13: The Gods we Serve

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I picked up the Church address and exited the building with Alice before Father Onuigbo.

One problem our people also had was that as long as one was proclaimed a pastor or Father or Imam, we all assumed that they knew everything. These priests were also humans. They studied books just like many other people. They ate the same foods and slept on the bed like the rest of us. Some of them were more brilliant than the rest of us but some of us were also more brilliant that the rest of them. Nothing was definite on earth. Almost everything revolved around trials and error. A pastor who was my classmate and who was far below my level of brilliance during our school days should not return to me to claim that he has suddenly became too intelligent in God’s ways better than me. One thing i knew right from childhood was that God never spoke to anybody on earth, if anybody ever claimed to have heard from God, that person was not only a lair but also a scammer. Everything we learnt about God here on earth were from other human beings. The same way we learnt Biology and Physics from our Science teachers. I liked Science so much especially physics. Physics was what i would have loved to go for if i had decided to further my education. It was physics that showed us the earth we lived in. Physics told us about the sun and the moon; about Jupiter and pluto and Mercury. It wasn’t the pastors. However these conmen called reverends claimed to know metaphysics when they can’t pass physics exams. You can’t know metaphysics when you don’t know physics. Nature made it clear that you must first of all be born before you die, you cant die before you were born. These confusion was what kept Africa in the dark. While the westerners were advancing their world with science and technology, we were busy deceiving our own World about where they will go when they die. These things were the biggest scam of all time.

The westerners go thousands of miles up to the sky with flying machines to discover more planets and advance the course of humanity while you who can’t even put together a paper kite claimed that you know of a God above the sky. If these westerners decide to wipe you away with a disease, no god can save you; not Ifa or Amadioha, not any pastor who already owned a jet built by the westerners and who wouldn’t hesitate to fly away with it before the disease arrived. If the westerners chose to kill all the Olokun in the seas across Africa, a single submarine armed with chemical nukes could do that job easily.

I believed there was a supreme controller inside all of us; we gave him many names. Some called him Alpha and Omega, Some called him Jehova, some said he was God and some said he was life. Those were beautiful deserved names for it but I chose to go with the name ‘Life’. God is Life and Life is God. You seize to exist the day you stopped breathing. There was never two ways about that. It was Robert Nesta Marley who said in one of his songs that “If you know what life is worth, you better fight for yours here on earth”. That was how we were supposed to fight for our gods. If you allow someone to kill you due to racism or discrimination, it meant that he has also killed your god. That kind of god we generally believed in Africa should not allow such deaths to occur but of course we attribute such deaths to the devil whom we generally believed has less power compared to our gods. It was confussion everywhere.


To those who have been deeply brainwashed, i might be sounding as if I was confused but one day, the gate of wisdom will be opened for you and you will be able to understand that death is the end of life.

There was never anything like where you will go when you die because when you die, you are dead; new person was born at the same moment you died. No part of the body is called soul. Soul is virtual. It can’t be labeled in a human body, it can’t be touched or felt. What can’t be touched or felt can’t go anywhere. That was what we learnt from nature surrounding us. We felt the liquids and the solids and the gases around us. Those three things were the nature. Everything you know and will ever know was made up of those three things. Anybody who told you that you will be going anywhere when you die lied to you. Life started and ended here for now until the same people who brought that whole religion to you discovers another planet that supports life which I am sure they are currently doing. It was all done to keep you away from developing yourselves. The people who advanced rapidly were the people who embraced science and not religion. The only thing religion has achieved for you here was to divide you and cause fights amongst you. People hated and killed each other here because of the same religion. Paganism faded away with time and so will the other religions. There was a time when the entire Nigerian Christians  worshiped one foreign Church or the other. It was ether Catholic or Anglican or Methodist or whatever name they gave it. Eventually the smart criminals knew that it was all a big scam and what did they do? Instead of enlightening our people to Embrace science and technology and pray at their own will, they chose to open up their own centers and churches where they continued the scam by telling us that if we sowed a seed of ten thousand, we would reap hundred thousand; since when did the God became a bank?

