13: The Judgement

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Chapter 13.

Nothing was said about Sharon and Peace since they were already in the custody of the government.
We all sat and waited for the fate of Aunty Joy.

The Judge eventually started reading out the charges against Aunty Joy. It included torture, Conspiracy to Murder and attempted murder.
I sat calmly and listened as the Judge read out the charges. It also included some things i never thought of. There was the illegal possession of some kind of chemical. It was then that i figured out what they did to Rose. It wasn’t the physical torture that turned her head; there was some kind of chemical which i was sure, has been analyzed because the Judge mentioned the name in Swedish language.

As we waited eagerly for the final verdict, i saw tears on Joy’s face; She was defeated. She knew that she wasn’t getting out of this one easily. She must have been reflecting on her mistakes; especially her decision to use force right from the beginning. She must be thinking about how she couldn’t capture me when i visited Venice at the beginning of everything. She knew right from the onset that it was me who took her girls. She knew that everything would have ended if she was able to capture me in Venice back when i went there to visit her. She cold have lured me into her apartment where her thugs would have been waiting for me but she made that mistake of coming to the boat terminal to welcome me with the thugs.

We watched as the judge finished reading her crimes and sentenced Joy to 12 years in Prison without bail or parole. According to the Judge, she would serve half of the time in Sweden and the rest in Italy.
As i sat there and pitied the woman, i wondered if the Italians were also going to send her to Nigeria to finish her time over there.
I didn’t hear anything about Bonaventure and the second man. I knew they were locked up somewhere but nobody was mentioning about their cases yet. I believed they were the people who were actually torturing Rose. Madam Joy must have been standing somewhere watching while Bona and his friend administered the punishments. It meant that the Judgments of Bonaventure and his colleague was going to be more brutal.
Although i had planned to take some kind of revenge by myself but there was no more need for it. They were going away for a very long time. In 12 years time, Aunty Joy won’t be able to recognize me if she sees me again. She would be old and skinny and probably become a born again by then. The human beings were known to go closer to their Gods when there has no more thing to do with their time.

Aunty Joy was slowly led out of the court, while her two friends who had come from Italy spoke with their lawyer. I guessed they were probably discussing about appeal. I on the other hand didn’t expect such a huge blow to the woman. It could have been because i knew many human traffickers and Italian Mamas that the syndicate looked like it was a normal thing. Sweden was one of the countries that were trying to stop Street Prostitution in Europe. They had recently rolled out laws that frowned against it. They closed Down their redlight district and drove their prostitutes out of town and down to Oslo and Copenhagen. They put up a law against the people who bought sex rather than those who sold it.

Outside the courtroom, the prosecuting lawyer shook my hands and told me that we had achieved victory. He was surprised to know that i wasn’t jubilant like many others. He had asked what the problem was and i told him that there was none. When he pressed harder, i told him that i also wanted to see the two men behind bars.
“Oh my friend, that is no problem. Their sentences are going to be bigger because they were caught red handed trying to kill a young woman. The evidence against them are enormous. They can’t get out of that one” he said with smiles.

We took a cab and dropped Rose off, congratulated her on the award of the resident permit and went home.

“It is time to go Maria. We need to leave Sweden. Our mission here is over and there could be some after-spill of this whole thing. I want to go to a place where nobody will find me for next few months. I need some rest. But first, i need to go to Vadstena and see Fatimah. I need to tell her that she may not see me for a long time” I said.
Maria agreed with my plans and said she would go to the Vadstena Abbey with me.

We packed our bags and took the larger ones to the apartment where Rose lived. Since i decided to keep the apartment, i had locked up one room and told Rose that i would be sleeping there each time i visited Sweden. It was in that locked room that we kept our surplus items. I already told Maria that since we are going to a new Country, we needed to travel as light as possible. She complained about some of her things in the big bag which we left in the Rose’s apartment. It seemed that women always needed everything they have at every given time.
“Three sets of clothes will be enough for you. We will return here to pick the bags up when we settle down. We don’t need those things with us because we don’t know where we are going yet. This journey we are embarking on could take us to anywhere including Iceland which i believed will be a very good hiding place for us” I had said.
She eventually agreed since i warned that i won’t help her with any luggage if she insisted on traveling with them.

After making the final check on our apartment, i called William and told him that we were leaving the place. He said he already closed it and that the rent will be over by the end of the month. He also said that the government did not push for a case against him on the other apartment and for that reason, he didn’t close that one yet. He wanted to know where we were going but i told him that it could be Norway or Denmark or even Iceland. He wished us well as we took a taxi to the Stockholm Central Station where we will board a train heading south to Nykoping where we will connect with a bus to Vadstena Abbey.

” A good head and good heart
are always a formidable
combination. But when you
add to that a literate tongue
or pen, then you have
something very special”

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  1. vivienne

    good for joy. she should chase after solomon behind bars.

  2. timsilver

    Zuby, you were born to do this! I mean rescue them young girls and teach them mamas a lesson.

  3. princesaamy

    Good for the human traficker. it serves her right. More wisdom to your sire!

  4. SF-oluLESHIE

    Abeg wetin later happen to the two girls in police custody? Were they given resident permit too? O they wanna keep them for long

  5. horlabiyi

    Wow !!! Very emotional but Joy really deserve the jail term. Been noticing that people have reduce the comments on here. Please try to write something to show little appreciation for the writer.

  6. truefriend

    Truthfully, it won’t be easy on Anty Joy. She had prepared for war

  7. lightbearer

    Oh, what a judgement!!! And that should be a total turning point for Maria!

  8. Dammol

    Wow, that’s all i can say
    I pity anty Joy small but selling another woman’s child no be small crime

  9. walter

    the mistake of one person gave three a good future.
    i whould have prefered that season 8 started from after the visit of fatima.

  10. Olaxxx

    Zuby do u mean joy is still in prison
    uptill today? @ Zuby, Please answer that question.

  11. BeeSwax

    I wish to read about zubby visiting joy in prison. it’d be so lovely.

  12. achi4u

    Ozoigbondu you take idea described ur self on that ur last quote. lol
    Sweden is sweeter than italy, italians would’ve have make things easier for Aunty Joy and her gang.
    Some nigerian court can not do.
    God bless Obodo oyibo.

  13. Anonymous

    Watch ur back. Don’t think she might not recognize u. Revenge drives ppl wild o.

  14. DMayor101

    For the 1st time, Zubby has sent one mama to jail. Congrats on ur court victory sir

  15. Bob Ugee

    ZUBY77… sorry that this is coming late but I have to dish it out.

    you are more than a genius. The way you tackle those human traffickers serves them right. Keep the good work going sire. I admire your brevity. It’s quite intriguing. worthy of emulating outside being an atheist. I think I have found a mentor in you boss.

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