123: Journey To Freedom – The Payment

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Never make your home in a place. Make a home for yourself inside your own head. You’ll find what you need to furnish it – memory, friends you can trust, love of learning, and other such things. That way it will go with you wherever you journey.

“Maxxxx” Lilian shouted as soon as she opened the door for us.
“I have missed you so much. You stopped taking my calls. How did you find here?” She continued.

Idiot! How could she not see that i was with them.

Max smiled and said that he traveled out of Italy. Whether he meant it or not was his business.
My only worry was that it could be dangerous if Lilian complicated things for me. She was the person who took me to Max in the first place. I also never told her that i was dating Max behind her.
I wasn’t dating Max but as long as he was there to play ‘the boyfriend who wants to pay for her girl’s freedom’, Lilian was most likely going to be shocked.
She was going to wonder how i was able to pull that one off. But it would also be too late for her to wonder as soon as i give the money to Aunty Philo.

Back in the Car, Aunty Sharon had asked us to complete the money she had to 20,000 Euros.
She had asked with hope that Max would just produce the money but when i opened my handbag and gave her the balance, she wondered if i was even telling her the truth.

Inside the Apartment, we all sat down while Aunty Philo opened the fridge and brought out two bottles of red wine.

Lilian was sitting very close to Max and was almost kissing him while trying to say what i didn’t know.
I was angry that she could be doing all that in our presence without regard to why Max Came there in the first place.

My only consolation was that she would soon be highly disappointed and heart-broken.

“Where is your bag and clothes?” Aunty Philo suddenly directed the question at me.

“I will get it later” I said and at the same time, Aunty Sharon sensed that it was time to start business.

“Madam Philo. It was me who called you and told you about some serious things to discuss. Maria came to my house and told me that she had a problem with you and that she would like to come and apologize with me. That’s why i agreed to come with her” She said.

“There is no need for her to apologize” Aunty Philo interrupted, “all she need to do is just to give me all the money she made in Milan or wherever she went. Then she can come back here and start work like other girls. You know what we go through trying to bring the girls here and she just left without telling me”.

Aunty Sharon took over from her.
“It is OK. She also asked me how much it would cost to pay you off once. She said her boyfriend sitting here asked her to meet you and find out how much he can pay for her freedom. When she told me, i told her that girls who wanted to be free currently pay 18,000 Euros if they would pay immediately. She also told me that she has given you some money since she came. That’s why i came to find out how much she will balance you so that her boyfriend can go ahead and pay for her” She said.

Max Smiled.
I smiled inside too.

The deal was still going well. Madam Sharon had managed to pin Philo down with the news that I had given her some money since i arrived. She knew It was true and that she couldnt deny it.

Lilian was still looking from Max to me and back again. It was obvious she was in great confusion and discomfort but that wasn’t my business.
She was never going to ask Max anything in front of all of us. It would be a shame for her to tell the World that  a guy she introduced to me was about to pay for my freedom while She, who had spent over one year before my arrival, was still struggling to return a few hundred Euros every month.

“Thank you My Sister” Aunty Philo began, “All of us wants money and that’s why we are here. I cannot deny freedom to my girl but she is still too young to be on her own. If her boyfriend promise to take care of her, i will accept the money. But i dont want anything to happen to Maria. It was me who brought her to Italy and i know her parents. They will be on my neck if anything happen to her”.

Liar! I almost said.
Madam Philo didn’t now my parents, i was sure.

But for the sake of peace, i decided to keep quiet and watch as things unfold.

“Thank you my sister” Aunty Sharon took over, “I have asked her boyfriend the same question about taking care of her and he promised me he will protect her. I have also told Maria to call you any time she is in trouble. You are still her Madam. She is just paying you for all the troubles you went through while bringing her to Europe”.

“Since you have already told them 18,000 Euros, i will accept the money. She will forget the ones she gave me before. I dont even know how much it was because it was just 20 Euros and 30 Euros at a time” Philo said.

Before she finished, i was already happy inside of me. She had just accepted to let me go. It would be the end of scaring me with every deity in Nigeria and Edo State in Particular.
I was going to be on my own at a very young age. Thanks to Ano. It was God who sent him to liberate me. I was sure that God knew about everything that was happening.

