138: Making Amends with Maria

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”You sold my phone Austin, uhm Azubuike” she said in between tears.
I wanted to tell her that i will buy another phone for her but i had already done that. I knew her concern would be more about the contacts that she lost.
”I know who i sold it to, i will go and see if he still has it” i said.
I knew i had wiped the contacts but i wanted to give her hope. I needed her to stop crying and it worked but when i thought that everything had been settled, Maria said ”I am going back to Italy Tomorrow evening. I have another phone in Italy where all my contacts were saved, you can forget about the phone”.

The news was a mixture of relief and surprise to me. Maria would have left back to Europe without my knowledge if i had not visited her. I didn’t want to pursue that line of topic since i knew she was already upset.

”It is alright baby, the important thing is that you have forgiven me, i will meet up with you in Europe very soon” i said as i walked to where she was and kissed her.

After a long kiss, Maria dragged me slowly to her room where two large traveling bags had already been packed. Her wardrobe was open and there were no more cloths in it.

”Lets make love one more time Austin, we may never see each other again” she said.
I wanted to argue that we will soon meet in Europe but the reality was that she may have been right.
My second mission to Europe was supposed to be about drugs and not women.

Her mouth had covered mine and she had pushed me down on the bed.
Maria laid on top of me and continued kissing as if she was going to die the next day.
Some moments later, our clothes were seen on the floor while our Unclad bodies rolled over each other from one side of the bed to another kissing and fvcking like newly wedded couple.
After making a passionate love, we laid Unclad on the bed for long until the night came.

A knock on the door had startled us.
”Are you expecting anybody” i asked.
”No, except my uncle who is supposed to come and carry my Television and other things tomorrow” she said.
I became alerted.
Had the area boys tracked me down with my car or did Maria set me up.
The second possibility was far fetched since i was with Maria throughout the evening. But the first possibility wasn’t far fetched.
I had dined with the area boys several times. They knew my car which they had seen several times.

The second knock had reminded me that i was still Unclad, therefore i got down and slowly wore my clothes. Two things were going to happen. It was either they killed or wounded me, whichever way, i was not going to call the Police. I slowly walked to the sitting room and found Maria’s phone vibrating. As i picked it up, i saw Uncle Osaro on the screen.
Could it be him that was knocking? As soon as the phone stopped vibrating, i saw 17 missed calls on the screen.
It was probably Osaro knocking.
I walked back to the room and handed the phone to Maria who dialed Osaro’s number immediately. It was him at the door. Relief!.

Uncle Osaro had been calling Maria for over two hours to find out what time he would come to the house the following day. Unfortunately, Maria had left her phone in the sitting room. The phone was on vibration alert as well. We could not hear the sound from the room.

”Uncle, this is Austin, the guy i told you bought me a phone when my own was stolen” Maria said as she looked at me and smiled.
Alert! Alert!!.

”Yes Uncle, those area boys won’t let people rest in this country” i said quickly. It was in an effort to stop Maria from continuing to the end of the story where it would be revealed that i had confessed to sending the area boys.
Although i could still deny if she told Uncle about my confession. It was true that i had confessed and was ready to change but i wasn’t really ready to admit that i sent people to attack Maria. Her uncle could misunderstand the whole thing and decide to call the police.
Anyway, Maria didn’t intend to tell her uncle. She had really forgiven me but she had just scared me into calling Osaro ‘uncle’ as if he was my uncle or as if uncle was his name.

”I will bring my car to you with the keys tomorrow afternoon. Austin will drive me to the airport” she said.
I didn’t plan to take her to the airport but it wasn’t a big deal. I would do that.

When uncle left, i received a call from Chinasa. She had asked where i was. She wanted to see me. According to the vague information she gave me, Clement had told her that he was going to hit me soon. She had begged Clement to forget about it but it seemed that he had made up his mind.

She had threatened to even quit the relationship if Clement touched me but Clement didn’t care.

”I am in Surulere now. I will return to the estate tomorrow Morning” i told her and hung up.

I knew i was not going to the estate until tomorrow night. I was going to the Ikeja Murtala Muhammad Airport tomorrow evening with Maria. It meant that my arrival at the estate could be anything from 8 to 9 pm when Maria must have left the departure hall to the boarding hall.

I had decided to make peace but it seemed i would take some hits before i could achieve that. Hits that i didn’t know how severe it was going to be. It could be a mass beating by some hired thugs. It could be a hit and run and above all, it could be a gunshot which could even result to my death.
But why did the brat reveal his intentions? He had just made the first mistake.
He may have known more people in that area, had more resources too but he had made the mistake of revealing that he would hit me.

No, Mr Clement, you can’t hit me since i already knew that.
He had just given me time to plan. Plan to either leave the estate and disappear, or plan to be elusive as long as i wanted, or even plan to hit him first.
Whichever one it was going to be, i needed to act fast.

First and foremost, i needed to win Chinasa, our common ally, to my side.
Yes, i got it; Chinasa first.

Chinasa, Welcome to ”Life on the run”.

” The very purpose of existence is to
reconcile the glowing opinion we hold
of ourselves with the appalling things
that other people think about us.”

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