124: Journey To Freedom – Prisoner Of The Deities

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Everyone is handed adversity in life. No one’s journey is easy. It’s how they handle it that makes people unique


We all watched as Lilian got up and walked to her room. She couldn’t hide her anger anymore.
I had expected her to act up earlier but she had managed to control herself until that moment.

“Hey baby come on, don’t be like that” Max said towards Lilian.

Another idiot!
I brought you to play my boyfriend, not to pet any bitch.

“Leave her” I said to Max.

Madam Philo picked up the money and started counting them.

Two minutes later, she announced that the money was complete.

We watched as she went into her room and came out with a kind of charm.
It was a 6 inches nail and a padlock, banded together with red thread.

We all watched in awe as she started untying the thread and saying some incantations at the same time.

“Olokun the queen of the sea” She started, “Today, i ask you to release my child Maria. She has fulfilled her obligation and is free to be on her own now. Give her wealth and good life. Bless and protect her with the young man who has paid for her freedom. Give them their heart desires and make her understand that everything i did was for her own good. Give her children in the future and when she brings her own girls from Africa, let them treat her good and pay her like she has just done”.

Aunty Philo continued her prayers for over five minutes before she finally ended it.
We all shouted ‘Amen’ at once.

I thought that beautiful holy word was for the Christian God alone. How could he have allowed the evil worshippers to be using his own word?

The world was full of mysterious things and only those who kept their hands clean and free could enjoy it.

Africans had managed to bind themselves with evil spirits and the result was that nobody knew what was happening to him or her.
It was either that your parents engaged you to what you didn’t know when you were a kid or that you openly went for it by yourself.

The Worship system in Africa had gone beyond human comprehension and as a result, everything had changed upside down.

We were incapable of finding comprehensive solutions to our problems and we reverted to blaming each other for our woes.

Aunty Philo had tied my destiny with a key lock and a nail.

All along, i had thought that i was just a free girl walking the streets like others. Little did i know that my destiny was inside a room in Castel Volturno.

What if Aunty Philo had died before that day?
Who would have untied me?.

You can see what Africans did to themselves. We tried to hold our own people down spiritually and at the end of the day, we die without releasing them. Then everyone kept being blind and grasping the air like blind people.

Before Aunty Philo finished her prayers and incantations, i was already crying.
Not because i was being set free but because i didn’t know that i was tied never to move forward in life. But whatever spirit that was in charge of me had done a good job of sending me to Ano in Milan.
It was there that the advent of my release started.

Irrespective of having done Wrong to Ano, i felt that it was God who sent me through that way.

As things stood, i would have been blaming myself if i had returned the money to Ano and his ex girlfriend. It would have been the biggest mistake i ever made in Europe.

Thanks to Julia, my Ghanaian friend who encouraged me to run with the cash.
It was her who made it possible in the first place. She was part of my history and it would be a mistake if i didn’t include her in my life story.

Every single human being that passed through our lives did so for a reason. There was always positive things to learn from everybody, be it a dumb, blind or cripple; they all meant so much to our existence.

“Its OK baby, stop crying” Max said as he stood up and came to console me.

That’s what i wanted you to be doing. Play the perfect boyfriend who was paying a lot of money for his woman’s freedom, not a pet boy who was concerned with a crying loser bitch.

I nodded at Max and stopped crying immediately.

Max’s friend was busy dealing with the red wine. I didn’t know who he was but i liked him.
Even during the prayers, he didn’t care. He just poured out his wine and enjoyed himself while Aunty Philo commanded Olokun on how to release me. I wasn’t sure he even knew what was going on.

“Where do you stay now?” Aunty Philo suddenly asked me.

“No place yet. My boyfriend asked me to come and stay with him but i am not going yet. I already told him there were some other things to do before i could live with him” I said.

Everybody laughed.

“You can return and stay here if you want. At least until you are able to find your own place. But if i were you, i will join him. He must have loved you good enough to come up with 18000 Euros” Aunty Philo said.

“Thanks Aunty. I will let you know if i will come and stay with you. At least i will be working at the Restaurant & Bar with you” I said.

Before we left, Aunty Philo called Lilian to come out. She refused and when i went into her room, she was still sobbing.

“Aunty Lilian” I began, what you think is not what happened. If you want to know more, call me” I said and turned around to go.

“Your phone number is switched off” She said.

“Yes i changed my number. I will call you with the new one” I said.

As soon as we were about to open the car doors, a taxi stopped behind us. We all looked at it at the same time and watched as the Front passenger door flew open.

Mrs. Mark emerged from the car.

“Where is my money, you thief” She shouted at me.

She was alone, therefore i wasn’t in any kind of danger.

She continued, “You think you can just take my money and run away. You didn’t come to court like we agreed and they are about to annul the case in court all because my witness disappeared. Give me back my money now” She shouted.

In the comment box below, tell us whom you think alerted Mrs. Mark that i was at the Philo’s apartment.
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Things are about to twist.

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67 Responses

  1. horlabiyi

    Not sure if it was Lillian cos I didn’t remember her knowing anything about Mark’s family. My number suspect is Melissa or what’s her name. The girl that came to meet Maria at the hotel in Napoli.

  2. jonnyanichi

    Bros Zuby whom else do u think it would be, Lilian off course! but wait oh it can also be Mellisa.

  3. Bonavi

    It has to be Melissa cos I am not sure if she new anything about mrs mark. Well done boss

  4. achovirux

    That’s d girl that was planning with Maira how to go about Dr marks wife then.

  5. TADE

    guess it cld be Melissa
    she’s the only one who knew about the goings on with Dr Mark back then
    Dr Mark could have been looking for Maria
    and so was his wife.
    However, she likely would have done it in good faith and not harm Maria

  6. Eunisam

    the best thing so far is forcing everybody to comment. I like it even as i enjoys everybody’s thought.

  7. Anonymous

    Lillian!! How did she get there at the righ time?Someone who in the house must have alert her that Maria was in the house. Looking at everything that happened in the house, the only person who might have alert her was lillian

  8. Eunisam

    lilian is the prime suspect but i wil say it is the girl that met maria at the hotel.

  9. welder

    It is definitely Melissa. Who else but the bitch? She is the only one who knew about the Mark’s and the payment…Lilian doesnt.

  10. solomon sly

    It was Lilian since maria left I belief they must have known what what happen between Mr Mark and his wife.

  11. kinkyy

    Lilian of course …Class of 2015 this one no be Jamb Question….. The expo full every where…………..

  12. Dammyoni18

    Lilian or Melissa did, Lilian cud hv heard abt d deal whn Maria ws away or she paid Melissa.

  13. miss salome

    I don’t think anytin cuz am sure its melissa that told mrs mark that u are in aunty philo’s apartment

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