“Maria, you have heard what your Aunty said. She said you must forget all the money you gave her in the past. What do you have to say about it?” Sharon asked me.

I stood up and went to where Aunty Philo was seated.
I knelt down before her and thanked her for bringing me to Europe.

“Aunty I know i have done many bad things to you but we may not have been here today discussing this if God did not take me through the things and places i have been. I will forget about the money i gave you in the past and give you another 18,000 Euros now. I also know that if God Blessed me more in the future, i will still come back to appreciate everything you did for me” I said.

She asked me to stand up and return to my chair.

“Do you say that you will give me the money now?” She asked.

I nodded as i looked at Aunty Sharon.

We all watched as Sharon brought out the money and handed it to me.
I walked straight to Aunty Philo and gave her the money.

“Lilian come and count this money for me” Aunty Philo said.

“I am not counting anything” Lilian Shouted.

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74 Responses

    • akpos4ever

      Abegi free her. You may have done likewise or even do something worse. Its not easy

  1. Bonavi

    Well, it was natural that Lilian at first had to refuse counting the money, who else would have if she was in her shoes .

  2. Yommex

    Experience they say is the best teacher. Even at such young age, Maria was fast becoming a master at manipulation and street smartness. I wonder what else she is capable of. Nice story by the way Zuby.

  3. Emmanuel

    Nice story but sad to note how Maria came across the money.Ano must have been pissed

  4. Coach

    I laugh in swahill for Lillian’s jealousy. Nice update anyway. Thumbs up for Boss

  5. Mandy Oke

    i could not help but laugh real hard at the last paragraph. what was Lilian expecting before? life is all about survival of the fitess. she dull herself.

  6. dejust

    your head be your workshop, bedroom and community…


    Never make your home in a
    place. Make a home for
    yourself inside your own
    head. You’ll find what you
    need to furnish it – memory,
    friends you can trust, love of
    learning, and other such
    things. That way it will go
    with you wherever you
    I Like this quote

  7. Adaugo77

    Oh poor lilian, she really thought d money was from max ehyaaaa.loving dis

  8. Tugbus

    It’s a very nice update…Though small.The silly thing in me wants some more….lol

  9. obiora val

    If your conscience will allow you use Ano’s money to pay for your freedom. Then you arr heartless

  10. osymerga

    Lilian don enter one chance. See heart break. All the same, happy for maria….

  11. HRM King ibigod

    wow! wow! wow! am so happy for maria oooo, if lilian like make she no count money maria is free!

  12. solomon sly

    Nawao Lilian go die,am happy for u Maria but at the same time try to call Ano and apologise tell him everything u went through I believe he will understand. Good luck Maria.

  13. Andy

    Wow. Lillian must be shocked. So this is how Maria bought her freedom. I wonder what made her start bringing guys to Europe when she herself escaped from that business

  14. segzy

    see gbege with lilian o! anyway i wont blame her cause she felt ano should have librated her instead moreover maria meet her in the job and aswell left her there lol

  15. IamJames

    Lolz… Ehyaaa I feel for Lilian but life is survival of the fittest. #TeamMaria

  16. Hugo Hughes

    I don’t blame Lilian for the blant refusal to count the money… she must feel disheartening but come to think of it what does she know?

  17. neotrinity18

    Shei, lilian go hang her self oh. It is going to be pretty tough for her

  18. suntonia

    It’s amazing when what you plan works accordingly. Zubby ride on am following bomber to bomber

  19. aao

    How do you want Lilian to count the money? She will just jinx it. She must be feeling terribly envious and jealous of the situ. So the other aunty makes a cool 2ooo euros and Maria is left with like some 8,000 euros
    Smart one.

  20. baewlat

    jealousy mode activated,instinct of a territorial animal.dat is woman for you

  21. Infostride

    I am indeed impressed with this story. It is entertaining and educating…. I found it irresistible….

  22. Anonymous

    Wow! I have been following your story, I must say am really impressed. It is well put together. I was wondering if this is a true life story. Whichever one, good story. Good content.

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