Gallieni Bus Station Paris

Gallieni Bus Station Paris

Prayer was good but it was a personal thing between an individual and his or her Chi, God, life, Jehova or whatever you chose to call yours. Nobody can ever pray for you better than yourself. As an adult, nobody can ever know what is in your mind except you. Nobody can ever know what you wanted to eat except you or except that you told the person. Nobody can ever be you. You existed to serve your purposes and teach yourself from experience. You were not here to become anybody’s slave. Physical slavery was abolished for a reason but mental slavery still lived among us. People developed with time and anybody who ever told you to look up to the sky for divine anything is holding you hostage especially if you believed him or her. That should be classified as crime.

“None but ourselves can free our minds”

We can’t walk in the air or water. Nature was against that. Gravity was natural and it existed. Magic cannot make a plane fly in the air. Reading Koran or Bible will never teach you how to develop a wheel barrow. Listening to a Pastor or Imam will never teach you how to produce food; it was science that opened up our World.


It has always been so foolish to pray for your life not to end because it will end when it will end. That is the meaning of life in reality; something that ends.


“Your religious beliefs are your business. They are not and should not be the basis for law. If you use them as justification to discriminate against others, don’t be upset when others decide you are primitive.”


” The harder you fall, the higher you bounce”

This Chapter is dedicated to two of our fans chidex Ubochi and Adegoke Taiwo who are going for their NYSC services in Rivers and Cross River states respectively. Life on the Run wishes you good luck and safety.

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87 Responses

    • joe dejana

      Are u pple testing dat ‘dislike’ stuff here….wetin na

  1. Endy

    Had to flip through this chapter. First time I’ve done that since I started reading from season one. This is because u’ve expressed ur views on several occasions..and this is another one. Great write up. I just hope life on the run won’t be turned into the gospel according to Zubby.

    • Zuby

      I cover life as I saw it; street life, sex, religion. There are my views and experiences. As an adult, chose those that you want and then move on.

      I am not a pastorn therefore I can’t tell you God will punish you for not believing me. That’s the difference.

    • Mekus

      Zuby Iam happy within u u already knows that you sounded

    • gambit

      if you have been reading his story since and you are just realizing that now, you obviously aren’t very observant

  2. Haykins

    lol..i cant help but laugh at dis update..its ur view anyway,and i dnt tink it shuld in anyway be made public

    • Achovirux

      What should den b made public?? What u want to hear or ur own belief or dogma.Emancipate ur self frm Mental slavery…everybody have freedom of expression is not against d law of d Land.

    • zizi

      He is entitled to his opinion but he shouldn’t bore us with it. One whole chapter! Can u imagine?
      Cos God doesn’t talk to u doesn’t mean he doesn’t talk to anybody else. Na him know who he dey talk to n who he doesn’t talk to. That’s d part I could read it up to.

    • ab

      It’s indeed boring. Pls concentrate on your write up and stop delving on religion. It’s bigger than u can ever comprehend

  3. Lanceslot

    A free thinker, thinking outside the box…
    Some things are hard to believe. We Africans need to start asking, “why?” “Why not?” “How?” “How come?” If we really need to move forward, we need to start thinking and think outside the box… Good afternoon guys.

  4. George

    Zubby, enough of this preaching.
    We are all entitled to our very own opinion.
    You are gradually becoming one of them by your numerious preachings. Believe and live however you want and let us do same.

    Give us our tonic mannnnn

  5. achi4u

    Well,I wish our people can wise up and see the fraud and mess we have gotten ourselves into in this planet earth.
    If you want to text a nigerian xtians or muslims do business with them, trust them and have urself to blame.
    I still believe that there’s God somewhere but maybe we have sinned too much that he allow Africans to deteriorate the way we see it today.
    ozoigbondu well done jare.

  6. Peezy

    This post is just a waste. If you dnt bliev in GOD or metaphysical powers, you are OYO.

  7. self

    U views alone. They are not fact. Keep them to yourself, O Wise one of Enough state.

  8. Wagza

    I just pray it wont be too late b4 you realise the effect or all dis tnz yur saying abt God. Na OYO u dey o

    • Zuby

      There are some other people that need your prayers.
      People are being killed in hiundreds all over the counrty. Focus your prayers there.

    • Mekus

      May God help u is only what I can say to u Zuby

    • Achovirux

      Wise up dude…pray 4 those suffering n dying not a healthy young man enjoying his life at his fullest…God is God

  9. Silvestre

    Nice update….i have never believed a fellow pastor’s interpretation of the bible to b perfect…he teaches accordin to his orientation n comprehension ability…same tin am capable of doing….i tels sum pipo am a ”theist” sumtims wen am asked abt my religion and sum i tel am a ”Freelancer” wen ask d church i attend….knowledge is Power…and i av come to the conclusion that Religious Extremism is the worse form of Insanity a man can xperience…it is pity we Africans who are mre religious n churchy neva ask y is it dat we are mre backward dan d western world??

