123: Escape from Benin

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There was a Police check point at the head of the Benin bypass. They stopped me and asked where I was going, where I was coming from and why I was where I was coming from.
Silly Questions.

I told them that I had come from Lagos the day before and that I was there for a visit.

After checking my papers, they begged that I find them something. Funny.
I gave the N500, and from their obvious victory waving, I knew that I gave them more than they expected.
On a high speed, I drove past Okada and the entire Edo state and slowed down a bit when I crossed Over that small bridge that demacated Edo and Ondo State.

I ate food at Ore and proceeded to Lagos. I believed that I had cunningly escaped a tragedy in Edo state. I was so convinced that Maria wanted me to give Madam Comfort money for a reason. I was also so sure that they had discussed me before we came to Benin. We lived in a terrible country. During the small time that I had driven on Nigerian Roads, I had seen numerous mad men and women who walked along the road daily. Some of them were not naturaly mad. Some where made mad by some mixture of events that went right or wrong depending on the intentions of the perpetrator.

As I drove home alone on that warn morning, I wondered what Maria had planned to do with me.
Was she planning to make me her husband by using charm made with my money? Things like that could go wrong and when it happen, one could become dead or mad or a puppet husband.

Was she planning to perform some kind of rituals with me?
I even wondered if she knew what I did with Madam Grace.
”In this World of uncertainties, the safest way to be safe is to suspect everything and trust nothing, don’t even trust yourself”

Yes, I didn’t trust myself too. That great book called Bible had given us an example of what a woman can do in the books of Judges chapter 16. It was a story of Samson And Delilah. Whether the story was true or not, we were supposed to learn something from it.

From that day, right inside my car, I decided that I would be dealing with women on my own terms.
( The last time I met with a Nairalander at Enugu, I had to walk around the premises where she directed me to come, had to check the place out first before calling her that I was there. No offence to the beautiful girl, It was just a policy).

The thing that helped me the most was that I suspected Maria of planning something before we went to Edo. She had started being such a nice and homely woman all of a sudden. That was a girl I met at the beach on a transparent swimming trunk sipping cocktail. That was a girl who initially went to night clubs everynight, even when we newly started seeing each other. How she turned to that nice home trained-house cleaning-wife material overnight was suspicious and I was a very sensitive person. Every single thing she did or said usually got scrutinized and analyzed by my brain quickly. She was an Edo girl who had conquered Europe like I did and returned without smelling the prison house. She should be considered dangerous and clever. ( No disrespect to Edo people. This is entirely my opinion and not general)

I got home and rested until the evening. Then I called Daisy.
I needed to be with her for a while. She was the only one whom I believed, had the purest of hearts among all the girls I had been with. She didn’t pretend or tried to impress. She was just herself. She was the type that could be trusted to a higher degree but not entirely. She was the type who would be excited if you meet with her people. But as fate would have it, she was carrying the Osu tag. A tag that I could ignore and face the consequences but since I couldn’t yet measure the level of the consequences that would follow her, I had decided to relax and stay on the background, Atleast for the time being.

” Am angry with you” she said as soon as she answered the call.
I didn’t want to argue or ask questions, I just told her that I understood why and that I knew how she felt. She said she could come the next day but not sure.

As I awaited the return of Maria from the Edo state, I made a mental list of everything in my house. I wanted to make sure that nothing illegal or incriminating was there. There was non.
Maria could come with Police to claim one thing or the other. I knew how silly some women reason sometimes. It was important that I prepared for uncertainties.

I called Jude and asked him to meet with me the following day. It was time to talk about the Marijuana business in the Ondo forests.

” The one permanent emotion of the
inferior man is fear – fear of the
unknown, the complex, the
inexplicable. What he wants above
everything else is safety.”

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