25: Sightseeing

On the Morning of January 6, we took our shower together on the bathtub full of hot water. We were hungry. We had eaten only cakes and fanta at the hotel Restaurant the previous night. I personaly didn’t consider cakes as a good meal.

There was a Chinese restaurant about 200 meters down the street from Crown Plaza hotel.
I poured a half glass of Hennessy and gulped it down at once before we left the room. Jenny played Mrs Zuby. She complained about drinking in the morning.
We walked down to the restaurant and ordered our usual rice. We ate quietly for about 20 minutes. We also bought a bottle of red wine against Jennifer’s wish. She complained that it was early and that we were spending too much money. She was right, it was too early but I saw some tourists also drinking red wine that morning too.

After the breakfast, We walked back to the hotel and waited for the airport shuttle bus. It came every hour from the airport to pick up people and drop new arrivals. Those Europeans surely know how to enjoy themselves.

Some minutes later, the bus arrived. We picked our documents up and followed the bus to the Faro Airport. It was 20km away from our hotel.
We got to the airport and headed to the AirBerlin counter. There were four attendants at their office. We headed to the only male attendant at the office.

*Women has a way of complicating issues for men especially when they see them with other women*

We told the man that we needed two tickets to Berlin. He said they had flight tomorrow evening but it was already fully booked.
I asked him to book us on the 8th of January. He asked for our travel documents.
I gave him mine first. He flipped through the passport and found the resident permit card in the middle. He looked at it for a few seconds and keyed my data into his computer.
I collected the Documents from him and handed him Jennifer’s Card. He asked for the accompanying International passport. I told him that we forgot it in lisbon and that we just had two days to spend in Berlin. He held the permit card and considered whether to sell the ticket to us or not. Jennifer was smiling at him as I had told her. He eventually keyed in the data and printed two tickets for us. We paid him, thanked him and went back to the main airport hall.

The airport was located on the coast of Atlantic Ocean. We walked down to view the mighty ocean. It stretched for miles until our eyes could see no further. I wondered how deep it was. The waves occasionally hit the rocky shores and receded back into the ocean. It was a wonderful sight to behold. I thanked my stars for seeing such sights in my life time. It was true that unforeseen circumstances brought us to Vilamoura but ‘Man can never run away from his Destiny’
* I personaly believe in destiny. Whatever happen in our lives was predestined by nature*

Jennifer complained about her fear of the ocean, she wanted to go back to Vilamoura. Back to the safe warm rooms of Crown plaza hotel.

We left the airport and hired a cab to Vilamoura. On our way back to our hotel, we located the field where the Super Eagles trained. They were finishing up from the morning training.
Jennifer was surprised to see Okocha and Kanu Nwankwo. She didn’t know any other player. She wanted to take pictures with Okocha and Kanu. We walked back towards the business district and bought a Camera. We returned to the field but they had already left.
We walked to the road and waited for a taxi. Then we drove back to the hotel.

We met Okocha at the reception hall. He was granting interview to some German newspaper firm from Frankfurt. We waited for them until the interview was over. I motioned Jay Jay to wait. I told him that my wife wanted to take pictures with him. The guy man smiled and granted our demand.
I snapped them four times and she snapped me twice with Okocha. I asked him about the other players, he said they were taking the afternoon nap.

There was nothing else to do except walk around the massive tourist city of Vilamoura. We held hands and walked slowly through the beautiful roads decorated with coconut trees and flowers.
It was a lovely experience walking around with Jennifer and taking pictured every now and then, she was gradually forgetting the events of the past days. She was returning to humanity from the kingdom of fear and uncertainty.

She once admitted that her life had played out like a movie in the past few days. I reminded her that every single life was a movie in the making, every single thing we do in life was a movie. If it got recorded or acted out, it becomes the movie that people buy and watch.

Passionate kisses and hugs had returned to our lives. We felt like we were no more on the run.
We had shut our doors from the outside world by removing the sim cards in our phones. We had dismembered the entire phone and kept everything apart.
We needed the rest.

The only person who knew where we went was the taxi driver who brought us to the hotel. He was not a Nigerian.
He was a security risk but it was a long shot for Francis to trace him. I also believed that Francis wouldn’t sell me out to madam Grace, he had made some money out of me. He was also incharge of the permit I had applied for at the immigration office.
Even if he did wanted to sell me out, he still needed to trace the taxi driver. They would also have to come down to Algarve and find us in Vilamoura.
Things like that usually take days to achieve. Days they didn’t have since we were leaving for Germany in two days.

It was difficult in Portugal but it was also fun. I had come, seen, experienced and conquered.
I had left Germany to Portugal with €5000. I had requested for another €5000 from Germany while in Porto.
I had made €15500 from Madam Grace.
I had gotten what I came for in Portugal but above all,

I FOUND JENNIFER, a wonderful girl.

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