  10. Gold

    This chapter na zubys sermon. Everyone in life has what he/she believes in, if what you believe in works for you then there is no need to complain.

  11. Dutchstar

    I pray your eyes opens before its too late. Don’t worry revelation time will come one day and then you will see that death does not end life,its just the gate way to eternity either in hell or heaven….my piece of cake

  12. Zuby

    There are some other people that need your prayers.
    People are being killed in hiundreds all over the counrty. Focus your prayers there.
    They need it more than me who is watching West Brom vs Manchester United here in my sitting room

  13. Zuby

    Open your eyes and learn to manufacture aircrafts first. We may require them to fly to heaven someday.

  14. Evny

    Zubby to be candid with you,this is the first time,i have flipped through a chapter.do know u are inteligent and all that,but dont you think you have preached this sermon more than it’s necessary,i might be way younger than you are,but i have come to create my own deffinition of the religion we practice,suppose religion was all an illusion,do you know how many people everyday who keep getting inspired by the faith they practice,alot of people get over desperate situation by the hope they place on religion.Do you envisage the sociallogical fallout that would occur if the all most 4billion religous people around the globe become freethinkers like you.we appreciate your story but dont try to entwine young like minds into beleiving the obscurity of religion.good things could also be used for the wrong ends so is religion.

    • suave

      Nice one bro! Zuby tanks but no tanks for this update

    • gambit

      “do you know how many people everyday who keep getting inspired by the faith they practice…”

      You are right, but as George Bernard Shaw said “The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one.

      The happiness of credulity is a cheap and dangerous quality of happiness, and by no means a necessity of life.”

  15. kingsley

    Oga Zubby I have one thing to tell U
    **whot u dont knw, is above U**

    I knw u ar brilliant and inteligent but this one is above U. So u better keep ur mouth shut up on this!! We ar only interested in ur journey, not about ur religious belief. I thick those things ar beyong ur total comprehension…

  16. prugged

    I totally don’t agree with u(I know u are not xpecting me agreeing wit u)u took it too personal.I believe its d kind of life u lived outside nigeria dat made u talk like dat cus 70pecent Europeans thinks d way u think now..d only problem with we africans is we tend to use religion mostly were its not needed

  17. anthony

    Zuby, u have shared ur opinions on How u see LIfE….which is fine!

    Pls, fellow runners u shouldn’t for any reason get confrontational….u can air ur views and then move on!

    That’s my 2 Kobo!!!

    Now, Zuby, back to the matter!

  18. kingsley

    Oga u ar lucky dat u are far of. I’d have given u a back hand “SLAP” 4 sayin there’s no GoD……Even de AIR u ar breathin depicts de existence of the ALMIGHTY GOD….. And u ar here bizy rantin nonsence!

  19. Cheliz

    I was here!!!

    But had to disagree wit u zubby on ur views abt God.

    Simply becos we humans are architect of our problems in d world today.

    But few who chose to walk in righteousness & true holiness, always have a smooth journey in life

    The Bible says, He that breaks the hedge, the serpent will bite.

  20. Lanceslot

    We have a very long way to go…. But we will surely get there one day.

  21. efilefun

    Every body just busy dey blast oga zuby, dem ignore the new development on the site, I like those “like” and “unlike” button u added on the site…. Carry go like baba blue…

  22. Cheliz

    Zubby point of correction

    We serve God and Gods!

    The pegans are d ones who serve gods which are demons.

    Even satan who gave u this inspiration to say there’s no God even believe that Jehovah is the only true God

  23. spihn

    Zuby hmmmmm
    That was just too extreme. Because you don’t believe it does not mean it doesn’t exist it does. There are principalities and powers everywhere and believe me when I say the supernatural controls the natural.
    There are different reasons and argument to support and oppose it and I am not here for that.
    Although religions of nowadays are not the real definition of it but religions are there to guide our faith and hold us steadfast in what we believe in.
    I pray God opens your eyes

  24. dessy002

    Ok we hear you Zubby.I can’t teach you how to write your own story,but i will rather read more updates about your life on the run than this preaching.I believe most of us are here for your story,not an epistle about atheism.

