136: A Little Revenge

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When Chinasa called me the following day, she said Mr Money bag would be at the place by four o’clock. Knowing Nigeria, i figured that his four o’clock would be anytime between four-thirty and five in the evening.

However, i had went to the mango tree and picked up my three men. They thought we were going to eat and drink and return but their real job was to protect me since i didn’t know the squad that would show up with money bag. It was true that i had warned Chinasa not to tell him but i never trusted women that much.

We got to the Mr biggs a few minutes before four o’clock and camped along the restaurant. There was a small private beer parlour that sole chicken meat too, we camped there and drank. Over an hour later, the black ML showed up in front of Mr Biggs. Chinasa, Clement and one other mean looking skinhead alighted from the car. It was clearly the most expensive vehicle in the area. Clement’s father must have really been very rich to the extent of allowing him to be cruising around in an expensive German machine. However, there were other reasons that could make an insecure rich man allow his children to live such flamboyant lives. One of the reasons could be the one son or one child syndrome. It was a situation where a Nigeria or African Parent would over-pamper their child because he or she was just only one child or son.
I never for one day saw such rubbish in Europe. Actually Europe was where people deliberately gave birth to one child and quit. Nothing would make them have another child unless they had decided to do so mutually. The Westerners believed so much in their own lives, not the lives of others no matter who they were.
Mr money bag even had body guards. People like him hardly amount to anything because they hardly knew how to make money.

How Chinasa met money bag was a surprise to me. Maybe it was from school or Church or party.

It wasn’t time to think about such things. It was time to approach Clement inside the restaurant. However, i still didn’t know how to do that.
Eventually i had decided to walk in there alone and let the three wise men follow me closely later. I was also suspicious of the skinhead. He could start attacking me in the name of protecting his pay master. But i could still buy enough time to allow my group to come in before starting any provocative words. I wasn’t really interested in fighting Clement. He probably had more resources but his arrogant would destroy him if he tried to fight me.
I would have suspected something if i were in his shoes. I would have suspected the sudden invitation of Chinasa since i had always thrown every situation open to suspicion, even the ones i knew were not supposed to be

It had protected me for long.

My squad were busy talking about the SUV that i even wondered if they would switch allegiance. People were too fragile in Nigeria and could sell out anytime they wanted. And somehow, i had just met my squad. It was all risky but i was determined.
As my new bodyguards looked in awe of the German SUV, i told them that i knew the guy and that he had threatened to attack me.
One of my new friends asked why and i told him it was because of the girl who just came down from the car with him. Instead of him getting upset as i had expected, he started giving me advice as if he was King Solomon. However, i knew he would still fight on my side if that was to ensure.
”I am going inside there now. You people should come in and sit in a different table as soon as i went in. Order what you want to eat and pretend that you don’t know me unless something goes wrong” i said and stood up.

I settled the bill and walked into Mr biggs.
Mr money bag and his two friends had taken a round table with five seats, two of the seats were still vacant. I walked there and said: ”Surprise Surprise, look who is here. How are you Clement my brother”

He looked up at me with two large surprised eyes.

”Are you following me” he asked as three strange men walked past us and sat at another table.

”Your car is one in town, so it was easy to spot you and follow you. Anyway i am not here for trouble. I just want to warn you to stop threatening me on the phone. I want you to know that i can track you down anytime i want. This is Chinasa and she is here with you, not with me. If she ever chose to follow me, you need to get over it” i said as his skinhead friend stood up and tried to come at me.

I tracked back towards my three wise men as the skinhead came at me. One of my group had stood up and walked past me to stand between me and skinhead.
”You dey craze abi, you wan beat am because you get muscle. Try touch am now and see wetin go happen to you here” he said as skinhead started going backwards.

Lets leave here i said to my group. The two security agents at the entrance of Mr Biggs had noticed that something was wrong. They had started coming towards us as i said to Clement ”Just stay away from me. The next time you threaten me, i will punish you”.

The pampered brat was scared that he couldn’t say anything. Chinasa had stood up and didn’t know if to hold me or beg me to stop.

We walked outside. I got to the back tyre of the ML and started leaking it, one of the security men rushed at me and pushed me aside to prevent the tyre from going down entirely.

I went to my car and started the engine. My squad entered as i sped off through Ago Palace way to Amuwo Odofin. There was a hotel i had gone once that featured live band. My group had done their jobs and i needed to make them happy. I had a feeling that the war was about to begin, unless of course Clement was just a brag. He had been shocked by what he witnessed at the restaurant. I had just hoped that he didn’t find out that Chinasa was exclusive on the plan to bring him to Mr Biggs.
It was a small victory for me and i had hoped that Clement would stop threatening me but i knew rich kids very well, they always believed the World was made for them.

” As a man sow, shall he reap. and I
know that talk is cheap. But the heat
of the battle is as sweet as the

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