129: The Captives – Escape from Hell

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“Is that for all of you?” I asked.
His friend nodded.
The other two didn’t say anything.
I figured that Joe and his friend were going to have to sort them out. They knew themselves and the kind of deals they had been into in the past. It was their business anyway.

I counted 2600 Euros and handed the rest to Joel.

“I am taking 2600 Euros. When we get more money from them, we divide it this way again” I said as i handed him the rest of the cash.

He smiled and took it.

I called Joel into the room. “I want to go and send the girls out to the UK. The driver who will take them has come”.

“What girls?” He asked.

“Those women in the parlour brought some African small girls for prostitution in Europe. So i went to Paris and picked them up to help them but the women found out and came here to kill me” I said.

“Oh, now i understand. No problem. Go and send them out. When are you coming back?” he asked.

“In one hour. We will get more money” I said.

“Wait for me here, i am coming” I said as I went back into the parlour and picked up the nylon bag where i put the dismembered phones, picked up the two sim cards and returned to the room. ” Keep this phones and don’t switch them on. The police could track you down if you do that”.

He nodded and took the bag from me.

I returned to the sitting room and walked out to the corridor, then down to the street and to my freedom.

Before i left the room, i knew that nothing would make me to enter that place again. No amount of money was going to take me back again.
The fresh late morning wind breezed past me and made me understand that i was also a captive of my own operations back inside that apartment.

As i walked fast towards the Gein Metro Station, i heard ‘Wait’ but i didn’t look back. I didn’t know if it was for me or for someone else but whoever it was for, i wasn’t interested in waiting.

“Wait” I heard the shout again as i ran the stairs that led to the platforms.

What was going on?’ could it be that someone had discovered that i took the sim cards? Which as a matter of fact, would render any counter operations impossible.

A train was waiting already on the platform and was about to move when i ran up there and grabbed the door way. Then i squeezed myself inside as the doors closed and the train started moving.

I saw Joel’s friend running up the stairs that led to the platform. His face showed he was disappointed because he knew i was on that train.

As a matter of fact, i wasn’t going anywhere with the train but i just wanted to get away from Gein area. My romance with the devils was over and since the last night, i had been considering how to get away from them, even without a dime. And here was i, with 2600 Euros, safely inside a metro train heading to Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena at a top speed.
The only issue was that the trains normally stopped at every station. I considered whether to stop in the next station or whether to go as far as i could with the train Before going out.

As i carefully considered my next option, i saw them coming towards me; the ticket controllers.

I had no valid train ticket.

Since i returned to Amsterdam, i had been running around with Snoda for security reasons. As a result, i didn’t want to buy the normal one month ticket i used to buy.
The problem wasn’t really that the controllers were going to delay me in the next station. But the way Joel’s friend was running after me and shouting ‘wait’, i felt that something was very wrong. Someone could have fainted or died or that the sharing of the money had caused a problem or could have been anything else but i wasn’t interested in knowing what it was.
They were supposed to deal with whatever comes up after me.

“Your Ticket Please” The female controller asked me in Dutch.

I pretended not to have heard and understood what she said.

“Your ticket please” she repeated.

I searched my pocket, even when i knew i had no ticket. “I forgot it at home”.

Sure, she must have heard such lies a thousand times in the past.

“Come down” She said as the train stopped.
The other two colleagues of hers, which were both men, had captured a girl without ticket and had stepped out of the train as well.

I got down and followed her to where the others were standing.
They all circled me as if i was going to run.
People did run away all the time in such situations and blacks were known to be leading the pack in that category. But the problem was that at Reigesbous station where the train stopped, there was only one exit that led to the road. Since i didn’t know if Joel’s team mate was after me, there was no need running.
The controllers were not going to kill me.

“Sir, you will pay 40 Euros here and get a ticket or we hand you over to the Police” she said.

“My eyes were at the road, watching for suspicious movement of any Snoda. Joel’s teammate could have decided to chase after me with a Snoda since he knew the road was just parallel to the rail line. And i was right.

The black car stopped and both the driver and the Joel’s friend jumped down.

From where they were, they saw me standing with the ticket controllers and started coming up to the train platform.

I waited and considered my next options until they both climbed up and came to where we were.

“I was calling you?” he said to me.

“Hey My friend, what are you doing here?” I asked.

“Joel asked me to call you back. You forgot something” He said.

“But i told him i would be back in one hour” I said.

“Just follow us, we came with a car” He said.

“He is not going anywhere, we caught him without ticket” one of the controllers said.

“Here is 40 Euros, that’s the price for his offence” Joel’s friend said as he brought out his wallet to count out the money.

Then i saw three Police officers, climbing the platform.
The controllers had called them without my knowledge. I guessed they pressed some kind of button to alert them about two people without train tickets.

I smiled.

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