126: The Divine tricks

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In the mediocre society we lived, people believed that every kind of tricks were divine. Just tell them it was done by god and they would believe you.

We lived in a society where a Pastor would conspire with his fellow scammers to cut the break cable of a man’s vehicle, then prophesy to him that he was going to have an accident if he didn’t pray hard enough. ”Hard enough” would be his punch line. No matter how much the man prayed, the breaks would eventually fail and when it does, the whole congregations would shout Alleluya, God talks to our pastor.

We lived in a society where a community would claim that their shrine could track debtors and kill them. People would be trooping to the shrine to tell a faceless entity about people who owed them and refused to pay them. The shrine soldiers would eventually track down the debtor and warn him that the shrine had given him a time to pay or die.
If the person paid out of fear, the shrine had worked. If the person didn’t pay, the shrine soldiers would eventually make sure they killed the man, the shrine had worked too. Everything, even Physics and Chemistry were attributed to Divinity.

We lived in a society where students would visit the churches to pray for divine help to pass exams over subjects they didn’t read. They believed God was capable of passing the exam for them rather than reading.

We lived in a society where someone would tell you that God had revealed a football match result to him but warned that if a certain team didn’t pray hard, they would lose. The sheeples would shout Alleluya and spread the news all over the place.

We lived in a society where a pastor would gather Twenty million Naira from poor masses, then spent two million Naira to buy rice for poorer masses and spread it all over the TV. The people would be shouting Alleluya all over the place.

We also lived in a society where Churches, especially the Catholics would built houses for their priests, bought exotic cars for them and lived poor themselves. A trait they carried over from when the white missionaries came. The same people who enslaved us mentally.

We lived in a society where the government who were supposed to help the poor masses, engaged themselves in looting the resources and shipping the money oversees where other governments used them.

Everything around us was wrong. Everything, except the few things we had managed to salvage.

Right from begining, I believed there was a big force controlling the planet earth and other planets. You called it God but I called it Nature. Whatever it was, we must all agree that it was a constant. We are the variables. The numerous religions we had were also variables. The different races we had on earth were variables.
Therefore the war of ”My God is better than your God” had started long ago. It was a war of trying to take what you had after telling you that his or her own Constant had told him or her something to tell you. The target had always been the money in your pocket, your land, your resources. As soon as our people understood all that, we would be emancipated from mental slavery. ”Anybody who said God told him something to tell you is lying to you”

Therefore Karma was real in the sense that what goes around comes around. Karma had its workers on earth too because misfortune goes to good people and vice versa. Everything was by chance. Yes, by chance even the Prayers that you claimed had been answered.

The Karma of Maria losing her phone and money was man made. If I had not been part of it, I could have believed that it was Karma of what she tried to do to me in Benin.

”Hello” I said as soon as I picked the call.

It was Baba of the Alaye gang.

He wanted to know when we will share the money. I told him to get me the entire money and the phone. He promised to come.

” People have moral standards about what they will do and will not do.. At the end of the day someone who cheats has lower moral standard than someone who does not. And they will cheat in other areas of life as well”

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