  25. kingsley

    Oga zubby greatly annoyed me dis afternoon, by his senseless post……. Am just recorvering from de annoyance…. Ziiiiiiping my ALOMO!!!

    • gambit

      “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off”- Gloria Steinem

  26. Wagza

    Why is it dat every post against zuby hv at least one ‘dislike’?

  27. Nche95

    There is a super natural being up there, i think. But who am i to verbally or physically fight for him. Let him fight for himself. Everyone of us is entitled to his opinion. I will be the last person to argue or fight about religion. Am i mad?

  28. lumzybo

    There is smtin abt this Zubby that I still don’t understand.


    • Mekus

      Understand him or not , just know that Zuby was /is/and even still in C O N F U S E D state of mind

    • Zuby

      And you have just exhausted your attacking options. One more word against me and your computer or mobile phone won’t be able to open this site again.

      We are dealing with ideologies on this chapter. You have the choices to believe or don’t believe.
      Any word on my personality again and you go and start your own blog elsewhere.

  29. Sunheri_145

    Dis zubby guy,na waoo,but anyway sha God dey,and zubby u hav 2 believe dat God exist

  30. achi4u

    hahahaha I’m just laughing out loud at this very post.
    Our problem here in African is our inability to face the fact and asked.


  31. Olabisi Olaniran

    O boy I flip fast fast. I be dey think say the sermon go be 2 or 3 lines not knowing I am in for a long thing.
    Zuby please, I think your journeys on the runs alone will be necessary we are adults who know the gods or God to believe or not to believe. It baffles me that as an African, you don’t believe in the potency of the gods too even if you deny the biblical Yahweh or the quranic Allah. Na because them never show you before o or dem dey show you but refused to acknowledge it. Olokun, Amadioha, Ifa etc are real. You can only conquer them when your actions are just and backed by the One you keep denying. Goodluck!

  32. Manshyne

    next update pls! So its now when the guy dey talk about God, religion and Reverends that we’re havin’ 48 comments! I want another full dose before i sleep Oo, Zubby…

    • dolapo

      Exactly,we never had up to 40comments here,but cos its about Religion,see how Gullible Nigerians wan kill themselves.A pity that we are nothing but a piece of Religious but Un-Goldly people.We claim to know God,yet we are far away from God.Nigeria to me is one of the worst countries on Planet earth,all because of the attitude of it’s people. Yet we claim to have God in the corner of our rooms while these same Religious people no trust themselves..Abeg Zubby no mind them joo..

  33. dandollaz

    Zubby pls focus;this ur preaching no go work;God is a supreme being and if you say we dont have soul then we are noo diff from goat.it sound it eck preaching.zubby i will not buy this your idea at al.even the western we praise so much brought the gospel.

  34. TA

    In as much as I like to think outside the box and I see religion as the opium of man. I cannot but notice the similarity of this post and that of what we see from the religious people everyday. What do you zuby stand to gain by preaching anti region?
    You should know better than heat up your blog with the ever inflammable flame of region.
    I hate it when people cajole or force their believe on someone. I don’t care what ideology you belong to.
    Keep your opinion to about God to yourself.

    • Ahmed

      he wasn’t forcing it on nobody, just expressing the right pastors, imams, IFA priests etc. have.

  35. eunisam

    rubish writeup. All this writeup has nothing to do with your story zuby.if you have change from your story to religious critism,i think we will change from globalruns to other site.

  36. eunisam

    remember we are the reason why you write.if we dont read you will only write and read to yourself.I will advice you put your religious ideology to yourself.

    • Zuby

      One more threat from you and your IP address will be blocked.

      You can chose not to read or comment. I don’t remember asking you to believe what I wrote.
      I bet you would have clicked ‘Like’ if I start praising your Pastor.
      You don’t pay for hosting this site or reading the contents.
      I haven’t seen anything you did to seun osewa who has been banning you since 2005.

    • Ahmed

      yes, “we are the reason you write”, and we here includes a multiplicity of persons diverse in thoughts so speak for yourself.

