131: New Location, New things

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”You look beautiful today” i said to Elizabeth as soon as i opened the door. It was something i had programmed my mouth to say whether she looked beautiful or not.

She walked inside after hugging me at the door.
She sat down and complained that i forgot her. She said she would have visited me anywhere if i had just asked and that she had missed me.

I sat beside her and carried her on my laps. She was a little thinner now but looked the same as last time we met.
The time was getting to 6pm, it was only a matter of some minutes before Okey returned, therefore i needed to act fast.
My hand had already started moving upwards from her knee to her thigh. She was wearing a gown.
I like it more when women came on gowns. It made things easy.

Elizabeth knew my intentions because she quickly held my neck and started kissing me.

I hated it when a woman knew what you wanted to do and yet pretended that she didn’t and would be expecting you to voice it out before she could agree or disagree.
People like that usually had only one chance with me and the next thing would be to start avoiding their calls. We all knew that we can all survive without sex.

Before we knew what was happening, our cloths were already on the floor.
As i was about to penetrate her, my phone rang. I ignored it. A knock on the door followed.
I figured it was okey. I was right. I called him back and told him to go behind our block and tell the woman there to prepare point and kill fish, then return upstairs so that the fish would be ready by the time he finished bathing. He agreed, he liked fishes.

I quickly inserted my already condom-covered into Elizabeth and pumped away.

By the time Okey returned from the fish errand, we were back inside our clothes.
Nothing happened attitude filled the air.

I saw Elizabeth off to her block and went from there to the fish joint where Okey had already started drinking Gulder. The guy was a fish when it came to drinking.

After eating our fish, we paid and went back upstairs with some drinks.

As we watched a movie, i told Okey everything that had happened back in Surulere. He advised me to avoid any fight with the Alaye and OPC. According to him, they were the custodians of every slum in Lagos and wouldn’t hesitate to kill me if i crossed their path. He gave me examples of people who were killed by them in the past.

Later in the night, i called Maria and told her that i had left Surulere but was still in Lagos. I told her that the raid on the area boys kingdom could backfire and start a small war in Surulere and that i lived along the road, i didn’t want to be caught in a crossfire. She asked when i would return but i told her that i didn’t know. However i told her that i will direct her to the place when she was ready to visit me.
It was so good to leave Surulere for a while. Everything there had started to crowd my mind and when such things happened to me, it was only a matter of time before something big occurred.
The following morning, i got hungry again. There was only one place to eat. The Uzoma’s restaurant. Despite the fact that they only sold swallow foods, i was going to swallow that morning. Something was at stake. The robust round waist of Uzoma and her sister must have attracted hundreds of Young men to their restaurant. I was just one of them.

When i got there, the soup was not ready yet. But i was determined to wait. My level had just been elevated to Uzoma’s level. I knew that because, while waiting for the soup, she was all over me. Making small jokes about how she had joked the previous day over me not being her level.
Why won’t it be jokes.
The previous day, i had worn a short pant with a pair of bathroom slippers, a brown face cap and a T shirt.
However my second visit had changed everything. I had worn a dark straight jean with a body fitting open neck T shirt, a silver chain i had bought in Portugal, a pair of K-Swiss boots and a semi dark eye glasses. The Kalvin Klein perfume smelling out from my body was almost visible.
Upon all those things, i had just alighted from a Grey BMW E36 double exhaust six cylinder factory fitted air conditioned machine.
How can that not change my level?

Uzoma’s mother was even tripping for me. She had made some guided compliments about how good i looked and had assured me to exercise a little more patience while the food cooked.

Uzoma on the other hand had been trying her best to lay a claim on the prize. She had made several attempts to portray me as her friend from yesterday but i had decided to punish her for what she said the day before.

” I like your car ooh” the younger sister said while dropping a bottle of stout beer i had asked her to buy for me outside.
”I like you too sweetheart” i said to her.
She smiled and left.

By the time the food was ready, i had spent over 40 minutes with them. My excuse to the mother was that the vegetable soup of yesterday was so sweet that i had decided to make it my breakfast. The Owerri woman must have known that my eyes were on one of the daughters but being a clever woman, she pretended as if she agreed hundred percent that i was there for the food.

” do you people do home delivery” i asked to nobody in particular.
The mother said it was possible if i lived closer. Ofcourse i lived closer. Block 13 was just two minutes walk from jakande gate where the restaurant was located.

I gave her my flat number and phone number and told her that i would like to eat wheat again in the evening before 7pm. It didn’t matter how many times i ate swallow food in a day as long as the objective was fulfilled.

I was pretty sure she was going to send Uzoma or the younger one. However if she decided to send anybody different from the two girls, that would automatically mean the end to home delivery business.

After eating, i paid them and drove to Silky Touch boutique in Allen avenue Ikeja. I needed some new shirts plus the owner came from my neighbouring town.

” Our desires always disappoint us; for
though we meet with something that
gives us satisfaction, yet it never
thoroughly answers our expectation.”


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