127: Fish and Rat

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I had told Baba to come alone and he had done that.
The money and the phone sat there on my table. I had also promised him that there would be more jobs which would fetch us big money.

”IF you wanted the company of rats, you must buy fishes”

The phone inside my room started ringing. As I went to the room to get it, i knew who it was. It was Jude. I had told him to call me in ten minutes time as soon as Baba told me that he was downstairs. I had also told Jude to cut off the call as soon as I picked it. I told him that I would explain why later.

I went to the room and picked up the call. Jude cut it off as soon as he heard my voice. I switched it off because someone else could call while I was talking to the false call. Then I put it on my ear and pretended to be talking to someone.

”Hello baby, I found the people who took your money. I called the police and tracked them down. The police have taken them to Ikeja for interrogation. We also recovered all the items they took from you. you are lucky” I said as I sat down opposite Baba.
Baba who had heard everything I had said, stood up abruptly.

”Woo, Wetin you think say you dey do, you wan call police for me” he said as he looked around to see if Police were hidden anywhere in my place.

”Calm down. I am not calling any police but I am sending the items back to the owner. She said she would commit suicide if she didn’t get the things back. I don’t want her to die yet. I have told the DPO that I was in the area when it happened and that I knew the people who did that but I will tell him that I haven’t found them. We will close the case and nobody will know anything” I had said to Baba.

He complained that his co actors won’t believe him if he didn’t return with their shares of the money.

“Tell them what happened and tell them that I will settle them when I get money” I said.

He left my house so disappointed.
There on the table was N50,000. According to Baba, they had spent N2000 the night they got the money.

Maria’s phone was also on the table. It was worth over N50,000 in the Nigerian Market. I picked it up and removed the Simcard, broke it into pieces and flushed it down the toilet. I inserted one of my old simcard and switched the phone on. Then, I checked all the numbers, stored in the phone and wiped them out.
I took the phone and the money and went down to my car.

I drove to Ladipo through toyota bus stop and sold the phone for N42,000. I knew I could have gotten much more money from it but it was a stolen phone. I needed to close the deal as quickly as possible.

In Total, I saw N92,000 on my hand. There was a Diamond bank at the upper Ladipo street, I drove there.

It was time for Mathematics.

I had spent N39,000 in benin city.

N92,000 minus N39,000 = N53,000.

Kola, Baba and their gang had taken about N40,000 including drinks.

I deducted the N40,000 too and came up with N13,000.

I counted N13,000 and stuffed it inside my wallet, Then I paid in the rest of the money into my account.
I Knew that Baba and his gang would return. They had pulled the job themselves and if they got nothing, they could implicate or even attack me.. It was important to cover every area.
Although I could deny them but it was better to avoid stirring the problems in the first place.

On my way back, I called Baba.
”Let us meet at the good day hotel in the evening” I had told him.
He reminded me that the boys were angry. I told him to come with them. I promised there was another job and also told them that everything from that new job would go to them.

The jobless Alayes were at the good day before my arrival. I called Maria to make sure she was not in that vicinity. She could identify one of them as her attackers and if she did, she could easily link them with me which would stir trouble.

”I am tired. I can’t make calls, I have lost all the numbers I don’t have in my Diary. I don’t even have money at home” she had said.

I told her that I will stop by in two hours.

The boys were angry as expected but I told them that jobs were like that sometimes. I bought them drinks worth N3000 and gave them N5000 in cash to share. I myself refused to drink, I had taken my money and didn’t want anything to do with the remaining N13,000.
Two of them were contented except one. I had forgotten his name. He had refused the money and said that I must share the money equally. I reminded him that I didn’t call him for any job. Good day was a large place and there were many people there that evening. There was nothing he could do.
When it was time to leave, I told them that the next job could come in a few days.

I drove straight to Maria. She was visibly getting thinner and uglier. She hadn’t put on any make up since the incident. I didn’t want to stay at a sorrowful place, therefore, I consoled her and gave her the remaining N5000 on my way out. It was her money. The remainder of the money from her phone and cash.
She could now go and do the charm with the money for all I care. Lets see how she won’t charm herself or Baba and his gang or the officials of Diamond bank.
… And to all the people who put me into the temptations of revenge, the blame of my unpleasant and unfavourable actions was also yours. The evil that men do must not go unpunished because they would keep doing bad things.

” The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated but to make complicated things simple”

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