130: My First Million In Any Currency

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When we woke up the following morning, i went straight to the bathroom and took my bath.
Throughout the night, i had been thinking of the next move to make.
I thought about leaving Max despite not knowing where to go.

I was also not too scared of venturing outside. I knew that if i got my money from him, i could be able to start my own life.
Apartments were not so expensive in Italy, especially the old houses.
I could easily rent my own 1 bedroom apartment at the cost of 250 Euros a month. I would pay for two months and made sure that i covered that money within that period.

I had taken my bath that morning, and hoped to surprise Max if he as much as mentioned anything about the conversation he had with Lilian the night before.

“I am going out baby, i will be back in a few hours” Max had said as soon as he walked out of the bedroom.
He hadn’t taken his bath and he didn’t say where he was going.

I didn’t ask where he was going, i only said to him, “I want to make some food and i need money”.

“The money you gave me yesterday is in the drawer. Just pull out the lower one and take it. I will call you when i begin to miss you” He said with a smile.

His response swept me off my feet. I had been struggling on how to ask him for my money, yet he had kept it in an open place all along. He even said he would call me when he began to miss me.

He had walked outside and closed the door, And less than a minute after walking out, he called me.

Since i knew he was still in front of the house, i picked the call and walked to the door.

“Did you forget anything?” I asked on the phone as i opened the door.

“Yes, i forgot to kiss your beautiful lips before i left” He said as he looked back and saw me standing at the entrance door.

He smiled, cut the call and walked away.

Max had a car.
I didn’t know when he bought it. I wasn’t sure it was there the first time i visited him with Lilian.

Due to the circumstances surrounding our second meeting, i had no chance to ask about the vehicle. I also didn’t want to be too forward with such questions.
We were still trying to see if we could start a relationship.
I wasn’t his girl and we both knew it. I had only contacted him to help me stand as my boyfriend.
He had dropped me off to Madam Sharon after the deal and due to the actions of Madam Sharon, i had called him to return back and pick me up.
That was how i ended up in his apartment.

I had waited for the whole night for him to ask me what my next plan was. I had hoped to tell him to help me find an apartment there in Napoli. But he never asked me anything.

While i told him that i wanted to make some food, i had hoped that he would object and tell me to find my way but he didn’t. He just told me where he kept my money and disappeared.

Things could be heading to a good direction but i needed to thread carefully. It was me who found him this time and Men generally tend to disrespect or downgrade women who found them. They valued more, those They found by themselves.

Three hours after Max left, i went to the drawer and saw the money there.
The first thing i did was to count them; it was complete.

I took 100 Euros and went outside.

The nearest Super Market was about 60 Metres away. I walked down there but before i entered, i diverted to a business center nearby and bought 20 Euros recharge card.

I called Madam Anna in Ekpoma and told her that i wanted to speak to my mother.

While they went to call my mother, i called Melissa.

She said she was cooking. I told her to come to Napoli when she was done.

“I dont have money, i must go to work” She had complained.

I pitied Melissa. She was my partner in Domitiana way and she had remained there since i left. She still worked for 10 Euros per sex while i had went on to buy my freedom and even sent money to Nigeria.

“Its Ok, i will give you 50 Euros, just come to Napoli” I said.

When i called Madam Anna back, my mother was there. She confirmed that the money had been paid into the account.

“Listen Mama, this is what i want you and Papa to do with the money. When you get home, tell Papa to make an estimate of what a three bedroom with Parlour bungalow will cost. I want him to build a house in our village compound” i said.

My mother was already jubiliating before i finished.
She was saying every prayer in the book for me.
It didn’t matter how i made the money. She didn’t know and she didn’t care. All she knew was that they were going to have a house in the village.

After her jubiliation, i told her to give Madam Anna 5000 Naira for her troubles.
If not for her, communication would have been almost impossible.

There was some news from Nigeria that GSM was in town. The rumour also said that a network called MTN was there too but that the price was still on the high side.
I had planned to ask my mother to buy two phones and give one to my Dad but the estimate i got was over 100,000 for the two projects. As a result, i decided to abandon the project for the time being.

The house was more important first.

I also told my mother to hand the project over to my father. I knew she would want to build the house by herself but that would seriously damage the authority in the family.

My dad was more of the gentle man type and wouldn’t mind much about who built the house but i knew that the moment my mother took control of such things, her respect for the man would nose dive. It was a common trait with women in general, and i was the type who believed that a man should always be allowed to dictate the pace, especially men who were mentally sound.
I believed that our duties as women were to serve as their advisers and give them reasons why things should be done in different ways.

After the calls, i went into the super market and bought the things i needed to cook Tomato Stew.
I had hoped that Max would like it but then, every single black man i ever came across liked Rice and Stew, even Ano who was from the United Kingdom.

Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.

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  1. dejust

    don’t test the deep water with your both feet….

    calculate ur moves before What was said abt u becomes a true fact….thief and witch…..

  2. TADE

    but unlike your writing style,
    you did not reflect on the first million
    in the whole content.
    yeah we al know you are refering to the money sent to Mama
    but She did not confirm how much was in the bank to confirm the title..
    Hope i’m making some sense here.

    But all the same..You are good at what you do.

  3. aao

    oh yeah, Max is just testing your loyalty. He is still unsure if you are into drug business so he is keeping his options open. He wouldn’t trade stealing 2000 euros for what he could make if u really were a drug mule for him. he is playing his wits and hopeful you would tell him how you made some big money in a small time.

  4. Eulag

    I feel for Maria ,she’s been through he’ll and back, every hustler deserves a holiday !

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