139: The last Shopping

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“Afriqiya leaves four times every week. Monday, Wednesday, Thursdays and Saturdays” The agent said after doing whatever he was doing on his computer.

The day was a Thursday, that ruled Thursday out.
Maybe there could have been vacant seats on the plane but i needed to buy a few things. I couldn’t just land in Lagos without anything. Not that there was any law against that but it looked Awkward.

“Saturday. How much is Saturday tickets?” I asked.

“870 Euros” he announced.

Of course it was going to be cheaper. The likes of Lufthansa and KLM charged almost double of that amount. Why our people patronized them all the time was a mystery. But people’s choices could never ne undermined; its part of being free.

“Book two tickets for us” I turned to Queen, “Give me your Passport”.

She looked at me. “I didn’t come with it”.

There was no need blaming her, i didn’t remember asking her to come with it. And if anybody was returning to the Hotel to get it, that person was me.
“Can you remember the details inside the data page?” I asked.

She said she could.

There was a biro and some white piece of papers in front of us, i picket them up and asked her to call the details.
She took the items from me and wrote the details down by herself.

The way and time it took her to write those things down showed she was a brilliant girl but that was not what i was there to do.

“I like your hand writing” I said as i handed the piece of paper together with my international passport to the agent.

She said thanks and held me on my shoulder.

“Are you paying now or later?” the agent asked.

In response, i brought out money and counted 1750 Euros and handed it to him.

He smiled and started typing our details in his computer.

We waited until he finished what he was doing, then he told us to return in an hour for the ticket.

Outside the agency, more shops had started open.
We walked into a coffee bar and took hot steamy Chocolate Cappuccino. I wanted coffee for myself but Madam Queen said Cappuccino was better. Since i didn’t want argument that morning, it was Cappuccino then.

After warming our internal organs with the steamy liquid, we walked into a Unisex Shop where cloths were sold.

“You have enough cloths with you, let me buy a few for myself” I said.
It was actually meant to be a joke but the frown on Queen’s face made me change my mind immediately.

“Alright, go pick out two or three dresses. Remember Nigeria is a hot tropical country, so look for something light in weigh” I said.

She smiled and went away.

It took me ten minutes to pick up four shirts and four Jean trousers of different colours. Then another ten minutes to pick three pairs of shoes.
However, we spent two hours at the shop because Queen would pick a dress, like it, test it, chose it, see another one, like the new one, dislike the old one and we return to square one again.
At a stage, i almost got angry but i controlled myself.
I only told her that she would be shopping alone from that day.

On our way back, we picked up our tickets.

There was a restaurant we walked in front of on our way to the agency, we stopped there and demanded for food.

I didn’t know what to eat there, there was no rice, no beans, no Foofoo or Eba, no Ewedu from our Neighbours in the west. Nothing. Just some Cheese and small pork meat stuck in the middle.
I preferred McDonald but for some unknown reasons, Queen Vetoed that we go to that restaurant.
Not that there was nothing i could do, actually i could have simply walked out without saying a single word. But i wanted to make the little girl happy.
In truth, she didn’t trust me yet. She believed everything was still happening in dreams.
I had nearly left her in more than two occasions and the last chance she got, she decided to stick with me wherever i go.

I teased her with every small opportunity. I made her smile. I feed her with foods and water. I played Romeo and the perfect gentleman. Only if the kid knew that i was only trying to please her, not to be a loverboy.
Love was good but it was meant for whites and few blacks with secured life.
I never expected a soldier to fall deeply in love and use the time he was supposed to strategize, to tell a girl that he couldn’t live without her.
Based on my own policy, i could simply live without anybody, so where was the love supposed to come from?
I had attempted to love one; Her name was Jennifer. She was a girl i picked up in Lisbon Portugal. She was the first encounter i had with a professional street body hawker. She had demanded that i helped her because she decided not to work as a street worker again. Her Madam had said that i must pay for her if i wanted her. That would have made me a slave trader coupled with the fact that i didn’t have the kind of money she wanted. I was free in Portugal and had no committed job. As a result, i had made up my mind that i would run away with Jennifer. Because of the way she suspended herself to me, i had fallen in love with her on the coast of Atlantic Ocean in Apulia, north west Portugal. After that, i thought it was time to start living a normal life but it turned out to be the beginning of what eventually defined me and nearly swallowed me.

But right there in a Belgium Restaurant in Answerp, i loved Queen. Even though i didn’t give her 100% of my heart but i gave her enough of it to make me use my right hand to put food in her mouth.
Something Maria begged for months but never got or hardly did.

For some reasons, i like that Queen but i had a feeling she was going to nag me down one day. I had planned to live apart from any woman i would Marry. I wanted maximum freedom. I knew women were never going to like it but i was going to do it anyway.
That was going to be a problem for anybody who would eventually attempt to hook me down.

I was created to travel. I was created to see different cultures.

And fortunately, even without the best schools, i was blessed with the ability to write the story

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    It seems the only affection worth experiencing in life *is being in love* guess you felt the wind of love Boss?

    Nigeria in 24hr

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    Love was good but it was meant for the whites and some few blacks with secured LIFE. Global runs inc.

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