135: The Lion’s Tail

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”I will deal with you in this Lagos. I will show you that some people own this Lagos” The strange voice said from the other side of the phone.

I had asked who it was since i couldn’t recognize the voice. I knew i had made several enemies and it was difficult to pinpoint the threatening to a particular person. I had made enemies in Surulere and i had waited for them to contact me someday either through gunshot, knife stab or telephone call.

It was when the voice said that he will punish me for dating her girlfriend, that i knew who it was.
It was Clement. He had refused to mention his name but i had confirmed it was him when i called Chinasa.

”He called me and asked for your number. I asked him what he wanted to do with it and he said he just wanted to talk to you” Chinasa had said when i asked why she gave my number to Clement.
She went on to ask what he had said to me but i didn’t tell her anything about the threatening. I needed Chinasa to get to Clement and if i told her that Clement had threatened to attack me, she would not respond to the requests i was going to be making.

In the afternoon of that Monday, i called Clement back.
”You no dey fear abi, i go show you pepper for this Lagos” he yelled as soon as he knew it was me.

”Calm down Clement. What is the problem?” i had asked him.

He continued his ranting about how i had the gut to talk to his girl. He even asked if i was the only person who didn’t know him in the whole area.
I was really angry but i knew how to manage my anger especially when presented with a situation i had no immediate solution to.

After yelling at me and wasting my air time, he hung up the phone. I called Chinasa and told her that i wanted to see her, she said she couldn’t come out. As a result, i drove down to her place.
She was cooking when i came. The father was not around but the mother was. After greetings, the mother recalled that i was the person she had directed to the party the day before.
My reason for coming to the house was to bring the birthday gift to Chinasa, i had forgotten it during the party.
I waited for over thirty minutes in the sitting room discussing with the mother until Chinasa finished what she was doing.
During the wait, the mother had tried to know everything about me. She had asked where i came from, what i did for a living, whether i was a Born again Christian and if i was a husband material
Whatever she meant by husband material.

When Chinasa came out, the mother left us. I was sure she didn’t want us to go out, therefore, we just walked to the front of the house and sat there.

”I am not going to ask why you gave him my number. I just want to know the kind of person he is. Maybe i can meet with him and make him understand that we are not dating” i had started.
She waneed to know where i would like to meet with him and i told her to chose the place.
We agreed on a Mr Biggs in Okota.
”Just don’t tell him that i was coming” i had told Chinasa.
She agreed.
When we finished talking, i gave her the brown envelope containing N5000. I knew Mr Money bag had been giving her far much more but why should i care? I was not going to go into expenses competition with Clement since it was obvious that while i suffered cold in Europe, he was being pampered down there in Lagos.

When i left, i called Clement again. This time, he had calmed down a bit.

”It is a shame that you talked to me that way. I understand you own Lagos but you need to grow up. Don’t always think that everybody is supposed to know you” i had said.

”Na because of that useless BMW you dey claim abi, that thing wey no reach two million” he had interrupted.

I hated it when people jump into materials while reasoning with others. But in the case of Mr Brat, he was not really interested in reasoning. All he cared was his money and his power over everyone in a city as Large as Lagos.

”Well, we will meet soon enough Mr Clement and when we do, i will give you the receipt of how much the BMW cost” i said and hung up.

Uzoma had called while i was driving back home, she wanted to know if i needed wheat and soup.
”No, i will be at the shop later” i had told her.
It was time to remind her that it wasn’t really about food since she had refused to figure that out by herself.

There was a Large Mango tree behind the place where Okey and I usually eat our point and kill. Boys were always playing draught under it. I had always walked there on foot but this time, I drove there and parked near them, got down from the car and greeted everyone.
After the greetings, i brought out a bottle of Elliot from the car and kept it under the small chair where i had intended to sit, then i called out the fish seller to get me a glass. When the glass came, i handed it over to the one i felt was the oldest and asked him to pray before we began to drink. He handed it over to another guy whom he claimed was the oldest. The new man said a short prayer before we all started drinking in turns. It was nice to mix up with them.

When we had all taken, i announced that the day was my birthday and that i was going to celebrate it at the Mr Biggs Okota tomorrow. I also told them that anybody who was interested can follow me.
Nobody wanted to declare interest initially but by the time the whiskey began to work, three healthy area boys had declared interest. I told them that i was coming to pick them up at that spot.

Eventually i played draught with them too. I was able to defeat one person before i was knocked out.

When i got home, i called Chinasa and asked her what time Clement would be at the Mr Biggs, she said she didn’t know but promised to call him and get the time.

The visit of Clement was going to cost me money at the Mr Biggs but i needed him to know that Lagos actually belonged to no one in particular. It was gaining the status of a Mega city and Mega cities around the World usually belonged to everybody. Tomorrow wasn’t far anyway.

” I’ve always considered myself to be
just average talent and what I have is
a ridiculous insane obsessiveness for
practice and preparation.”

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