126: The Clever Money Diversion

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Like a Flash, a slap landed on Madam Sharon’s face and blinded her.

Her hand bag was on the chair.
I picked it up immediately and opened it.
The money was still there. I picked it out and counted it while Madam Sharon reeled on the floor, shouting for help that would never come.

After counting the money, it was complete.
We opened the door and went downstairs.

Back in the car, we headed towards the highway down to Napoli.

After careful calculation, i figured that i still had more than 9000 Euros.
It was still a large amount of cash anywhere.
It also suddenly occurred to me that the money was still in danger.

I didn’t know Max and his friend very well. I only met Max once in his apartment somewhere in downtown Napoli. However, i never met his friend prior to that day.
It dawned on me that what she did to Aunty Sharon could also be done to me. Money was in the air and it was a dangerous object that could cause troubles between the best of friends.

I felt like i didn’t even know how i got into the current situation but i also knew that it would have been difficult to recover the 2000 from Sharon without their help.
The worst part of my sorry state was that i had much more money than the 2000 Euros Max and his friend knew about.
I was at the risk of losing the entire money when we got to Napoli. I would definitely be helpless if they wanted to take the money away from me.

Max seemed like a nice guy, especially from the little knowledge i had about him but then, a good guy could turn bad without warning.
I was a good example of a good person that turned bad because of money.
I never believed that i could do what i did to Ano. He was a guy that welcomed me into his life even when he knew i was just a stranger.

But the funny part of everything was that as the days go by, i drifted away from feeling guilty over what i did to Ano.

Something in me told me that there would be trouble, therefore i suddenly said, “Max, i will stop at the next station. I want to meet a friend. Here is the 2000 Euros. Keep it for me, i will come to the house in an hour or 2”.

“I am going to visit a friend too but i will be home soon. Call me before you start coming to my place” He said as he took the 2000 Euros from me.

I knew how dangerous it was to give him the money but i did it to secure the rest of the money.

When they stopped me, i waved them bye as they drove away with my big bag.
I opened my hand bag to make sure the rest of the money was still there; it was.

I walked a few meters away from where they stopped me and waved down a cab.

I drove back to the city center and located Mama Bisi’s shop.

Mama Bisi was a Yoruba woman who specialized in sending money to people in Nigeria, i had used her once to send money to my mother.

The woman was there when i came.
“I want to send some money to Nigeria” I had said to her after exchanging greetings.

She said that Euros had risen to 172 per 1 Euro. It was a big leap and i was going to make “Give me your calculator please” I said to her.

Mama Bisi picked up the large digital calculator on the table and handed it to me.

I checked 1.2 million naira’s equivalent in Euros and came up with 6980 Euros.

After more calculations, i said, “Aunty i want to send One Million, two hundred Thousand Naira to Nigeria”.

She looked up at me with a surprise face but said nothing instantly.
It took her almost one minute before she finally took the calculator from me and made some calculations.

“You will pay 6977 Euros plus another 300 Euros to send the money” Mama Bisi declared.

I made a little attempt at beating down her 300 Euro commission but without success.

Then i gave her the money and watched as she did whatever she did on a ledger.

Mama Bisi called Lagos Nigeria and gave out instructions on how to go about the money in Lagos.

From inside Mama Bisi’s shop, i called Madam Anna in Ekpoma.
Madam Anna was the only woman who owned a land telephone in the entire neighbourhood.
She usually stayed at home right since after the death of her husband whom she was accused of having a hand in his death.

Madam Anna recognized me after some explanations. She asked me to call back in a few minutes while she sent someone to call my mother.

I waited for fifteen minutes before calling Mama Anna again.
This time, my mother was the woman who took the call.

“Hello Mummy” I had said.

It was at that moment that i realised how much i had missed the woman.
All through my troubles up North in Milan and Venice, i never called her. I simply forgot that she existed.
I didn’t even remember my father as well. I was struggling to have a life of my own without remembering them.

“How are you my daughter?” She asked.

I told her that i was very fine and that i wanted to send her some money.

“Do i have to go to Lagos again?” she asked.

“No Mama, just call out the account number you opened for me. I will ask them to pay the money into it” I said.

She asked that i call back in ten minutes while she go home and get it where she wrote it down.

I waited for another twenty minutes before i called again.

She gave me the account number.

“Mama listen, i want you to go to the bank tomorrow to confirm the money. I will call back for you by tomorrow evening” I said.

She tried to find out how much money it would be but i didn’t tell her. I wanted her to confirm the money by herself, that way, i would know how much Mama Bisi paid into my account.

After the phone calls, i gave Mama Bisi the account number.

Right there in my presence, she made a call again to Lagos.
After the call, she asked me to wait in her office for an hour.

Two hours later, she received a call that the money has been deposited to my account.

I thanked her and left for Napoli.

I didn’t have much more money with me except the few hundred dollars left from the entire money i got from Ano. But there was the 2000 diversion fund with Max.

I just hoped i will get it from him because money was such evil.

You have to make a contingency plan in an event of any unscheduled development, whether favorable or otherwise.

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  1. horlabiyi

    Well,I don’t see Max as someone who’s ready to take away the money but his friend tho!!! Thumps up nigga

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    Max will not do anything stupid but his friend wil be expecting payment. Another wonderful update from Ozoigbondu nke mbu na mbu.

  3. Raiden

    The 2000 euros is a bile that needs handle with care, otherwise more enemies for Maria. Nice one brother.

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    that’s tactical of u to give mm Something to divert their attention and hide their crime intention, now u are making ur own Soldier and defender in the toughs days to come….

  5. Chidex

    Just let dem taste from the money! And dat solves it! Ride on boss…… still I run

  6. akpos4ever

    Money is truly such an evil. It can cause division/separation of friends.

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