  37. Ozoigbondu na Eko

    Nna nwanne, that is what we are talking about in our religious madness. None of these guys has ever come out openly to condemn your sexcapades through the story, they rather lick the tongues and rather Wish to be your position that moment..lol. For just talking about their mental slavery, they have just remembered that they are righteous…. lol. Zubby never asked u not to bliv in God rather let what you bliv in bring that change we need in our society. If you continue praying for Nigeria to change without you fighting it out physically, it won’t change. if you keep praying for manna/miracles, you will die hungry. Plz my people, be a realist moralist if you really wano see change. Even the Jews we replicate their history don’t even share until our faith, so What’s all these craze for spirituality. I bliv in a supreme being who took his time to structure our entire natural system, universe and even our mental ability. I also bliv that there is a limit to Which he wants us to operate, we can’t but Imagine what life After will look like since nobody has ever ever “with prove” shown us what it looks like. Open your eyes brothers and sisters. A society of Sexcapades in one hand and Bible in the other is a confused one.

    • Dannyboy

      Gbam! You summarised the gullibility and foolishness of Nigerians! Religious yet horrible! The major reason we have Boko Haram and ritual murders despite having the highest number of churches in the world. A man gave his opinion, which is part and parcel of his life’s journey and some condemned hypocrites come out to insult him! I bet it’s the same KIDS who insult their fathers and mothers at home and on Nairaland everyday. Useless people! The major reason Nigeria will not develop because we are busy chaining ourselves to mental slavery! I believe God exists but it won’t make me harass Zuby for his beliefs! If u no like am, dem no force una make una read. Hypocrites

    • Gold

      First of all you should understand why people come to this website, that is to read zubys life on the run series and not to read a sermon. Had he even pasted an article glorfying God he would have gotten same responses. We should learn to draw a RED LINE between religion and beliefs. For example I have my own beliefs but it won’t make me critisize the belief of another which is what zuby did on this article. Nigerians just like u and I are not holy and we know it but we have our beliefs and it works for us.

      Can you imagine what will happen in this world if everyone believes there is no God? I bet you won’t be able to sleep with even 1 eye closed every night, the only thing making people to do Good is the fear of God, the fear of HELL, the fear os missing heaven. Without this fears ths world will be on BIG shithole that will be unsafe for every dick and harry. I knew few people who wanted to commit a major crime or the other but due to the fear of God they didn’t do dat. When such people comes to believe there is No God can you imagine what they will be doing?

  38. Lekkybam

    Hey Mr Zuby! i think you have aired you perspective so many times, i believe everybody has a right to belief whatever he/she chooses to. i guess you got your philosophy from the different novels or personal experience you have had. you come here to preach your believe and i will like to ask you a few questions: what makes you different from the pastors and imams you speak against, they have their beliefs and you have yours. the difference is that they have a congregation while you dont. Anyway congrats, coz i can see you have successfully been able to acquire some gullible ones as your follows here. please enough of this philosophy class and write your story, you can create another blog to preach philosophy. because you got blinded and stopped believing in God doesn’t mean some of us stopped too. so please, ya’kuri, biko, jhoor oo, stop this shit and write your story. Prophet Zuby.

  39. sonickay

    Before dis post, we all know or cud see d handwriting dat Zuby is a theist, religious freelancer and free thinker who sees a certain “force” as the supreme, to others it is nature, to others it is yaweh, jehovah and trinity, to others it is Buddha or Hinduism and lots of religions ova the world. Therefore, it is so unjust, unfair and uncalled for to condemn him for his belief system and d way he sees life as a realist religionist who doesn’t like d order of religion. Zuby has d right and tendency to talk about his beliefs anywhere, anytime and anyday, it isn’t d right tin to condemn him, d right thing is to respect his opinion and ignore some views you disagree with, clutch and grasp on to ur belief system as well and move on to d next chapters. If you had d platform to express ů̶̲̥я̲ religious views, u wil do worse dan dis.
    Reading about his philosophy didn’t change who you are or I am, it opened ů̶̲̥я̲ eyes to other thinkings of life outside the box of religious hypocrisy.
    There are over 730 established religions across the world, if everybody address religion d way you guys do, d world will not be a better place to live in for God’s sake. let’s leave this issue, only God knows best. Let’s not confuse ourselves further. Good day!

