131: A Friend’s Mistake

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While i cooked, i waited for Melissa.
She had called and said she was on the way.

I felt bad for her as i thought about what to do for her. She was a good friend and despite having been in Italy before me, she still struggled to pay for her freedom.

I planned to call Lilian and confront her over what she said about me but i felt that i needed some kind of permission from Max. He had warned me not to fight over the phone with her, he had assured me that Lilian said what she said out of Jealousy and anger. I believed him because Lilian had exhibited that anger when we were paying for my freedom.

I heard the doorbell rang and went to check who was at the door.
The spyhole revealed a man smoking cigarette. A closer look revealed that it was Max’s friend, the one that went for the freedom settlement with us.

I didn’t open the door for him, i just tiptoed back to the kitchen and continued what i was doing.

When Melissa came, she wanted to know how i really pulled off the entire thing.
She knew that it was very rare in Italy for an Edo girl to find a man who would pay off her debt.
15000 Euros and above has always been big cash in Europe even to the citizens.

It was only the rich people that were capable of paying that kind of money for a black girl. However, black girls hardly found such rich men because their circle was very difficult to break into.
Their night clubs were membership based which meant that we couldn’t enter them until we become members.
It was also near impossible to become a member.

The other group that had enough money to pay for our freedom were the drug dealers. But the business was being controlled by the Mafias in every major city. The few of Nigerians and other African dealers were mean enough not to release that kind of money for a Benin Girl (Benin Girl, that’s what we were popularly called all over Europe).

Most of the drug dealers from Africa were Nigerians. Among them, 85% or more were Igbos.
Igbos had their villages at heart at all times, and preferred to make money and return to their village to build houses or get married rather than making money and settling in Europe with a Benin girl.
I admired them because they had clear agendas from day one.
The men from Edo State hardly had any agenda. They mostly depended on Benin girls for their daily foods and the moment they find out that a girl had completed her freedom payment, they would swoop all over her.

The truth was that Melissa and Lilian didn’t believe it was Max that gave me the money. They both knew that i wasn’t in Napoli. I was in Milan all along and it would have been very difficult for a man in Napoli, who didn’t even see me for a very long time, to come up with such money in the name of love.

Love was never for Africans living in Europe.
Things were difficult all over Africa and any of us who ventured out to the Western World, went there for a purpose; to make life better for him/her and their families.

“Melissa, this money Issue is a long story. The important thing is that i have paid for myself. God will make a way for you too in Jesus Name” I said.

“Amen” She responded.

‘In Jesus Name’
what else could i have said.

“Do you know that Lilian called Max yesterday night and told him that i am a witch?” I suddenly changed the topic.

The issue of how i made my money and how lucky i was had been making me uncomfortable since Melissa came. There was no way i would admit that i stole the money. I was sure she knew that my story had not been straight but money was never made in a straight way in Europe.
We lived in a society that rejected us.

“Really, Why did she say that?” Melissa asked.

Since i wanted the new topic to take the center stage, i narrated how the call came and how i forced Max to switch the call to speakout mode.
I went on to tell her everything Lilian said including how she systematically asked Max to dump me.

To boost my ego, i started telling Melissa what i should not have told her.

“I don’t even care” I started. “Max didn’t come to me, i was the one who contacted him to stand as my boyfriend. If he likes, he can tell me to go. I still have some money to pay for my own apartment. Lilian can have him if she likes”.

Melissa seemed confused and when it was clear to her that she needed some more explanations, she asked why i didn’t just go and get my own apartment instead of living with Max.
She knew that if i rented a good apartment, she was most likely to join me there.

The truth was that ever since i returned with good news and money, Melissa had been more comfortable staying around me.
We had all come to Europe to make money and somehow, i had succeeded in making some bigger money than most girls would ever dream to make at once.

I was still nibbling around the Question Melissa threw at me when Max Opened the door and walked in.

“Welcome back Max” I said.

I didn’t know why it was difficult to call him pet names. We were not yet used to each other and it was understandable.
Our union was still built on deception and tricks.
I had only asked him to stand for me as the boyfriend but ended up in his apartment with my bag.

Since the previous day that i arrived, i didn’t yet say anything about my future plans.
I didn’t tell him how long i intended to stay in his apartment, i just stayed there.

“Thanks baby, is the food ready, i am famished” He said.

I didn’t know what he meant by being famished but since he had asked if the food was ready, he must have been referring to hunger or something related to that.

I went into the kitchen while he sat in the sitting room and discussed with Melissa. I listened to their conversation while putting the food in the plates.
As i listened, i hoped that their discussion didn’t go towards how i paid for my freedom and how i got the money but things got worse when Melissa asked,
“Is it true that Lilian called you last night and asked that you dump my friend and bring her in as your girlfriend?”.

Gawd!. Melissa!!

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