24: It Was Just The Beginning

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Chapter 24.

My uncle had previously warned me not to answer the general questions. He believed he was more experienced to answer them. Therefore when the Dibia asked if my brother lived in the city, i kept quiet and waited for my uncle to answer it.
My uncle was probably right to warn me ahead because the first thing that came to my mind when the Dibia asked the silly question was to also ask him if any local villager had been kidnapped for Ransom in his own place.

“Eze Mmuo, our brother lives in the city. He lives in Onitsha” Jimmy answered.

The Dibia hit his metal gong four times and returned it back where it belonged.
Then he applied some white chalk around his left eye and gazed outside, looking at nothing in Particular.

Then he said, “I saw men with gun, they came and took him. They came with a car. Gurururuurururururu”

After his show and act, he turned to me. “Your brother is still alive but there must be big sacrifice to make before he can come back home”.

“Eze mmuo, tell us what the sacrifice will cost” That was Uncle Jimmy, demanding for the cost of the said sacrifice.
It wasn’t time for me to talk yet, i had the final say and i knew it long ago. I was the person expected to provide the funds for the sacrifice. I was the one perceived to have returned from Europe with the sole purpose of finding my missing brother, so they knew there must be some kind of money somewhere for the purpose.

The Dibia continued. “A cow and a goat must be involved”.

While he was still talking, i quickly calculated the cost of the two items he mentioned. A good healthy cow would be up to 100, 000 Naira while the goat would cost anything from 15000 upwards.
We had just been told to provide that kind of amount indirectly.

He continued. “Two white Cocks, two eggs of the Lizard, a bunch of alligator pepper, a white sack cloth, two gallons of palm wine, a feather of an Eagle, 8 tubers of Yam and 10, 000 Naira” He concluded.

I was about to say something when my uncle interrupted. I wanted to ask the Eze mmuo to give me a guarantee that my brother would return after bringing all those things to him.

“Eze Mmuo, we have heard you very well. We must go back and plan ourselves, then we will send a message across to you on the day we will come for the sacrifice” Jimmy said.

At that stage, i knew that i wasn’t going anywhere near the hut again. I wasn’t returning to that village anytime in the future, even if someone i knew was marrying from there. I knew what it took me to get there.

After it was declared that it was time for us to go, i picked up my 1000 Naira from the floor.

“Mba Mba keep it there. Its for the gods” My uncle shouted at me.
I wanted to take my money back. The Dibia had managed to talk in parables because as far as i was concerned, i was never going to buy any cow for anything unless if it was to celebrate the return of my brother.

Human beings were cunning animals, mostly interested in their own well beings. This Dibia didn’t tell Us how my brother would return. He didn’t say where he was and who abducted him.
One of my expectations was that he would atleast reveal the people behind the abduction.
As a matter of fact, the major thing i ever wanted since the incident, was to know the people or person behind it. If i knew that, i would go after them by myself.
I knew myself very well and knew what i was capable of doing. If he had managed to give me a hint of the person or people behind the abduction, i would have probably gave him everything he demanded. I would then be in the position to find him. I would kidnap the person too and hide him until he told me where my brother was. I wouldn’t care about the spills and what the authorities would do to me. I would gladly go to prison for my actions provided i found the missing guy but the Dibia ended up saying nothing as far as i was concerned.

Back in the car, i asked the man who brought us some questions.

“Mr. Boniface, I thought you said the Dibia would tell us where my brother is”.

“Just give him the things he demanded, your brother will come back” He said.

The fool didn’t answer my question, he was still trying to convince me to give things worth over N200, 000 to the Dibia.

Out of anger, i had a quick though about how to deal with Boniface. The best i could come up with in a few seconds was to leave him behind in the bush. It would take him days to return to my town because i didn’t see or heard any Bike or car during our entire stay.

“Its OK, we will do our best” I said to him. “Can you go to the hut again and get us small water for the radiator, this car wants to overheat” I said.

He gladly jumped down and headed to the hut, then i started my engine, engaged the auto transmission and drove of.

My uncle who was still analysing what i was trying to do eventually asked what i was doing.

“We Are going home Jimmy” I replied.

“What about Bonny, he came with us and he is returning to Ihe”

I looked at him, “He came to Ihe before by himself, he will find his way back to Ihe again” I said as i increased the speed.

I had seen Bonny ran outside from the hut and was running towards the running vehicle.

Jimmy had continued to disturb and plead that i picked Boniface up but i had made up my mind to take some small revenge on the man for bringing me to such place. That was an insult to me. Someone who just returned From Europe was taken to such place. The news was going to be leaked by him or Jimmy sooner or later. I would be tagged with all sorts of names.
Therefore to balance things up, it was good that i created one scene that would divide the attention on me. While people talked about where i went, let them also talk about what i did there as a result of not believing what i was told there.

I didn’t return to the village, i dropped Jimmy off at the Garriki area in Enugu, paid for his transport, gave him extra 2K and told him to go home.
All the way from Ezeagu to Garriki, he didn’t say anything to me, but i didn’t care.

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