135: Rat Race – No Peace And Safety

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“There is something i want us to discuss” I said to Max that same night.

We were on bed and had just finished a hot round of Sex.

“What is it baby?” He had asked.

I started.
“I found a Job in a restaurant in Castel Volturno. I want to move up there so that i won’t have to be spending a lot of money on transportation everyday”.

Max kept quiet for more than two minutes.
I didn’t want to say more, i had made my points very clear.
He knew he didn’t own me.

“Why did you start looking for work without telling me?” He asked.

“Max, i am telling you now. You know i can’t just be staying home everyday. I plan to rent a one bedroom apartment up there in Castel. I will be visiting you every weekend and you can also come to me any time you want” I said.

I saw him nodding and that was a good sign.
I had just told him that he could come whenever he wanted. Men loved such promises from girls.
However, what he didn’t know yet was the kind of work i had found in Castel Volturno. He would be disappointed when he finds out that i was going to become a run girl but it would be late by then. I would have been in my own place by then and there was nothing he could do about it.

“When are you going to start work?” He had asked.

“I had been cleared to start but i want to get an apartment first” I said.

He promised to help me find an apartment the following day.
That was good because he knew the people who would rent the place with their names.
Apartments were readily available because it was getting to Summer period and most people who ran away from the Cold in the North of Italy, France and Switzerland, had started moving back up there. As a result, many apartments were being freed and were cheaper than what it was in the winter.

The following day, Max and I set out for Castel Volturno to look for an apartment. We had called Melissa and asked her to meet us in the city Center.

There were offices of agents that did the renting businesses.
We entered the first one and told the man sitting behind the desk that we wanted a two bedroom apartment.

For some reasons, i had decided to find a two bedroom apartment. I wasn’t going to live alone, i needed a partner.
Since Melissa lived in a slum part of town, i intended to give her one room and ask her to pay the same amount she paid in her one room in the slum.
I was sure she would grab that proposal with both hands.

“We have 2-bedroom apartments in five places” The man said as he gave us the locations.

Naturally, one of them was closer to the Uncle’s restaurant, just about five minutes walk. I decided to chose that one.

We all drove to the apartment for inspection. It was what we expected, very neat and despite being an old structure, it was recently renovated and repainted.

The man said the price was 450 Euros.

Melissa paid 150 Euros in the one room she lived in The slum.

The Italian Rogue agent had asked whose name the house would be rented and Max stood in for us.

We paid 900 Euros for two months according to the Italian housing laws.

After payment, we picked the Keys and returned to the House.

Melissa had thought that Max and I were relocating from Napoli to Castel Volturno until i told her that the room belonged to her if she would pay the same amount she was paying in the slum.

She jumped all over me with Joy.
Who wouldn’t do that?
She was finally going to leave the slum where she had lost half of the money she made in Italy to hoodlums who usually ambushed the girls, beat them up and take their money in the middle of the night.

There was no need to wait for anything. We drove to the slum and picked up Melissa’s belongings.

The new apartment had the basic things needed to live comfortably in a new place; one bed in each room, an Electric Gas Cooker and a Large Standing Fridge.

We just needed to buy a Television and a DVD to be able to watch the Nigerian Movies which had started to arrive in Italy in quantum.

After dropping Melissa’s properties, we went out and bought a large TV in the second hand Market. We bought a DVD and cooking pots, knives, spoons, cups and every other small thing we needed.
Then we bought food items and carried them to the house.

While Melissa stayed back in the apartment, i followed Max back to Napoli to pick up my things.
He said he was tired and couldnt drive to Castel again that evening.
As a result, i slept with him in Napoli until the next morning.

By 11am, i had settled fully in the new apartment. Melissa had already cooked rice before i got there that morning.
She wasn’t even thinking about work anymore, she was busy absorbing the fresh air she had managed to get for herself at last.

After eating, Max left.
Melissa went into her room and brought out 200 Euros. She said she wanted to pay for two months since i paid for two months. She said she would give me another 100 Euros in a few days but i took the 200 and asked her not to pay the rest.

After every expenses i made, i was left with just, 600 Euros including the 200 Euros Melissa gave me. It was still more than enough for me since i was no longer paying Madam Philo.
I was also going to start making money at the Uncle’s restaurant.

It was after settling down in the new apartment, that i began to grasp the full meaning of freedom.
I was no longer going to be woken every early in the morning to wash one thing, sweep the other, cook another thing or go to Domitiana highway to hunt for men.
I was going to teach myself how to become lazy in the coming few days.
I would sleep until whenever i wanted to wake up. I would eat whatever i wanted to eat.
I would drink whatever drink i wanted and i would bring in any man i wanted into the apartment without being scared of anybody or anything.

