122: Journey To Freedom – Judgement Day

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Success is about dedication. You may not be where you want to be or do what you want to do when you’re on the journey. But you’ve got to be willing to have vision and foresight that leads you to an incredible end.

“Hello, how are you baby?” Max said from the other end of the phone.

“I am fine. I forgot to ask you what time you will come to Castel” I said.

“I will be there in two hours from now. I am already getting ready” Max said.

He asked if he could come with a friend and i told him he could. I personally needed as many people as i could assemble. What i was about to do required witnesses. Madam Philo was psychotic. It won’t take her anything to start trouble with me in the future and if that ever happened, many people would be there to testify that i paid her off.

“He said he will be here in two hours” I turned to Aunty Sharon.

“That’s OK.. Have you told your Madam?” She asked.

“I met her yesterday at her shop but didn’t tell her anything yet. Aunty please i want you to tell her about it yourself” I said.

Aunty Sharon asked for Philo’s phone number and i gave it to her.
She called immediately.

After having the phone conversation with Philo, she said to me, “She is expecting us”.

I listened to everything Aunty Sharon discussed with Philo, she didn’t tell her what we were coming to do. She just told her that there was something very important she wanted to discuss with her.

A minute after Philo and Sharon ended their discussion, Aunty Philo called me.
She asked where i went last night and why my phone was switched off.

“Aunty i went to see my boyfriend but it was very late by the time we finished what we were discussing” I said.

“Boyfriend? I told you to forget about boyfriends, they are not good for business. Return back here immediately” She backed.

I told her that i would be with her in about two hours.

“We Have finished. When your friend comes, we will all go to your Madam’s place. You can go now, and keep that pillow in the room” Aunty Sharon said.

I reluctantly got up and walked to the room.
Loveth and her friend were cooking in the Kitchen. They had walked past us in the sitting room earlier.

As soon as i got into the room, i brought out the money and put it inside my big bag.
I breathed a sigh of relief for finally defeating that Pillow temptation.

The money was not yet safe in the Bag but we were going to visit Aunty Philo with it in a few hours. A few hours was what i needed to be free from oppression. Free from slavery and free from manipulation.

In the grand scheme of things, i had surprisingly forgotten Ano and his gang up north in Milan. The sim card i changed had helped me to focus on something else rather than thinking that Ano was going to force a call into my phone anytime even when i switched the phone off.

After arranging the bag in a position where it would be difficult for anybody to search it, i walked to the Kitchen and joined my fellow prostitutes.

They were cooking Rice, therefore i joined them and started a conversation.

“How much do you people collect in Domitz now?” i threw the question in the air.

“10 Euros” they said simultaneously.

It was apparent that i was the boss judging
By the way they both responded without hesitation.
I decided to take advantage of the situation, afterall making money wasn’t an easy thing and as it stood, i had made some money which they already saw with their eyes.

“I dont know your name” I said to the second girl.
I had been paying attention to hear her name mentioned since the night but nobody said anything about her.

“Nkechi” She said.

Aha! Igbo girl.

“That is Igbo name” I said.

“Yes, i am from Imo State” She responded.

It was time to continue my question about the current situation in Domitz.

“So girls still do it for 10 Euros. It was us who started it because we were many of us then. That’s why i decided to go and take asylum in Milan. Thank God i have made enough money to pay for my freedom” I said.

Loveth turned the stew sitting on one of the electric gas cookers before turning to me.

“When are you going back to Milan? I want to follow you” she said.

“I dont know yet. What you have to do is to give me your phone number. I will call you anytime i want to go back” I said.

She quickly brought out her phone and asked me to call my own phone number.
I told her that i didn’t know it offhand yet.

She excused herself and went into the room. I followed her. She thought i followed her to pick up the number, little did she know that i was just protecting the money in my bag.

The way i hid the money, it would be very difficult for any thief to know there was money there but then i didn’t want to take chances.
I had a massive guilty conscience about Ano hanging on my head. He was locked up somewhere and he needed that money to start his legal process.
Yet i had the gut to disappear with the money. Therefore i had to make sure i achieved something with the cash otherwise i won’t be able to forgive myself.

Loveth brought out a piece of paper from her hand bag, her phone number was written on it.
She handed it to me and i typed them into my phone.

“I will take you to Milan one day” I said as we walked back to the kitchen.

I had looked at the pillow on the bed and smiled.
They must have thought that i loved the pillow so much.

After eating the food, i called Max again. He said he was already near the Station and that he was with a car.
I directed them where to come. I also reminded him what i wanted him to do when we get to where my Madam Lived.

“Aunty they are already here” I said to Aunty Sharon. I had knocked on her door and she had asked me to enter.

She got up and picked her hand bag.

Since i had already taken my bath too, i picked up my own bag and kept it on the bed, then i opened the big bag and brought out the money.

Loveth and Nkechi watched as i counted the money to make sure it was still complete.

After counting the notes, i stuffed it into my hand bag and told them that i will come back in the evening.

Max and his friend were already there when we came out of the house.

We entered at the back of their car and told them where to go.

It was time to settle things.

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  1. solomon sly

    Mariaaaaaaaaaa the owner of the money is in police custody and u uses is money to buy ur own freedom,bi tenikan obaje,telomi oleda. Continue the nemesis is waiting for u. I can’t wait to read the next story.

  2. horlabiyi

    Didn’t you think you suppose to explain better for Max to really understand what he’s going to do/say up there with Aunty Philo? Well,let’s wait for the next update. Thumps up Zuby

  3. Poundz

    Free the babe abeg! Which day will £80,000 be completed with £10 daily? Man’s gotta do what he’s gotta do!

  4. Kaymolla

    I wish Maria well as she goes to pay for her freedom even though someone else is feeling the pain……Ano

  5. egbo mike

    The world is a small place’ if I was maria” I would simply throw every possibility open’ what if max got connections. With ano?

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