted, I told him to call me the next day so we can talk again. He said I should be the one to call him since he looked older than me. I took his phone number and left Bratown.
I intended to use his ego against him.

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