128: Remorse

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A few days later, everything began to settle and return to normal. Based on my own calculations, the only score left to settle was the slap by the area boys. I had gotten my money from them, although the money belonged to Maria but it was the area boys who stole it from her. They worked for the money and i took it from them.

I picked up my phone and called the DPO.
He and his boys were drinking at an area called Lawanson. I told him that i wanted to see him urgently. He directed me on how to get to where he was.

I took a bike and drove to him.

”my boy how are you” he said as soon as i settled on a chair beside him.
He was happy to see me since i had made them over N50,000 from the Chukwudi case.
I even did more by buying them more drinks.

” Officer, i was at the good day hotel today and overheard some boys talking about a job they did. They were drinking and boasting about snatching one lady’s bag at Adetola street. I marked one of them’s face and would recognize him anywhere i see him” i said.

He told me to visit him at the office the next day so we could discuss it properly.

The following day, i called Maria. She was getting better. I told her that i would come in an hour or two.

I went to the Police. The DPO was there. I told him everything i heard about the people who stole a lady’s money. I told him also that i could recognize one of them anywhere.
He told me to keep looking out for them but warned me to be careful since if they found out i was snitching on them, i could be in a lot of mess.

I left the station house on a bike and drove to Ojuelegba. I bought an Ericsson phone of N48,000 and drove to Maria. She was cooking when i came.
As if she knew i was going to get her a phone, she had jumped up at me on seeing the pack of the new phone.

Somehow after buying a new cheap Nokia, Maria had called me. Surprisingly, she knew my number offhead. She had told me about the new Nokia worth N6500. According to her, she had recovered most of her contacts from a diary but not all of them.

When i received her call, i felt a little guilty over what happened between us. I was sure she planned something in Benin,
maybe i was just being paranoid but it was better to be paranoid than a victim.
I was angry at myself for destroying her simcard but i was also trying to protect myself. The mistake was attacking her with the area boys in the first place. As soon as that happened, going back to give her all those items would have painted me black in her eyes. At a stage i had decided to mellow down and find a way to bring her back to the table. She didn’t have many friends in Lagos.
I knew that whatever i was going to do with the area boys could backfire and that could lead to them squealing. They could confess that i had sent them to attack Maria, therefore it was important to be in good terms with Maria first.

”cunning is the art of concealing our own defects and discovering other people’s weaknesses”

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