13: Being Careful

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Ten minutes after they left, I returned the remaining N12000 to the small bag and took it downstairs to the car. There was a large fluorescent bulb over-looking the packed cars, therefore I figured nothing was going to happen to my bag there. I opened my boot, put the bag inside and disconnected my battery head as I had done in the stadium. I locked it and walked back into the hotel. My JW whiskey had finished on my way to Aba, therefore I went to the hotel bar and bought another one.
It seemed they had Johnny walker available in every hotel bar in Nigeria.
It was usually over-priced but it was the hotel, that was to be expected.

I bought a bottle from the remaining N16000. In my wallet and walked upstairs. I knew I had the money there but the bundle of N20000 I brought out from the bag was mint.

What was the need to buy mints if not to showcase it ? I wanted to impress the ladies. It may have been childish but i was a 26 year old with his own money.

I sat on the large two seater sofa in the room and drank. I had switched on my phone downstairs when I was getting Ella’s number.
A call came in. It was my elder brother. He wanted to know where I was since we had planned to go to Cotonou in three days time.

”I am in Aba but I will be in Onitsha in two days time” I had told him.

I called Ella to know how they were getting ready.
”We are coming bros, our roommate said she would come with us ohh” she yelled on the phone

Damn! I was thinking on how to drop one of them and she was talking about someone else joining them.

”Ella, I only wanted you to come. Not with your cousin and definitely not with your roommate. I believe we will have more fun alone” I said.

”Its Ok Andrew, I will find a way to discharge them later” she said.

Andrew was my Aba name. It was Peter in Port Harcourt. I had decided to go with the 12 Apostles excluding Judas of course, I wasn’t the person who advised him to sell our Lord.

Less than an hour and half later Ella called. They were already in a taxi heading to Cape Ville Hotel.
I told them I was waiting in my room.

When a knock came to my door, I opened up and let the three girls in. Ella and her cousin had succeeded in bringing another girl to me. Unfortunately for them, the new girl was far more beautiful that Ella and her cousin combined together. Ella was going to pay for the disobedience.

The new girl was called Liz, the shortened name for Elizabeth. That was my second Elizabeth since I returned. The experience with the first Elizabeth was good and I wondered how the experience with the second one would be; if it would happen anyway.

Liz didn’t like whiskey, she said it was too strong for her. I called the hotel reception and ordered for 6 bottles of guinness stout. A new kind of stout had been manufactured. It was called the medium stout. It was the small and the big stout only before I left Nigeria.

”Liz what are you studying in the Polytechnic” I asked, trying to register my interest on her.

”Civil Engineering” she said.
”Wow, such a nice course” I said, trying hard to impress her with my fake love for civil Engineering, even though i didnt know what it was.

I thought about asking Ella and her cousin what they also studied but decided against it. They needed to know that the game had changed.

However, the change of the game was not the problem. The problem was how to declare my intention towards Liz that night and make her stay. I could play the game in such a way that Liz would return the next day but I didn’t plan to stay in Aba the next day.
I was going to Cotonou in a few days time and I needed to be in Onitsha a day before traveling.

”Ella, I like this your friend oh, please give me her number” I said out of nowhere.
I knew she won’t give me the number. I also felt that since Liz was there, Ella couldn’t stop me from getting the number.

” Why you no ask am to give you the number? No be she be this” Ella said’ pretending that she didn’t care.

I knew women very well and they changed fast if things changed.

Ella was using Queen’s english all along but as soon as I asked for Liz’s number, she turned to broken English. Anyway, I decided to pursue the matter instantly since I had gotten the fake permission from Ella.

”Liz give me your number” I said with a mean voice.

”08032*****2” she called out without wasting time. I wrote it down on my motorola phone and stored it with Louise instead of Liz. There was Liz in my phonebook already.

Quietness had descended in the room. There was a sudden awkwardness as we drank without saying anything.

As the boss, I decided to change the topic.

”What is the best night club here in Aba” I asked.

Ella kept quiet.
Liz was smart enough to say nothing. Ella’s cousin said it was somewhere in Ngwa road.
”There is a club in this hotel too” Ella managed to say finally. It seemed she knew a lot about the hotel.

We decided to go to the Cape Ville club since it was inside the hotel.

I walked into the bathroom to freshen up. right there in the bathroom, I sent Liz a text message” Your friend is not happy because you gave me your number. You will go home with them and return around 9 in the morning”
I sent the message and finished my bath, then I wore my boxers and walked out to the room. I opened my bag in front of them and changed into a short jean and white T-Shirt. I also wore sandals.

We walked down to the club and enjoyed ourselves.

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