  40. sonickay

    Before dis post, we all know or cud see d handwriting dat Zuby is a theist, religious freelancer and free thinker who sees a certain “force” as the supreme, to others it is nature, to others it is yaweh, jehovah and trinity, to others it is Buddha or Hinduism and lots of religions ova the world. Therefore, it is so unjust, unfair and uncalled for to condemn him for his belief system and d way he sees life as a realist religionist who doesn’t like d order of religion. Zuby has d right and tendency to talk about his beliefs anywhere, anytime and anyday, it isn’t d right tin to condemn him, d right thing is to respect his opinion and ignore some views you disagree with, clutch and grasp on to ur belief system as well and move on to d next chapters. If you had d platform to express ů̶̲̥я̲ religious views, u wil do worse dan dis.
    Reading about his philosophy didn’t change who you are or I am, it opened ů̶̲̥я̲ eyes to other thinkings of life outside the box of religious hypocrisy.
    There are over 730 established religions across the world, if everybody address religion d way you guys do, d world will not be a better place to live in for God’s sake. let’s leave this issue, only God knows best. Let’s not confuse ourselves further. Good day! Peace

  41. Michelz

    Zubby,you made some good points in the above…however,your views do not explain some important factors of life and existence,like:the purpose of man on earth(it can’t just be to develope things and gain scientific knowledge to live better on earth only;i believe there’s a higher purpose of man),the existence of demons,etc(these things can’t be explained scientifically),about miracles.There should be a balance of science and Religion. My opinion though. Welldone though. A good read.

  42. Ogash

    I no go talk anytin…….i ve been sittin on d fence wit ma groundnuts nd bole in hand, watchin d brouhaha goin on since yesterday……

  43. DB

    Fire on Zuby, don’t mind the hypocrites. I’m waiting for the dislikes! Lol. Life is what you make of it! Think, its not illegal!

  44. Sk

    Dude, guess this is some gimmick to make people comment.men I must give it to you, you seem intelligent and smart but easy on the religion angle. The mere fact that technology: internet, e.t.c exists is a pointer to the existence of a spiritual world. Have been down that road you are on right now CONFUSED on what to believe because of the different doctrines and religions and some people thwarting and mis-intepreting the bible for their own selfish reasons. Dude believe it GOD does exist and he doesn’t fail his own. Though to some extent you can say RELIGION IS THE OPIUM OF THE MASSES because most people suffer for lack of understanding and having a rudder for the direction of their life. That’s my 2cent on the matter ooooooo

  45. inspired

    Hi guys. whilst I joined this blogg late, I’ve since caught up with all the seasons, and very much up to date. Never felt the urge to comment because I deduced that i am far older than most of you on this blogg (in My mid 40″s) and it was always a form of relaxation for me when am bored . However I do feel compelled to educate and project a view on this religious wahala zubi has generated. A lot of the comments are inspired but others are downright insulting.
    Your views on religion was mainly taken with a pinch of salt by me. I am a bit like you but unlike you, i haven’t given up completely on the concept of god, as i keep searching for wisdom till i die. Question on religion is: Is the glass half full or half empty??? The answer will probably never be clear. Fact is Zubi, has a point in most of his assertions, but can he also scientifically prove there is no God? After all, the west that you so repeatedly quote, the greatest nation of them all (America), still has “IN GOD WE TRUST’, Boldly written in every dollar bill it prints. They also tell us that it is wrong to think we are the only form of “Intelligent life” on earth. Thats why we still search for more planets/UFO”s everyday.
    If we as the most intelligent animals can capture and tame stronger animals n beasts, (Am sure those animals think we are Gods), why can’t it be that we are also being remote controlled by other more intelligent beings/Gods?

    Just saying………

  46. inspired

    I’ve lived for the last 25yrs in the United Kingdom and am still searching without bugging others tho lol

  47. Welder

    Too say am gutted by what you wrote up there Zuby will be an understatement. Your knowledge has suddenly made you ignorant and you think you are in charge of your affairs…I pray for your soul

  48. Silvestre

    All this excessive self Righteousness…if Zubby’s view contradicts yours..dont believe in him…Y pity his soul or life?it is his to Lose…i believe there is a God..but lik i stated above i sumtimes question d rationale behind sumtins i read in the Bible or hear Pastors Preach..but it my view..those of you championing the cause of GOD(the Benevolent Despot) and criticising zubby am sure has done less GOod in your lifetime…many would rather buy a Car rather than help those teenage prostitutes even if you were as Rich as Bill Gates…Nigerians need to learn about Religious Tolerance..i remain a theist cum Xtian

  49. Baba Agba

    Zubby… Why are you bothered on what you dont know.. I had to Flip over this chapter, Concentrate on thing that matter not religion

    My 5cent

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