13: The Plan

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Chapter 13.

”Hello guy” I said on the phone. It was Junior calling as planned. I had switched my phone on Speakout and left it on the center table since i was holding the playstation pads with both hands. That was how Mike used to answer his calls until Patrick disappeared with our Narcotics.

”Guy its Junior” he said.
”I have your number on my phone, how is Berlin”? I asked.
He said that everything was fine in Berlin.
”I need some stuff and i was wondering if you know people i can buy it from” Junior said.
I told him that i could buy good stuff for him but i didn’t have money. He said he would send money for me in the morning and asked me not to mix anything in it. He said he would mix it himself. He also said he would pay €35 if he sent someone but would pay €50 if i could send it to him by myself. I agreed to send it by myself.

After the call, i dropped my pad and called Robin. I had already prepared him for the call.

”Do you know birds who can go to Germany” i asked.
He asked which city in Germany and when i told him it was Berlin, he said he knew someone who could go but would take €5 to transport each one gram. That mathematically meant that i was going to earn atleast €9 for each gram after spending €6 for its preparations.

As we continued playing our game in the parlour, i intentionally brightened my face with a fake smile. Mike couldn’t help but acknowledged that i was smiling.
”Yes, i know Junior very well. He does drug business with Germans. He must have gotten a big contact that wanted raw stuff.

The following day, Junior called and said he had sent the money through western union. Mike was there when he called. I had actually flashed Junior and made him know it was time to call. It was all planned out.

I dropped my pad quickly and took a Snoda to the Amsterdamse Poort.

We called illegal taxis ‘Snoda’ in Bijlmer. I didn’t know what it meant or why it was called Snoda. Snoda was the unofficial taxi in Bijlmer. It could be seen everywhere with immigrant drivers mostly from Ghana and Suriname. They had no special colour or code or number or anything. Just buy a private car and give your phone number to people, then you are in business.

When i got to the poort, i took the bus to Robin’s place. He had some raw drugs. I had told him what i planned to do. He had given me the drugs after cooking one gram to show me that it was sill raw. He had also warned me not to tamper with it by mixing anything in it.
”If you mix ntugwa in it, you will sell it and pay me” Robin had warned.

When i got home with the drugs, i contracted Mike to prepare it as we used to do, only that this time, we were not going to mix anything with it.
He jumped at the offer, i was going to pay him anyway.

We grinded and tied the raw drugs into balls. It was 300 grams which resulted into 30 balls of 10gram each.

Apparently, Mike knew that i was going to make over €2500 out of the deal even without involving my money. As i had Expected, Mike came up with an idea for me. He asked me to tell Junior to make provisions for me to add my own stuff when next he planned to do the business
”I don’t think he will agree” i objected.
”He will agree since you will buy it with your money” he countered.

I called Junior right there in the parlour.

”Guy, i will add something with my money next time” i had said.
Junior agreed without much talk. He had asked how the preparation was going on. I told him that we were almost finishing and that the bird would move by 5am the in the morning.

Around 2am, the bird who was going to transport the drugs to Germany came to our apartment. We had prepared Okro soup for easy injection into the stomach. The bird swallowed the stuff one after the other until the stuff finished, then he called a Snoda to take him to the Amsterdam central train station where he would get a train going to Berlin.

As we had planned, the bird took the drugs back to Robin’s house. His charge for the small risk was €500. I had paid him upfront.

At around 3pm, an unknown number called me. It said he had gotten to Berlin and had met with Junior. I had instantly flashed Junior who called back and said the Bird had gotten to him. He thanked me and said he would send me more money in a few days. He also said that he had opened one of the balls and cooked it, it was exactly what he wanted.

Late in the night, Junior called me while we were playing game, he said that he had supplied 100 grams of the stuff and would send me the money to start preparing another one next day.
”Wait until you sell all of them, don’t be in a haste. If you are sure to finish all of the stuff in two days, i can ask the bird to wait and bring the money with him” i had said.
He asked if i trusted the bird and i said i didn’t. He then said Western union would be better. I agreed.

I took Mike out and spent €200 on foodstuff. I also bought him a jean and a shirt. I had just made some money and it was expected of me to be generous. I was from Enugu state which meant that i was foolish in the eyes of the Anambra people. The safest way was to play the fool’s card perfectly.
Life went on normally until three days after, Junior called and said he had sold out the stuff. As usual, i was with Mike. I had decided to glue myself around him. I needed to know what he thought about my new business deals. I wanted him to beg me to put something for him. Of course he would buy the stuff himself. It happened exactly as i planned it.
After the call from Junior, Mike said he could borrow money from a friend and buy some stuff to sell for him in Berlin. Berlin had somehow become the real deal. After determining that i could buy 120 gram for myself, Mike said he could do 200 gram on his own.
He intended to borrow €6000 to buy drugs in Bijlmer. Only a fool would believe that. He could go and borrow the money from the devil himself, all i knew was that he would never see the money again. He did the same to me.

” Be more concerned with your
character than your
reputation, because your
character is what you really
are, while your reputation is
merely what others think you

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  1. dejust

    laws of power; if u are force to bow u should bow diligently and wait for your revenge,
    don’t test the water deepnes wit both leg lest u be drowned

  2. kelvin1191

    Nice write up. Pls stop this ur Anambra ishh afterall, Enugu and Anambra were one state some years past. If some1 from Anbmbra made u feel inferior in d past, u dont have to generallize it.

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      Anambrans ae full of ego… pride and always thinks they ae superior…. @Kelvin1191 d truth is usually bitter.. they like cheating… that’s how one anambra man cheated my in-law but he hear am… #proudlycoalcity

  3. bennygee

    Ozoigbondu,the master trickster.doing wat he knows how to do best,extract revenge

  4. Favouritemercy

    Anambrans ae full of ego… pride and always thinks they ae superior…. @Kelvin1191 d truth is usually bitter.. they like cheating… that’s how one anambra man cheated my in-law but he hear am… #proudlycoalcity

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