128: The Dream And Sex

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Every thing going on in my mind came to a stop as soon as i felt a finger inside my cunt.
It was time to relax and become a girl again.

I turned and held max on the neck, then i started kissing him while he continued dipping his finger into me.
I wasn’t wearing anything under my light gown. I had anticipated that he would make that move.

Max loved sex a lot because he told me that on the phone when i was still in Milan.

His strong Manhood was struggling for space under me since i was sitting on it.

Max would slip his finger inside of me and brush past my clitoris on his way out.

It felt so good because my mind had suddenly relaxed.
There was no more Madam Philo or Mrs. Mark hunting for me.
I was a free girl at a very early age and if i got it right in the future, i would surely make some money and return to Nigeria to look for something else to do, though i knew how difficult that could be.

Without warning, i jumped down from Max and started pulling down his boxers. He held my head as i removed the cloth and exposed his standing manhood.

I looked at his face, smiled and placed my mouth on his manhood, then i started sucking him slowly.

He threw his head back on the chair and moaned with pleasure.
I would swallow almost the entire length and tightened my mouth on it, then i would pull my mouth out and send a massive pleasure to his brain.

I sucked on the manhood for several minutes until he could bear it no longer, then he grabbed and lay me on the sofa.

One quick move from him, removed my gown and he three it on the floor.
I thought he was going inside me immediately but he simple spread my legs and buried his head between them.

It was my time to moan as he dipped his tongue inside my cunt occasionally.
He would use the tip of his tongue to brush my clitoris every now and then.

I lost myself into the act and drifted away in pleasure while he did his job with maximum concentration.

I only returned to humanity when i felt his manhood inside of me as he pumped away.
I didn’t know when he wore condom but he had condom with him.
I had managed to close my eyes to be able to absorb the pleasure that was being generated between my legs.

My entire body was on fire as Max faced me with a lot of energy.
I cried with pleasure as he occasionally suspended the pumping and sucked on my breast to gather more energy for his work downstairs.

Max seemed to have gathered much more strength because the last time he had me during the sex party, he didn’t pump me with such energy as he did.

As the act progressed, i felt happy inside. Not because of what we were doing but because, somehow i felt that i was doing something in return for the man who had stood as my boyfriend.

When we were done, we squeezed ourselves together on the sofa and slept.

During the sleep, i had a dream. In the dream, Aunty Philo was chasing me with a stick. She was shouting that i must stop for her to kill me while i ran as fast as i could.
I was Also shouting for help.

She chased me through Domitiana way where other prostitutes stood and did nothing.

The few who said something were only telling her to stop chasing me and let me be; yet she refused and continued chasing me.

As i was about to look back to make sure she wasn’t catching up with me, i stumbled on a stone and fell face down to the ground.
I turned and saw her closing in on me.

I felt a hand nudged me and when i woke up, i saw Max staring at me.

“You were talking in your sleep” He said.

“How?” That was the only thing i could say.

“I dont know. You were asking someone to help you” He continued.

At that moment, i knew that he must be convinced that it was just a dream.

“That Madam, the one who tried to steal my 2000 Euros was chasing me in the dream” I said.

“What does she want again?” Max asked.

‘How the fvck am i supposed to know?’ I thought,
but i said, “She was angry because of the money we recovered from her”.

I was sure Max must have known about dreams, everybody knew what dreams were.

“Dont worry baby, she can’t do anything to you here” Max said.

It was a relief for me because, i didn’t have a clue how best to tell him that it was actually Aunty Philo who was after me.

Blacks were known only for their belief system and awkward interpretations.
Some said dreams were the opposite of what would happen.
Some said if you had a particular kind of Dream, then it meant danger.

I was not a good interpreter of dreams but i was sure that Someone chasing me in a dream was never a good sign.
It wasn’t the first time Aunty Philo attacked me in a dream but i took interest in that one because i had settled with her already.

I was scared to return to sleep, therefore i lay awake and watched the Television.

It was already 10pm when Max held my hand and led me to the room. It was confirmed that i was going to stay in her room.

As soon as we were about to settle on the bed, his phone started ringing. He returned to the sitting room and picked it where it lay on the center table.

I was already on the bed but he walked into the room and stood like a confused man.

“What’s it baby?” I asked.

“Your friend is the one calling me” he said.

“My friend? What do you mean? Which of my friends?” I asked him without giving him any chance to answer the first two questions.

“Lilian” He said.

“What does she want?” I asked, even when Max hadn’t answered the call.

“How?” should i know?” he said.

The phone had died down and had started ringing again.

“Why dont you answer the call and find out what she wants, you can put the phone on speakout if you know you have no more business with her as you said.

Max pressed the green button on the Nokia he was holding and switched it on to speak out.

“Max, its me Lilian” she said.

“I know, why are you calling me?” Max asked.

“There is something you should know about the girl you paid for her freedom” Lilian said.

“What are you talking about?” Max asked.

The Whole thing was about me.

We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far.

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  1. mandy

    Zubby that was a very bad place to end that episode. You want me to die of suspense.

    • akpos4ever

      That’s the way. Suspense. Makes you want to hungry for more.

  2. Emezue

    Zzzzzuuuuuuuuuubbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! Why now?anoda update pllllsssssssssss

  3. Anonymous

    Human will always be human no matter what. There can only be little adjustment but human will always tilt it to favour them; Maria, welcome to the world of betrayal as a result of jealousy. Thanks Ozoigbondu 1 of Berlin

  4. davido

    Our God is an awesome God…Sometimes I wonder why men are sooo different 4rm women. Lilian is tryna b a snitch enemy of progress in naija language

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