125: The Root Of All Evil

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The confusion created by Mrs. Mark couldn’t allow me to think of the next thing to do.
Someone had probably called and told her that i was back in Castel Volturno.
The only person i had in mind was Lilian but i could be wrong.

“How much is your money?” i asked.

“Baby, what’s going on?” Max asked.

“Maria who is she?” Madam Sharon asked.

Max’s friend was already sitting inside the car.

The woman was already shouting.
“See what you caused for me. You agreed to do it and i gave you advance. You must give me the money back”.

Lilian had somehow emerged from the apartment and was leaning against the open door.

Out of anger, i opened my hand bag and brought out 500 Euros.
“Here is your money” I shouted as i handed the money to her.

She took it and stopped shouting.

I followed Aunty Sharon into the car and we drove off.
Inside the running vehicle, i didn’t answer any of the questions thrown at me by either Max or Madam Sharon.
I pretended to be very angry and hoped that they understood me.

I wanted to ask Max if i could follow him to his place but not in the presence of Aunty Sharon. I felt it would be an insult to make that request in her presence while she had not even asked me to leave.
She also had some of my money.
She had given out 18000 Euros to Philo and haven’t said anything about the remaining 2000 Euros. It was extremely important that i followed her to her place for us to settle.
But i also knew that if she somehow decided to hold on to the money, she could easily do that.

Things changed when we got to Aunty Sharon’s house. As i was about to get out of the car, Max asked if i would follow him to his place.

“Not now Max. I will call you as soon as possible. I have to finish some things with my Aunty here” I said.

“Its Ok, Maria. You can follow them if you like” Aunty Sharon said.

What was she talking about? She didn’t say anything about my money and didn’t even mention my big bag inside her apartment.
Has she forgotten that she still has some of my money?

2000 Euros was a big money both in Europe and Nigeria. It was true that she did a wonderful job for me but it was not worth that amount.

“I will call you” I said to Max as i walked to the entrance door to the apartment and stood there.

Aunty Sharon opened the door and we walked in.

“Why don’t you want to follow him, i think he likes you” Aunty Sharon said as soon as we walked inside the apartment.

“I will go but not now. My bag is still here” I said.

“Oh, its true” She said as if she didn’t know that i came to her house with a big bag.

“Aunty thanks for the help. I want the balance of the money so that i can go to Max” I said.
I felt that it was better that we finished every business once and for all. Waiting to do that later could change things.

“Is this how you thank people?” She almost shouted.

Here we go!

I sensed that there would be trouble ever since since she didn’t say anything about it in the car.
I had expected that she would hand the money To me inside the car on our way back home but she didn’t. It was then that i knew she had other plans.

There was a problem with our fellow Nigerians in Italy. May be not everybody but the majority of us there in Italy had this issue.

Madam Sharon picked offence immediately i asked for my money. Why?

I didn’t know how she had expected me to ask for it.
I was even lucky she gave any money to Aunty Philo.

I remembered that i thanked her for what she did. I also knew that she would be paid because she couldnt just spend her time for nothing. But the way she was going about the whole matter disappointed me..

“Aunty Sharon, i dont know how to go about this but i want my money back. I have thanked you and i also plan to give you some money but not 2000 Euros” I said.

“I dont even know how you got this money because i believe its not that man who gave you the money. I will call your Aunty back and ask her to make the Charm for you again. She will tie you down again if you dont leave this place now” She shouted.

Without saying a word, i called Max and told him to return to the apartment.
“I am waiting for you outside the house” I shouted and rushed straight to the room.

I picked up my bag and started dragging it outside.

“Let me just warn you Maria, if you say anything about me, i will teach you a lesson in this City. Go and ask of me” Aunty sharon shouted.

Her two girls were not in the house. That gave her the chance to say whatever she wanted. I was sure she wouldn’t have said all those things if they were around.

Since i have paid for my freedom, it was time to start doing whatever i liked and that included getting back at people who hurt me in the past.

Madam Sharon had just done her own part and it was left for me to do mine.

I stood beside my bag and waited for Max outside the house.

It didn’t take him 20 Minutes to show up with his friend.

“What happened” He said as soon as i entered the vehicle.

“The woman doesn’t want to give me my money” i answered.

“What Money?” Max continued.

I told Max everything that happened.
I narrated how i stumbled upon an English rich man in Milan who asked what i was doing for a living. I ended up telling Max that it was the man who gave me 22000 Euros to buy out my freedom.

“Where is the man now?” Max asked.

I told him that he is still in Milan.

“So, you mean that the Madam who went with us for the settlement is still with your 2000 Euros” Max’s friend asked while Nodding.

“Yes” i said.

He jumped down from the car and pressed the bell.

“Hello” The intercom boomed.

Before the guy could say anything, i said out loud.

“Please open the door for me, i forgot something in the wardrobe”.

She hesitated for a few seconds before pressing the door bell.

The entrance door opened. Max’s friend and I went upstairs, apartment door was already opened for us.

As soon as Madam Sharon saw two of us, she knew there was trouble.

“Where is the fvking 2000 Euros?” He shouted.

“Get out of my house” She yelled.

Knowing when and how to say what should be said is a sign of wisdom

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  1. horlabiyi

    Lol,maybe Madam Sharon is going to get beaten now. Where’s the fucking 2000 euro?

  2. IamJames

    Nigerians never cease to amaze me. Is it up to her to decide how she’ll be rewarded or Maria?

  3. Eulag

    Greed, the most common African / Nigerian problem .

    She even dey open eye for the matter .

  4. welder

    Wonder why the commenters keep referring to Nigerians as been greedy and labelling us as if the trait is only peculiar to this great nation. Well, the writer led them on.

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    Trouble 101….let’s see how it pans out…..thanks for the update bro….cheers

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    Every nigerian eye dey chuk 4 moni… Person go help U do small tin in go want mk u give am moni 2 use build haus

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