But before i could swallow the big joy, i recalled that the following day was supposed to be our payment day in Venice.


“When you think its Peace and Safety, a sudden destruction………..”
Rat Race – Bob Marley.


This marks the end of this Season.
The next Season “Africa To Europe Season 2 starts here

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  1. Johnu

    Could you imagine that I felt I have been in Italy since this story started.
    I wonder how you manage to carry us along at a constant pace without much stress.
    I have said it that you are one of the best writers I have ever seen.

    Keep it up as we move to the second season.

    Please I am the one who sent the 200 MTN one hour ago, manage it for the data. I cant just stop running with you.

  2. Ifeanyichukwu

    ogam…. I can only say thank u….even though it wouldn’t count much, but all d same, just have it in mind that u r highly Appreciated for this masterpiece. Ozoigbondu 1 of Berlin, keep up d good work.

  3. aao

    You are simply awesome. I can feel myself passing through time relieving all the storyline. This particular season is full of suspense and was skillfully scripted.
    Im sure Maria would be proud of you.

  4. Andrew

    It was extremely an intriguing and educative story. Am looking forward to run with you on season 2.Thanks Mr Zubby.

  5. prugged

    Its really a privilege following this story wright from the beginning to the very end of the season. I really want to commend you, its has not been easy entertaining members and guests with lovely and exceptional stories….God bless the works of your hand. Pls send our regards to maria

  6. solomon sly

    Zuby u are too much u are a good writer if truly u are the one writing this two story at a go. U must have asked Maria a lot of things she pass through when she came to Italy and started prostitution. I believe many girls most especially girls from Edo will learn a lot from this story and yours. I pray may God continue to give u more wisdom knwledge and understanding IJN whom I believe in. I know u don’t believe in Jesus Christ I pray one day Jesus will show himself to u so as to believe that truly is still alive.

  7. Eulag

    Nice write-up, you couldn’t have done it better. The story exposed a lot of things including the shear wickedness imbibed into the heart of man by man .

    It also exposed how kind people are even after being through hell and back .

    From my own point of view, the story is a master piece worth spreading to all the four corners of the planet.

    Everyone needs to know .

  8. Adaugo77

    Woow!!! I learnt a lot Mr Zubby…so educating .Although hw I wish most Edo ladies will just stop trafficking their girls to Italy 4 such nonsense d world wuld b better.culd u just imagine most black ladies over their bn mis-addressed as prostitutes too.here in katsina wia I serve,right in my office dey keep arresting dem n bringing den 4 interviews n 4 d whole world to watch dem on NTA,AIT n even channels all in d name of trafficking all re under age girls who re bn deceived wit 1 lies or d others.d boss wil apprc8 ur writeup n we wil keep running wit u.I hv learnt a lot n thanks to immigration wia I hv also seen some of d cases mysef.

  9. obi

    After reading this season, i couldn’t help but wonder why Maria ended up almost broke, considering she got her freedom so early in europe. Almost 10yr of freedom in europe, as a prostitute with little to show for it, cos she had nothing when zuby meet her in Lagos. Anyway good job zuby…

  10. Bebeto

    Wow! I really forgot that this story could end someday.
    For the record, you are a prolific writer

  11. Andy

    I am really enjoying how the whole story is coming together and we are beginning to know more about the two main characters Maria and Zuby. I wonder if both parties will ever cross paths again.

  12. Geo

    What I learnt??? Mmmmmmm I just love ur stories.prostitution may not be d best,but life is a matter of choices and convinience.I hv learnt not to judge people based on what they do as regard to conduct in their bid to survive cause no girl under the right condition will think of mortagaging their young bodies just for money.

  13. tugbus

    After going through this season,it became very glaring what most of our gurls go through all in the name of a better life. Maria was even very lucky.I pity the others who dosen’t even know when to finish paying for their freedom.
    Now,this is a big warning to parents.I wish there could be some avenue where this could be conveyed to them.They should be wary of the people coming to render one help or the other to their daughters.
    I can’t even wait to read on….

    Keep it coming!!!

  14. Stephen

    In my own words, I must say this is the best story I’ve ever read online. U’re d best & keep it up!

