134: Encounter with Clement

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”What are you talking about” i had asked her.

” Clement, i am talking about Clem. He is such a kid. I saw what he did with you now” she said.
I decided to take advantage of the situation.

” Yea, he is a kid. He probably believe that i am dating Chinasa or something. I just met the girl yesterday and nothing else” i had said innocently.

”I know. Chi told me how you gave her a lift yesterday and that she invited you to the party” she said.

She went on to tell me that Clement was so arrogant that he even beat Chinasa sometimes. She said that Chinasa was still enduring his attitude because he gave her money sometimes.

Great, that brat was arrogant because he had money.

Further enquiry from Juliet revealed that Clement was just a son of one rich man from Anambra State.

I was offered a bottle of stout which i declined. I had gone outside and brought a JW from the car, returned back inside and drank beside Juliet who had turned a parrot. Chinasa had showed up occasionally and asked if i needed one thing or the other.

My mind had been wandering from one thing or the other, thinking over how to punish those brats. There wasn’t anything i could do to them at the party since they outnumbered me. Then it came to my mind. I had packed my car behind the ML which obviously belonged to them. I was supposed to drive out to make space for them to pass.

Great! Since i couldn’t face them alone, i excused myself from Juliet and took the bottle of Johnnie Walker to a group of four young men who had been sitting at the left side of the hall. They were drinking Star beer.

” Hey guys, make una join me oh” i said as handed the bottle over to one of them. He grabbed it and took a plastic cup from the table as i pulled a chair close and joined them.

Surprisingly, they had also witnessed my small snub from the Clement camp.
One of them was visibly angry with Clement. I guessed Clement had probably snatched Chinasa from him or so. That wasn’t my business.

As we drank and chated and got to know each other better, Clement and his entourage left the hall. We heard them blowing the horn continuously later. It was apparently meant for the car behind them to be removed but i guessed they didn’t know the owner.
However, a lady came to our table later and said that they needed me to drive my car out of the way for them.

”Go and tell them to come here and ask me to do that themselves” i had said.

The boys around my table jumped to my defense. They were ready to fight. After Five more minutes of horn blaring, Chinasa came.

”Austin i know you are angry with Clement but please don’t be like him” she had said.
The way she said it touched me. I didn’t say a word, i just stood up and walked outside with my new squad.
Clement and his group had gotten tired and too angry to say anything.
I walked slowly like a Chameleon towards my car and opened the door. As i engaged the reverse gear and moved back for them, they drove past me and
threw a bottle of plastic water at the roof of my car.

Chinasa had seen what they did. My first instinct was to gave them a car chase but i figured that even if i caught up with them, there was still nothing i could do. As a result, i turned my car towards the opposite direction and slowly drove away.

Juliet had given me her phone number while inside the hall. She was not as lovely and beautiful as Chinasa but she was just alright. The numbers of my female friends were fast increasing in Jakande Estate.
There was Elizabeth, who called me ten times in an hour every other day.
There was Uzoma and her younger sister.
There was Juliet and then there was also Chinasa who as far as i knew, had taken a likeness on me.
It was only a matter of time before i figured out how to snatch her from the arrogant son of the rich man.

When i got home, i called Chinasa. She thanked me for listening to her when she asked me to remove my car for Clement. She said she deliberately invited me so that Clement would know that there was always another option.
Dam, i was a bait.
”I didn’t call you to discuss Clement. I called you because i forgot the envelop i wanted to give you at the party” i had said.

”Would you come to take it tomorrow or would you like me to bring it for you” i had asked her.

She said she would come and use the opportunity to know where i lived.

When i got upstairs, Okey’s car was at the front of the house. It was unlike him, i had known him since childhood and he wasn’t the type to seat at home on a Sunday evening. Something must be going on.
I walked up to the door and knocked, he opened the door.

Sitting there on the Sofa was Uzoma and one other girl i had not seen before.
I didn’t ask for any explanation but it was apparently obvious that i required one.
Okey was sitting beside the new girl while Uzoma was fumbling with a remote control.
As i walked towards my room, Uzoma got up and followed me.
”What’s up baby girl, having fun” i asked while opening the door.
”Your brother said he like my friend and wanted me to bring her to him” she said.
”So what are you still Doing there, you should give them some space to talk to each other. Come inside and stay here” i said.

Everybody laughed as Uzoma followed me into the room.

”Tell me when you need a condom” i shouted to Okey who laughed and called me ”Iddiiot’.

”Before you come here next time, let me know” i said to Uzoma as i squeezed one of her bosoms.
She grabbed my instantly and started squeezing it.

”Let me remove my Hugo Boss first” i said as i pulled off my suit and searched for an empty plastic hanger to put it.

The round robust waist of Uzoma vibrated later on my as i pumped in and out in an attempt to force my sperm out.

Thirty minutes later, we laid beside each other and talked about love, marriage and money. The three things every woman would love to discuss at every given time.
Uzoma wanted to know if i would marry her.

” The opportunity to secure ourselves
against defeat lies in our own hands,
but the opportunity of defeating the
enemy is provided by the enemy

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