132: The Unexpected Mole

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“Yes, i talked with Lilian on the phone yesterday. But i told Maria not to…” Then Max kept quiet.

Of course, he told me not to tell anybody about the phone call from Lilian but i had managed to tell Melissa in Less than one day after the call.

I didn’t know how he was going to deal with the issue but i wasn’t scared either.
I had managed to also relocate my remaining money from the drawer.
If he as much as say what i didn’t like, i would simply pick up my bag and move away from his house.

Since i already had my freedom, i wasn’t going to allow any man to push me around.
I was a woman and we were known for gossip. If Max couldnt live with that, that was his business.

As i set down the food on the table for my temporal boyfriend, i wondered what his next question would be.

But he said nothing.

While Max ate alone, i talked with Melissa.
Things were going very well until she suddenly said out of no where, “I heard that The Doctor’s wife saw you at Aunty Philo’s apartment”.

“How did you know that?” I asked instantly.

Even Max who was eating had suddenly become alerted.

“I heard it in Domitz” She said.

“Who said it in Domitz?” I continued probing.

Melissa said she didn’t know where the gossip originated but that some girls were discussing it while they waited for customers.

There was no need probing further. Guilt was written all over her eyes. It was difficult for me to believe that it was her that called Mrs. Mark. I had suspected that it was Lilian but then, lilian never really knew anything between me and the Marks.
The only person i told was Melissa.

I was determined to find out if it was Melissa that told Mrs. Mark.
As a result, i controlled my imminent anger and continued to pretend that everything was fine.

Five minutes later, i excused myself and went to my room.
Inside the room, i brought out my phone and checked Mrs. Mark’s phone number.
It ended with 997.

After spending a few more minutes in the bedroom, i returned to the sitting room and said to Melissa, “Please write down this number for me”

she started writing the phone numbers with her phone while i called it out from my own phone.

When i finished, i took her phone from her to do whatever i wanted to do with the phone number.
But instead of calling the number as i had claimed, i quickly opened the call logs in Melissa’s phone.

As i scrolled down quickly, i saw my phone number, two strange numbers and then the one i was looking for.

Melissa called Mrs. Mark the very day we went for the settlement. It was her who sold me out.

My heart was beating fast while i considered the best approach on the issue.

Melissa, despite her betrayal, was my best friend in Italy. I didn’t think i had any other friend apart from her.
I didn’t know what made her to sell me out.
Mrs. Mark could have paid her for the information. But i didn’t think it was a good idea to sell me out.

Max had previously told me that a lot of Nigerian girls would be very Jealous of how I paid for my freedom before them, especially those who had been in Italy for years before my arrival.

Melissa was probably one of those girls. She must have been Jealous and envious and couldnt control her emotion.
It was difficult to know how to deal with the problem because, despite what she said, i still liked her.
She had been in more than three fights that involved me.
She had been my chief adviser through my troubles with Aunty Philo.
She had done a lot for me and had earned my trust until that moment when i found Mrs. Mark’s phone number in her phone logs.

I couldnt concentrate on anything anymore. Max had noticed and had asked more than twice, if everything was OK with me.

But what exactly did Melissa hope that Mrs. Mark would do to me?
If it was all about the money i took from her, Melissa knew that i had some money to pay for that.

“There is something i want to tell you Maria” Melissa suddenly said.

“I dont want to hear anything from you” I said.

I felt it was time to tell her that i knew how Mrs. Mark found me, but when i looked at her, tears were dropping from her eyes.

Why was she in tears?
There must have been some financial problems facing her and she had thought that she could get money from me with her fake tears. God would definitely punish her if she ever mention money.

But the tears falling down from her eyes were disturbing me too.
Despite what she did, i still remembered everything we had been through together. I recalled how we used to stand under the rain, waiting for dirty Italian drunks to come and take us to one place or the other for sex.
Yea, we went through all that together and somehow, i managed to get freedom while she hasn’t.

“Why are you crying?” that was Max.
He had asked Melissa why she was in tears because he knew that i didn’t say anything wrong to her. I had only told her that i didn’t want to hear whatever she wanted to tell me.

Then it moved me, My spirit. Despite every anger in me, i stood up and went to where she was sitting.

“What is it you want to tell me and why are you crying?” I asked.

When she managed to calm down, she said, “I wanted to tell you that i met Dr. Mark’s wife”.

“Is that why you are crying?” I asked.

“Not really. I am crying because of my life” she said.

I kept quiet.

I already knew everything she was going to say. It was the same thing we had been saying to each other for the past one year.
It was about the same suffering hanging over our heads since we met.
It was true that i had managed to buy my freedom from Aunty Philo but the truth was that i still didn’t know what next to do with my life.

“Where did you and Mrs. Mark meet?” I asked.
I wanted to switch the major issue to something different.

“Nothing much. She asked if i heard from you again and i told her that you returned to Castel Volturno” Melissa said.

“Did you tell her where i was staying in Castel?” I asked.


“Well she found me at Aunty Philo’s apartment and asked for her money” I said.

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