  15. Kaymolla

    This season has been awesome. Thanks for keeping me busy @ ma leisure time….and @ d same time lecturing us on d ways of our ‘sisters’ in ITALY…..thanks alot…..cheers

  16. Mr Oreo

    Mehn Ozo you have really tried,this has been educative & highly entertaining.Welldone

  17. TADE

    Running with you has been an experience.
    from Nairaland to through enugu, Onitsha, Cotonou, lagos, germany, etc
    well done.
    but playing a dual character is a serious issue
    you are remarkable.

  18. paulo4sure

    But before i could swallow the big joy, i
    recalled that the following day was supposed to
    be our payment day in Venice.


    suspense filled

  19. frank

    Wow,life isn’t easy generally but seems these girls in Italy suffer more just to earn a living and that’s why most find it hard to help people when they’re back in 9ja cos they know what they passed/passing through there.

  20. Dammyoni18

    Ppl alrdy said it all, well done oga Zuby, it has bn a wonderful nd interesting run with you.

  21. Chidex

    Nobody does it better dan the boss himself. Welldone boss…. maria will be proud of how her stories might have touched many lives.
    Stilll I run….. danKe

  22. Kentochi

    I enjoyed the story beyond my thinking.
    Will keep running with you the bigger boss!

  23. legend

    I have read a lot of my life. but your story n writing is up there with the most educative of all the things I have read

  24. suntonia

    How o wish that all the old parent from Edo and beyond will see and understand what they are subjecting their children. How I wish this whole season will be put into video in Edo language for them to watch and understand what actually going on over there. Zubby, even if Government can’t recognize you and give you award for this, just know that God has made you for something bigger
    So be happy. Thanks for all you have done

    • akpos4ever

      Nice suggestion but it still may not be effective because of the kind of mentality we have. We don’t care much about how someone made it.

  25. ephraim

    This story line is really a lesson to lots of people. This line of story is something that a highly placed person shld read and know what to do to stop lots of teenagers going to Europe without a definite plan of what is taking them to Europe. Well done Zubby, you really inspire me. I wonder if u wrote this long ago or… your memory is indeed…

  26. godson chikelue

    I still find it hard to believe that you stopped schooling after secondary education…more elbow grease to ur effort.

  27. horlabiyi

    Well, I really like this Maria story! Shedding more light on what our girls face up there in Italy/Europe. Kudos to you Zuby for feeding us these stories. More ink to your pen (y) thumps up

  28. Tunapa

    There is a great difference btw wat u knw and wat u learn…..
    Oga zuby u are a born champion….keep the flag flying

  29. quinine

    what can i say than to say i am happy to stumble on your work. I wonder how u never get tired and disouraged to satisfy us despite the stress and some freedom you deny your self and some bashing u have received on this site of yours. I really appreciate you and i am sure other members do. Thanks for ettertaining us…

  30. Eunisam

    zuby i give you 95% in your writting skill. The way you write can be detected in any article. More ink to your pen.

  31. joker5180

    I have always wanted to know who is actually writing the story, maria or zuby. It is difficult for any writer to give account of someone else’s life in such detail as you did. Thumb up, bros.

  32. jonnyanichi

    since reading these stories, am beginning to suspect my friends living in europe. Infact i dont envy them anymore.

  33. horlabiyi

    What’s stopping you guys to comment on this chapter. Are you people telling us we runners are not up to 100 or what? Kindly tell me……..

  34. evny

    such a thrilling season. we do appreciate the fact that you always finds time to update,we do wish such privileges continue in the coming season.

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  36. Anonymous

    God bless the day ur mama gave life to u’ u have through ur stories inspired thausands of lives’ u are truly a blessing to ur generation” I do appreciate and I really emvy ur memory’ a big thanks to the staffs managemnts of ‘GLOBAlRUS INC’ God bless”
    From egbo emmanuel mike.

  37. Anonymous

    Globalruns got heavy traffick following” which means there are thausands of people reading this wonderful stories and the boss has not asked for much from us’ all he asked for is ur comments” pls encourage him by dropping ur comments.thanks as you do so

  38. capip

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  39. davido

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  40. mark10

    Zuby please come and continue this story, I’ve waited so long for the continuation

  41. IamJames

    I’m missing Maria already. When is season 2 commencing? Oga Zubby biko kwanu do something.

  42. Hydar

    What an epic story!!! You are one hell of a genius my guy. Looking forward to season two and the other stories you got cleared to write. I.e story of Johnson, Jennifer, Naomi and ify.

  43. adeifemi

    nice story, keep up the good job. been following u since ur first story on mazi s page on nairaland.

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